50: Captive of my Emotions

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We had two more girls up in Lulea, Blessing and Angel. We had planned to send four of them to the UK but the Rose incident changed everything. Zuby had called the remaining two and asked them to come down to Stockholm, they were leaving without Sharon and Peace who were currently being held by the Swedish authorities. We were told they were at the juvenile center and were being taken good care of but I personally never trusted the white people. I had a feeling that they would be abandoned as soon as they finish testifying against Aunty Joy in court. Secondly I was happy that only two of them would be going to the UK. That meant we would have more to spare. It seemed that my boyfriend loved spending money all the time. The only reason why I restricted myself from complaining was because the money came as a result of abducting the girls and taking them away from their Madams. I just hoped and prayed that we didn’t run out of cash eventually because it would be disastrous to be running or hiding without enough money.

When Zuby returned from where he went to enquiry for the travel plans, he said each ticket would cost about 750 Euros. That wasn’t much, I expected it to cost more, although he didn’t say anything about how much he paid for their traveling documents. He had this criminal friend in France who produced every kind of forged document for him. I heard them talk on the phone sometimes and for some reasons, I decided not to ask who he was. Some things were better left the way they were, I learnt that from him.

“750 Euros is not too much,” I said. I needed to say something. I didn’t want him to feel that I wasn’t in support of what he wanted to do. For one thing, I wanted the girls out of the way, all of them. I wanted my boyfriend to myself alone. I was a woman, I needed time with my boyfriend just like every other woman. It was my right to demand for that time. It was difficult to just watch while those girls take all the time that I should have been spending with Zuby. It was just a pity that our lives revolved around the girls we were rescuing. Things would have been different if we were doing something else for a living. But unfortunately we were stuck with teenage girls who knew nothing but standing in the streets waiting for men to do every kind of thing with their cunts.

“They will leave in three days. After that, we will start making arrangements on how to leave here as soon as the court ends,” Zuby said.

There was nothing else for me to say. I knew that if we had to leave Sweden, there were some more persuasive actions that would come from me. Courts didn’t end in a day or two anywhere in the world. Courts were always a process oriented things. I have heard of cases that lasted for ten years. I believed that the case of State versus Aunty Joy and her thugs won’t take that long to decide. But I also knew that it wasn’t going to end in one hearing or even two. Some evidence was required to prosecute cases, evidence that were never going to be arranged in one week.

I walked into the bedroom and lay on the bed. I didn’t know what to think anymore. I just needed to leave Sweden so I could breathe properly once more. I was being suffocated by my own emotions. I was being tortured by my decision to stay behind. My only wish was just to pick my things and run as far as I could get. But for some reasons unknown to me, I was held by powers stronger than my will.

“I have a feeling you are not telling me something,” Zuby said. He had just walked into the room with a bottle of whisky in his left hand.

“I am just tired. I know we have discussed and concluded that we will leave as soon as the court is over. But I would really feel better if we just leave this place. I am tired of blaming you for everything. It won’t change what happened,” I said.

“I understand why you are worried but I can assure you that nothing is going to happen. It was only the three arrested people that know our apartment. We both saw three of them coming here the day it happened. Someone else is not going to just fall from the sky and come looking for us. Besides I told Aunty Joy at the police station that my apartment is already being watched by the secret Police. I knew they could be more of them, so I had to make sure none of them shows up here unexpected,” he said.

It was a surprise and welcome news. I didn’t know he told Aunty Joy something like that. It was at that moment that I realized why I was more scared. It was the fear of someone else coming to attack us in the apartment. Zuby told me what they did to Rose. I wouldn’t wish that to happen to my enemy. He said he visited Rose at the hospital and that she was not looking good at all.

The following Monday, Zuby and the two girls left the house. I was asked if I wanted to follow them but I refused. They were going to enter the cruise ship heading to England. I didn’t know what I was going to do there, therefore I refused. It would have been good if we were not on the run but we were being chased around Stockholm by the Italian thugs. It was ironical how I turned from hunter to the hunted. A few months ago, it was me chasing Zuby and Ngozi all over Italy. And now I was the person who was hiding from Aunty Joy and Bonaventure.

I followed them to the road where they took a cab before I went to the nearby super mall and bought Vegetable and fresh fish. I wanted to cook something special for Zuby. It was true that we were not really in the best of our times but I was a woman. I needed to think about his stomach all the time. He didn’t like eating outside since he started eating my food. Or maybe it was because of the lurking dangers out there.

When he called and said the girls has boarded for the UK, he said he was going to visit Rose before he returned to the apartment. I wanted to ask that I go with him but I was already preparing the vegetables for the soup. Rose wasn’t particularly my best friend; she could wait for another time.

The food was half done when Zuby returned. He just walked straight to the Kitchen and held my waist.

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