After the first round of sweet xexx with Jennifer, she offered to dispose off my used condom. I reluctanly agreed but I followed her to the toilet.
Since the moment she mentioned Juju, I had decided to be on alert. I knew there was nothing like Juju in Europe but I decided to be on alert anyway.

We returned back to the room and laid on the bed quietly.

She asked who I was,
why I took her out,
why I was nice and why I was sympathetc to her plight. I had no concrete answers, so I just told her that I liked her.
I did not make any more move for another round of xexx and she gave up after just one attempt at raising my manhood again.
The following morning, she woke up and prepared to leave.
”I brought out 100 euro bill and offered her, she refused. She said I spent more than that on her the previous night. She just asked me to pray for her since she didn’t know how to get out of her situation.

I wanted to argue over the money but since I came to Portugal, I stopped being extravagant with Euros.
I put the money back in my wallet and gave her my phone number. I took her downstairs and watched her walk slowly down to the underground train station.

I went back upstairs and thought about her. She was the first teenage sexxx worker I had met in Europe. She seemed to be regretting her line of work but one can never trust those girls.

An hour after she left, she called me. She said she was feeling bored outside and that she wanted to know if she could come back to my house.

*Was that why she rejected my 100 Euro, was this girl trying to play me or what. Maybe I should give her that benefit of doubt. Ozoigbondu who conquered the German police cannot melt for Jennifer. Bring it on Jenny*

” You can always come to my place if you want” I said, knowing that it was going to be a gamble.

She came to my place twenty minutes later. This time, she wore a different outfit. A sexy short skirt over a tight trousers. She wore channel perfume too. She looked good.
As usual, I became alerted.

*why did she decide to show up on a sexy outfit, something must be in the air. Sometime I would find out sooner or later*

” You look sexy” I said as soon as I opened the door for her.
She flashed a sexy smile and came inside the stair well.
” Are you not working today” I asked.
She ignored the question and walked ahead of me towards the top floor where I lived.
I sensed that she didn’t want to talk about her work, so I decided to change the topic slightly.
” Why did you decide to come back here today” I asked again.

She stopped and turned towards me.
” if you don’t want me here, I will go” she said.

She was still a teenager anyway, so I pretended that her statement was in order.

We walked to our flat and headed straight to my room. She settled on the chair and grabbed a magazine I kept on my small table.
” do you need something to eat Jennifer” I asked.
She said no and kept turning the pages of the magazine.

I left the room and went into the kitchen. I wanted to cook fish pepper soup before she called. Since she was more interested in the magazine, I took the opportunity to start the pepper soup.
When I returned to my room, she was crying.

*I was alerted again. This Jennifer debacle was becoming suspicious. I made a mental calculation of where all my money was kept. Majority of it was safe in the federal Republic of Nigeria. Some big chunk was in Germany. There was no immediate danger to my finance, so I decided to play the emotional game too*

” baby girl tell me what it is” I said with a very convincing voice.
” I want to go back to Nigeria” she murmured amidst tears.
” I am tired of this life, I cannot continue. I called my brother in Lagos and he said I could come back and go back to school” she continued.

” Is that why you are crying” I said for the sake of saying something.

” What do you want me to do” I asked her.
She said she could find a TC (travel certificate, a kind of emergency travel documents that can easily send you home from any country)
I asked how much it was, she said about 2000 euro could be enough for the entire process including Tickets to Lagos.

Her demand was not outrageous, so I decided to take up the challenge but she had to work a little for the money.
That was how Jennifer came to live with me.

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