17: Welcome to Apulia

The Sandy beach of Apulia stretched out in front of us. There were numerous tourists from all over Europe especially Germany. Each group’we passed along the shores spoke a different language. Everyone of them were Unclad except for boxers and swimming pants. Their bare chests, especially those of the ladies were attractive to my black eyes. The children were throwing balls and playing every other sport in the book.

The weather in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Germany and down to France had dropped to 2 or 3 degress celsius. Since it was a holiday, many of their citizens had decided to spend it where the weather was better. Some went to North Africa; Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. Some went to Portugal, Spain and Southern Italy. Those with enough money traveled as far as South America, South Africa and Asian Countries.

Jenny was the happiest among the people in the beach. She had just been told that she was loved by a man whom she had been running with all over Portugal. She had been told that she was an angel on the eve of new year; it was a perfect timing.
She held my hand and swung it like little children playing in the sand. I held a bottle of Hennessy with the other hand.
We walked up to a wooden cabin, a young couple or perhaps lovers were having sex on the bare floor. We stole glances and headed to the nearby wooden cabin.
A teenage boy was sitting in front of the next wooden Cabin.
” Hey Mister, do you want my cabin” the teenage boy said.
” How much is an hour” I asked him.
” Just €10” he said.

I gave him a €20 note and he disappeared faster than a rat that had seen a cat. We went inside and sat on the polished wooden floor.
Jennifer pushed me back on the floor and showered me with kisses.
It was the first time she confidently made a move by herself. She had started to relax with me.

I pitied the young girl, she had been living on the edge since she quit her sexxx work down in Lisbon. It wasn’t easy for her but on my own side, I knew how disastrous it could be if I based my judgement about her situation on sentiments.

When i was younger, i had sworn that i would never date or marry a prostitute. But everything had changed at the beach. I then learnt that one should never say what he can or cannot do until a related situation presented itself.

” Life is one big road with lots of signs, when you are riding through the lots of signs, don’t complicate your mind”. That was one of my best bob Marley quotes.

She had removed my Pullover and singlet and was kissing me all over the lips, neck and belly. My hands were aimlessly moving around her body.
The sexxual urge had risen with the help of the alcoholic in my system. We had torn through our clothes and fvcked right there on the floor of the cabin with the door open. Why should we care if the whites didn’t.

An hour later, we walked out of the beach and found two cabs waiting for passengers. We hired one and drove back to Braga.

The time on my phone was 8:29pm. Different kinds of sounds from Knockouts could be heard outside. People were eagerly waiting for the new year as if it wasn’t going to start the same 12am like other days.
We took our bath and changed into another set of cloths, then we went downstairs and walked down the avenue into the city center.

My phone rang as we entered an Italian restaurant. It was Francis from Lisbon.

” I told you not to call unless it was emergency” I said.
” This is emergency” he said excitedly.

” I met a guy who works in the Immigration. He said he can get you a resident permit but it will cost money” he said and stopped.

I asked Jenny to sit down, then I went outside.
I asked him how the man was going to do it. He said the man steals the permit card from the office, then adds names, dates of birth and other required information.
The man would first of all require the personal data of the intended recipient to enter them into the Immigration database. Then he would steal the permit cards and add the names somewhere else after he left office.
I was feeling excited and suspicious at the same time but it was worth checking out. I was already thinking about how to abandon Portugal and the permit I applied for. My life was in Danger and that alone supersedes every other thing.

I asked the prize and he said it was €4000.
I told him that we will talk about it again on January 2 since the following day was the new year holiday.

I returned to the restaurant and ordered spaghetti with some source I had forgotten how it tasted. We ate happily like lovers, putting foods in each other’s mouth occasionally.

After the meal, we walked to a large water fountain and sat on the concrete pavement around it. My mind drifted back to the call I received from Francis.
Jenny never asked me who had called me or who I had called but she did as soon as we sat down on the pavement.
She must have noticed that my concentration on her had reduced after the call from Francis or may be she believed that as a lover, she had the right to question me then.

I told her who had called and what he said. She advised me to be careful since such process usualy turn out to be fake documents.
I already knew what she said was the truth. Some fake documents had been circulating but some real documents were also obtained through the back door too. All one needed to do after obtaining any document was to register it somewhere and start working with it. The place you worked with the documents will give you some papers to open a bank account. The whole thing kicks of from there but it would also mean that you stay back in Portugal for long. Something I figured was very dangerous for me.

We watched the fountain for close to an hour and went home. The new year was fast approaching. Majority of the white people were outside with their families, enjoying the atmosphere and eating nice meals together.

Majority of my people back in Africa were in the Church by then. A call to my mother confirmed it. They wanted to enter the new year from the Church. Perhaps the Coming Messiah was dealing with dates. That was how serious religion was in that part of the World.

At about 11pm,, we went back to our apartment and waited for 2006.

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