5: Help From Stockholm

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Life went on slowly as i waited for Basil or any other enemy out there to invade Castel Volturno for me.
Depression has taken over my life and death was a welcomed idea.
My mind has become numb and refused to move on from what happened to me. I didn’t know why it was impossible for me to forget what Zuby did, maybe it was because i believed we were meant to live forever as husband and wife.

Help eventually came.
I received a call from Lilian one evening. She said she was fine and that things has turned for better.
I couldn’t believe it when she said she was even building a house in Lagos.

I was happy to hear from her but to preserve my dignity, i told her that i was also doing fine in Italy. The high point of the day was that Lilian offered to welcome Fatimah to Sweden if i was willing to send her.
I didn’t think twice before i agreed to send Fatimah to her in Sweden. However, the problem was that i didn’t have enough money to process the travel.
I was required to hire a resident permit card for Fatimah to be able to travel to Sweden. That alone could cost up to 500 Euros which i didn’t have.

Another surprise came when I told Lilian that i didn’t have cash at hand to hire the travel documents Fatimah required, she had simply offered to send 500 Euros to me from Sweden; though she said i would pay her back when i have it.

It seemed that Lilian was really doing well in Sweden. She told me that Italy was local when compared with Sweden and that she has even changed her name to Alice.

Alice and I went on to discuss what Fatimah would do when she arrive in Sweden. She was going to take asylum again. According to Alice, the Swedish government wont be able to find out that Fatimah already took asylum in Italy. Lilian said she herself took asylum in Italy and took another one when she newly arrived in Sweden.

After the phone call from Lilian, i started returning to humanity. Fatimah was finally going to work somewhere where i would not be able to witness her returning from the cold streets by 4am every night.

When i told Precious the latest development, she encouraged me to send Fatimah to Sweden.

“Italy is no more good for young girls,” I said to Fatimah when i called her out, “I want you to travel to Sweden to stay with my friend. She said life is better for you there.”

“Aunty i don’t know where Sweden is” Fatimah said, she was looking me straight in the eyes and i detected fear in her.

“Fatimah, you didn’t know where Italy is before you came. Sweden is also in Europe here, so you wont be traveling for long. If you have observed, i am no more too interested in prostitution, at least not like before. Things will be better for you there in Sweden. You can be sending me money when you start work” I continued.

Fatimah seemed to have bought into the idea of traveling out of Italy. She knew she wasn’t doing anything in Italy and i on my side was apparently reluctant to send her out to the street. Fatimah scared me to Death the day she collapsed and started vomiting foams from her mouth. It was I who hit her with a mop stick after i leant that she didn’t tell me that Zuby was planning to run away with my money and one of my girls. I thought she was going to die and after surviving the scare, i learnt that life was much more than what we Individually think. I didn’t know she was going to faint to the ground until she did, i had thought that i would teach her a great lesson by hitting her several times but after the incident, it was I who learnt a great lesson from the event. For that reason, i had vowed never to do anything that could harm the poor girl. Her destiny in Europe was in my hands and unfortunately, it was difficult to manage my own destiny not to talk of someone else’s.

She was going to Sweden whether she liked it or not. I was tired and depressed and wouldn’t want to go through the stress associated with managing street prostitutes.
Irrespective of what anyone thought about the Italian Mamas, it wasn’t easy for them. They had to deal with the stress of trying to manage girls whom they forced to become prostitutes.
There were times when the girls didn’t return home and the Madam’s had to start looking for them, especially if their phones were shut down due to one ting or the other. Sometimes, the girls would be attacked by some drunk customers and some times they would be robbed of their phones and money. The Madam’s had to deal with all those stress but the reason why the World didn’t have pity for them was simply because what they were doing were morally wrong and illegal. No matter the amount of suffering associated with the work, no body wanted to pity them; they were simply dealing with problems they created for themselves.

Fatimah eventually agreed to go to Sweden. The following day, i went to the Western Union and received the money Alice/Lilian sent from Sweden.
I was finally going to be free to manage myself alone. Fatimah was more like a problem for me. She wasn’t working and depended on me for food and other needs. I didn’t blame her because it was me who brought her to Europe. I had to be responsible for her welfare until she was able to start working.
Unfortunately, there was no work for the asylum seekers.

When i called Sweden, i told Alice that i was ready to send Fatimah to Sweden the next day. She gave me the name of the airport where i would route the flight ticket.

A day before, i had called a friend of mine and asked her to come to my place. When she arrived, i showed her the picture of Fatimah and asked her to find a resident permit card for her. She said she knew someone who looked close to what Fatimah looked like and that since it was an Europe to Europe travel, the authorities were not going to be too serious in checking the documents.
When i called her after receiving the money from Western Union, she said she found the document and that it would cost 300 Euros. I called her to bring it and take the money.

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