50. Oh Save Me Luciana

A human skeleton was running after me
when going to school, i dont know how but i
found myelf running very fast like train the
way the skeleton was running surprised me,
the skeleton was moving slowly but yet still
catching up on me moving faster like train, i
dont how to explain it, but the skeleton over
shadow me and hit me on my head, i fell
down and face the skeleton, the skeleton took
something like worm, black worm from its
mouth and try to put it on my mouth, i was
struggling trying to overpower the skeleton,
but its seems like the skeleton gather the
strenght of ten strong men, so it forcefully
open my mouth and press the worm, as the
skeleton press the wormlike creature black
blood spilled from it and enter inside my
mouth, the thing taste very sweet, like honey,
though i dont know what it is i would have
ask for more, after the skeleton saw that
i’ve induce it, the skeleton stood up from my
body and raise its hands up, then from
nowhere a big cuttlass disappear into its
hand, i was afraid and tried to run away but
i cant, it seems like my body, i mean all the
part of my body are stuck and i cant move
anywhere, the skeleton raise the cuttlass up
like say it want to cut off my head, oh yes i
think its my head he wants to cut, then from
nowhere a tiger skeleton disappear and dive
the skeleton and they started fighting, the
human skeleton use cuttlass while the tiger
skeleton uses claws, of course you will know
that the human skeleton will win because
theres no flesh for the tiger to tear, only
strong bones like rock, the human skeleton
defeated the tiger skeleton and throw the
tiger skeleton inside the sea, then the
skeleton face me again and raise the cuttlass
wanted to differentiate my head from my
body, i close my eyes and pray to God for
guidance, i open my eyes again and saw the
skeleton, hands still up, facing me, as it want
to release the cuttlass and cut my head, i
close my eyes and my eyes started hoting
me as if there is fire inside my eyes, and i
started seeing hot furnance, the furnance hot
my eyes that i have to open it, and behold
when i open my eyes a heavy flame of fire
came out and burn the skeleton to pieces, i
didnt know how it happen but it just happen,
then i stood up, nothing stuck me again, i
stood up and look at the pieces, then
everywhere started shaking like vibrating,
then the river beside me started rising like
rising sun, the river rise to the highest and
form a mouth, then the river open its mouth
and said, “Ailobasumu my son, weldone” after
the river said that the river collapse and
everything return to normal, then later
everywhere start collapsing again, i started
running trying to get to the other bridge
before it collapse, as i run and dive to the
other bridge, i miss my hand and wanted to
fall down when somebody caught me, i look
up the bridge and saw Luciana pulling me up.
She look different, i mean she look younger
and more beautiful than the first time i saw
her, then she open her mouth and said.
Luciana: there is enough work for you to do,
it is not yet time for you to die.

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