5: The undercover Police Officer

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The Taxi police officer brought out handcuffs and slammed it on my hand.
“What is this sir?, I told you i have nothing to do with this” I blurted out.
“We will find out when we get to the station” He said as he locked the entire car doors and turned around the vehicle.
He drove me straight to the Police station where the Italian group were taken. They were several Police officers surrounding Aunty Joy and his entourage as i was taken past them into a smaller office.

“What is your name Sir” The lady Police officer asked.
I brought out my International passport and handed it over to her.
She took and and dropped it in front of her and asked the same question again.
I mentioned the names on the passport. After writing them down with my help in spelling, she asked for my date of birth. I told her the date of birth in my passport too.

“What are you doing in Sweden?” She asked.
“I am a private agent” I answered.
“What kind of agent are you?” she asked again.
“I investigate trapped African women” I answered.

“What were you doing at the scene of the crime today?” She asked.

“Here is your answer. I went to visit my friend and when i got to the door, i heard some noises inside, so i ran down and called the cops” I said.
“Really, it was you who called the cops?” She asked.
I nodded.
She picked up my phone on the table and scrolled down the dialed numbers, sure there was the police emergency number there. She checked the time and it corresponded with the time on her paper.
“You did a good job Sir but i need to connect you to what happened. Do you know any of those people arrested?” She asked.
I knew that it was a matter of time before they connect me to the crime. They were surely going to take me to the Italian Thugs and ask if they knew me. It was better that i started telling some truths.
“Yes, i saw the woman among them and i recognized her face. She is a woman trafficker form Italy” I said.
“Pardon, come again” she said.
“She is a human trafficker from Italy. She lives in Venice but buys teenage girls from Africa and bring them to Europe for prostitution” I said.
“Hold on a moment” She said as she opens the Police radio and called someone.
One minute later, two more Police officers came to the room.
She spoke something in Swedish to them as they took their seats before one of the said, “How do you know that?”

“I rescued some of her girls and sent them to the asylum camp in Lulea. That is why she came to Sweden to look for me. They were torturing the girl so that she will tell them where to find me” I said.
“Do you mean you can testify against this woman if we charge her to court?” One of them asked.
“Absolutely and i am willing to bring the girls down if i am asked to do that” i said.

They took me to the office where Aunty Joy was sitting.
“Aunty Joy, you are finally where you belong” I said as she looked up to know who was talking.
She kept quiet.
“Do you know this person?” The lady Police asked her. She kept quiet.
“This man Here said he know you. Is that true?” the officer asked her again.
She kept quiet.
They took me to the office where the two men were sitting.
“Mr Bonaventure, you and your friend came to this country to kill an innocent girl. I warned you in Venice and Marlloca but you never want to stay away from your slave master. Look at you now. I am going to…” i was saying.
“Enough” a police officer interrupted.
“Do you know this man?” She asked Bonaventure.
He kept quiet.

They led me back to their office after telling them that i never met the second man. 
“You said the girls were in Lulea asylum camp?” she asked.
“Yes ma” I replied.
At that stage, i didn’t think about the kind of trouble the Lulea girls could get into. The good news was that they have all been fingerprinted and i believed that since i already made the cops understand that they were all victims of prostitution, their chances of living in Sweden were very high.

“Mr Solomon, we are going to have to detain you here for a day or two. You are not under arrest but we need you to help us a little bit more. Follow me” The lady said.
I followed her to a well furnished room with a bed and TV.
“Here is your wallet, your passport and Phone. Please do not attempt to leave here without our approval, we need some more verifications before we let you go” she said.

As soon as they she left the room, i called the Lulea phone.
Sharon answered it.
“Brother” She said.
“Pay attention. There is trouble down here. Your aunty was arrested two hours ago. I have told the police that she brought you people to Europe for prostitution. If the police come there and ask you anything, make sure you tell them it is true. Tell them it was me who brought you here and send you to the camp. Cry if you can and tell them you were forced into prostitution. They will pity you and if you are lucky, you will get a resident permit. Make sure you tell the other girls the same thing” i was still on the phone when a knock came to my door.
A cup of hot coffee with biscuit were dropped on my table and before the lady left, she asked, “Mr Solomon, what are the names of the girls in Lulea?”.
I gave her two names and told them i didn’t remember the other two. It was a ploy to try out if the named two would get lucky or unlucky. If they got lucky, i would sure bring the other two into equation but if things went wrong, the other two will be safe.

When she left, i called Maria, “Baby listen, there is serious trouble. Aunty Joy and the two men were arrested two hours ago, they are in police station now and so is me. They are detaining me to help them investigate; therefore leave the hotel and return to our apartment. It is very safe now. Buy Recharge card of SK2000 and send to my phone, i don’t know when this will end. There is money in the red bag. If there is any emergency, use it to help yourself but wait for my instructions because i am not under arrest; i have my phone with me” I said.

She agreed before i cut the call.

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    Una no go read story nw first to comment una go dey fight for. Boss welldone and if it works out i t will reduce your spending of relocating them to UK.

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    wow! Just like it happened in Italy.. You’ve got a room to yourself. A guest’s room per se

  3. achi4u

    The way things always turns around for good to Zubby is something out of this world.
    Like what somebody says above that the cost of relocating those gals away will be reduced and if turns around for good as always the girls might be issued resident permit.

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    Interesting. Apart from the act of extorting money from the madams, u did nothing else wrong. Hope the extortion part doesn’t come up though.

    • Mamba

      It will be hard for the Madams to admit to the Police that Zuby extorted them – because that is tantamount to admitting to being a human trafficker. Under E.U law, the least you can get for trafficking another human is 5 years. They particularly frown on trafficking for prostitution, so depending on the judge and country, the amdam could be looking at a long time in Prison.
      These prison terms are also accompanied with a deportation order after the sentence ends. As you can see, Aunty Joy has more to worry about than go after money that Police can never recover on her behalf.

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    no be small thing @ all…….. The open and close buisness must pay out !!

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    Nice job Zubby! 😎

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