50: Amsterdam Red Light District

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Chapter 50.

I accidentally met Maria at the Kwakoe festival. She had come for business as she said.
We had visited Ify and Samson, then African Kitchen before leaving for Red Light district that Night, we eventually ended up at the Sinners night club.

RedLight District of Amsterdam is the largest prostitution hub in the World. It was situated near the Amsterdam Central station.
The district was specially created for sex workers. There were thousands of shops/rooms where the prostitutes rented and paid to the government of Netherlands.
There were sections for every known races and sub races on planet Earth. There were Negros, Caucausians, Neanderthals and every other known races.
Among the Negros were mostly, the Caribbean and South Americans.

There were sections for male prostitutes who had somehow managed to turn themselves into female species of humanity. As i learnt, some used dangerous operations to cut off their penis and create vaginal holes to make them look like ladies.
There were also lesbians’ and homosexual sections. There were sex museums where one can go and see all kinds of sex equipments. There were sex shops in every corner of red light where one can buy anything ranging from condom to vibrator, viagra and sex enhancement balms.

Rumour had it that the district was created to reduce women rapes in Holland.

People trooped from all over Europe to Redlight for sex and smokes.

I had taken Maria to Redlight so that she could understand how sex was being regulated in Amsterdam. She was intrigued by what she saw.
Men and women showcased themselves inside glass doors and rooms decorated with neon lights. The deceptive lights were capable of turning an ugly girl into a beautiful one all in an effort to convince their customers. Police could be seen walking all over the place making sure that people behaved.

As it was, men would bring their girlfriends and wives to work at the redlight for money. The men would leave their partners and return to pick them up later in the night.
The redlight district of Amsterdam was the opposite of everything i learnt about sex as a kid.

Back then in Africa, we were told that sex before marriage was sin before God. We were told that if we looked at a beautiful woman with lust, we would go to a hell where the fire never stopped burning. We were brought up to believe that sex was meant for people who were married in the Church.
But right there in Redlight, i saw things differently. I saw men bringing their wives to sleep with other men for money. I saw men sitting outside the door listening and watching while other men slept with their wives.

I took Maria to a section where we paid €5 each and watch people having live sex.
Right there at the Amsterdam Redlight, the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorah came to my mind.
Sodom and Gomorah were two cities that indulged in illegitimate sex according to the Bible. God in Heaven had punished them by sending fire from the sky. Whether it really
Happened or was just coined together to scare us was still unknown to me. According to the Church, it was actually those white people who brought their Religion to us. They brought the Religion together with so many other things including schools. While schools and education in General dealt on facts, Religion remained a myth.
While Science developed with time, Religion remained stagnant. According to history, The Catholics were the first to show up. Their ideologies and rules forbade women from wearing trousers or leaving their hairs open inside churches. It remained that way forever until some modern Churches took advantage of the situation and allowed women to show up at their own Churches with trousers and open hairs.
In Nigerian and Blackman context, women generally preferred their beautifully made hairs to be seen rather than covered even in the Churches. Half of the Nigerian women went to the Church to show off clothes and hairstyles.

Maria whom i believed, was a prostitute in Italy was surprised at what she saw in Amsterdam redlight district.
At a stage, she called me and said that it was time to go.
We had walked down to the sinners nightclub and drank until it was 4am, then we took the official taxi and drove down to Bijlmer.

Maria and I ended up in my Krainest Apartment. I had hoped that she would leave for Napoli in a day or two but she didn’t. She said she wanted to spend a week or two with me.
I was alerted because she could have something else up her sleeves.

I would go out alone and return in the evening but at a stage, she started going out with me. Rumour started flying here and there. Ify got the news that Maria was still in Amsterdam. She had called me one day and confronted me with the issue.
She accused me of sleeping with Maria which i had no intention of denying. She was right. I was sleeping with Maria since there was only one bed in my room. We had managed to start having sex again but i was careful to use condoms at all times.

”Why are you doing this to us” Ify had shouted at me. She was crying.
I kept quiet and allowed her to cry to the fullest before i said:
”I was thinking that i owned myself. Now i know i belong to you Ifeyinwa. I understand why you are crying. The only thing i can promise you is that i won’t allow two of you to lack anything or suffer here but you don’t have to dictate my life for me”.
She was surprised to hear that from me and had started crying again. It was the major reason why i had decided to send them out of Holland. I needed them to go to Dublin or any city in England. It was going to be difficult since the entire United Kingdom was an Island. But ”where there is a will, there is always a way”. I was going to try.

”Its Ok Ify, stop crying. I will send her away in a few days” i had said and left them.

On my way back to Krainest, i had considered the easiest way to tell Maria to leave. She had said she would spend a week or two but at that stage, she had just spent five days.

” It is not for us to
calculate our
victory or fear our
defeat, but to do
our duty and leave
the rest in God’s

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