51: Fear

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Chapter 51: Fear.

When i got home, I told Maria what had happened between me and Ify. She handled the matter maturely. She told me that she would feel the same way if she was Ify but also said that she won’t be leaving Amsterdam because Ify wanted her to leave.

Life between Ify, Maria and I had continued. As a result of the little dispute between Ify and Maria, i had taken my mind away from Clement and the Nandos. I had walked the streets of Amsterdam without watching my back. Maria were seen everywhere with me. Rumour had it that i had imported a lady from Italy. I didn’t care.

The whole thing had started getting to me. There was a lot on my mind. I was pitying Ify a lot. It was true that i provided everything they needed but they wanted something different; me. Yes, they wanted me. Ever since Maria showed up, i didn’t sleep with them. I had left them alone in that quiet cold part of town. I had indulged in enjoying myself while they missed me in Bulewijk. I was almost tempted to close the house in Bulewijk and bring them to Krainest but we did drug deals in Krainest. I didn’t want them to live with such things.

Maria spent Eleven days in Amsterdam. She added weight. During her Final days in Amsterdam, i would take her to the Gasperdam lake and sat at a point where we would talk and drink red wines or beers. Sometimes we would bring bread and threw to the ducks in the lake. Gasperdam was a large artificially created body of water. The North side of it served as a beach while the south side was protected by heavy metal pans to stop the large lake from spilling into the city.

The entire South East Amsterdam, including Bijlmer were reclaimed from the sea. It was the reason why one could sea Canals all over the place.

Before Maria left, i promised her that i will visit Napoli in no distant time. She had assured me that she lived alone in Napoli and would take good care of me anytime i visited. I believed her.
Save for the time i suspected that Maria wanted to use Juju to hook me up in Benin City of Nigeria, she never did anything suspicious again.
Right inside me, i knew that it was a matter of time before i visit her in Napoli.

When she left Amsterdam, i continued visiting the Gasperdam lake. The black society of Amsterdam had started seeing me as a devilish guy who was capable of sending anybody back to Nigeria anytime.
Some believed that whatever Ikenna or the rest of the Nandos did to me, i should not have send them back to Nigeria.

If there was anything the Nigerians in Holland and all over Europe feared most, it was going back to Nigeria without money, in other words, it was being deported.
The proverb of ‘When one door is closed, another one is open’ meant nothing for the Nigerians.
Everyone of them wanted to make it big before going back home.
Therefore whenever they perceived that anybody posed the danger of causing them to be deported, they would isolate the person. They would even be afraid to greet the person on the road.
That was the fate i faced in Amsterdam but i didn’t care. I didn’t need too many friends anyway.
It wasn’t their faults but some of them had brain IQs that was as low as that of a goat. Some of them were dragging me down with their methods and modes of thinking.
I recalled one of them came to my house one day and saw me reading a novel. He said that it was a waste of time since we had come to Holland to make money.

As a result of the isolation, i had taken to the Gasperdam lake to find solace in the quietness and calmness of the slow moving waters.

I also recalled the pressure i was facing while i initialy searched for the papers and connection to take Samson and Ify out of the Netherlands. It would have been easy if i had wanted them to relocate to any other Central European country such as France, Belgium or Germany. The above mentioned countries were all stone throws away from Holland but i wanted them to go to an English speaking Country.
I wanted the little Samson to learn English and become something good for the Nigerian society in the future. I knew he would be brilliant since i mentored him but crossing the English Channel to the sub-continental United Kingdom required a lot of luck and money.

I had gone to Sylvester in Utrecht, a man rumoured to have connections of sending people to the United Kingdom. I had met and discussed the issue with him.
He claimed to have the connections quite alright but he asked that i paid him €6000. That was a lot of money which could do a lot of things for me back in Nigeria.
During that period, €6000 was approximately N1.2 million in Nigeria. It was enough to bring two hustlers from Africa to Europe.
I knew i was doing good for Samson and the mother but what exactly was in it for me.
The leftist part of my mind had argued that i may not have access to them again if i sent them to UK. No matter how much i tried to counter that argument, i knew that it could be true.
Another reason why i hesitated was that i didn’t trust Sylvester. He had asked for half of the money upfront which was the part of business i hated most.

It was the above troubles that were all over my mind when i returned and decided to go to Gasperdam lake to listen to Lucky Dube Music and relax.

It was the Lucky Dube song called ” Is This Freedom” that was filtering through the earphones when i felt a huge push on my back. I had fallen into the unclear waters of the Gasperdam and when i raised my head to check what had happened to me, i had seen two male figures running away from the scene.
One of them was wearing a large jacket with the inscription ‘Harley Davidson’ written at the back. He was yellow in complexion. His friend was a black man but i couldn’t see any of their faces.

I had managed to get myself out of the waters and walked back to the point where i was sitting. That was where i found a small Nokia phone that pointed me to the culprits.

It was all planned by Mr Clement. He had just touched the tail of an angry Tiger.

“P erhaps you have
been wondering
about how you will
win the
tournaments of
life. This is an
important moment
of your life. Just
know where your
goals are. Dress in
the jersey of action
and enter the game
of vision! Work
with your talents,
skills, and tactics
and with
Don’t commit any
foul; don’t put
yourself on an
offside position. Be
at the right place
at the right time.
Attack your
failures and defend
your goals; look up
and watch the time
because the
whistle may blow
at any time. Don’t
waste the chances
you get! Target the
goals and with
winning in focus,
you will be there”

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