49: Women Buy Sex Too


“What about you Mary?” I asked.

She said she was 16 and was going to make 17 in two months.
There was nothing i could do about their ages. They were not there for me. Someone sent me to pick them up and that was exactly what i was going to do.

As i asked them more questions, i tore through the handbag and brought out the two international passports.
Each one of them had 1000 Euros Inside.

The instruction was to buy them flight tickets which was not supposed to cost more than 300 Euros. I was also told to buy them nice clothes worth of 200 Euros each. The remainder of the money would be given to them as BTA which they would definitely return to Madam Philo if and when they come to Italy.

As i looked on the faces of the pictures in the International Passports, i assigned each one to the better matched girl.
Their pictures were sent to Italy through email earlier. It helped Madam Philo to find their look alikes.

Angela had a round face while Mary had straight face. They were both beautiful in their respective rights and would make good prostitutes to the Italian men.

As i discussed more with them, i wondered if they actually knew what they were going to do in Italy.
It wasn’t my business anymore.
Things had started to look good for me and irrespective of the kind of work i did, i knew that i would not have made it that far if i had remained in Nigeria. The only downside of the whole setup was that i no longer knew how many men i have slept with.
I could no longer count or remember them. I used to count them when i newly started the prostitution business but i eventually lost count and that was how it remained and would remain forever.

Edna had finished on the phone with Philo and was back in the room.

“Aunty Philo said you will give me some money” Edna said.

“Yes i said as i put my hand in my jean pocket to produce eight 500 Euro notes.

“That’s the money” I said as she took it from me.

“Four thousand? I told her that the money is six thousand” She said.

“That’s what she gave me” i looked up at her.

Madam Edna shook her head and sat down near the girls.

“Angela and Mary, this Aunty came to take two of you to Italy. You will meet you Madam when you get there. Make sure you obey them when you get there because if you don’t, they will send you back here and nobody will help you” She said.

The girls nodded in agreement as she advised them on how to behave when they get to Italy.

Around 6pm, i stood up and announced that i was going to find a hotel where i will spend the night.
Madam Edna wanted me to squeeze with them in the same room but i was never going to have that.
I told her that i needed to meet with someone else.
I also told the girls to be ready by 8am the next morning so we could go and buy their clothes.
I wanted to give them money to buy the clothes themselves but i felt that they might not know what they were expected to buy.

Inside town, i located a hotel and paid for the night.

Tripoli, despite Being an Islamic City, had nightlife.
Not to be compared with European cities but it was good on its own.

After taking my bath in the hotel, i ventured out to a busy area where Igbo boys could be seen hanging around.
It wasn’t difficult to find out they were selling some kind of drugs there.

I didn’t know why some Nigerian men found it difficult to know about the places they lived before doing certain things.
In the prostitution business, we heard daily about how prostitution was banned in some countries, especially the Arabic World.
I was sure the Arabic world also banned hard drugs in their countries.
Their punishment for such crimes were always severe.
We heard that some countries went as far as cutting off the hands of the offenders.

I was sure those Igbo men knew such laws existed, yet they sold drugs on the streets Libya.
It was true that they needed to survive but there was no advantage in surviving only to be killed if captured.

The evening was calm and breezy. It was a perfect condition to make love and as a result, i waved my right arm to one of the boys. It was time for me to buy sex too, it was a matter of give and take.

He looked at the other boys before coming towards me cautiously.

“Wetin be that?” He asked in pidgin English.

“I want to ask you something. I am a Nigerian too, so don’t be afraid” I said.

“Who tell you say i be Nigerian?” he asked.

“Don’t be stupid. If you are not interested in what i want to say, you can fuck off from my face” I said.

He stared at me for a while before he nodded.

“I am a tourist here and i am lodged at the King Fahd Hotel. I need someone to keep me company this night. Are you up for it?” I said.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“I want a guy who will keep me company, drink with me and fuck me later, that’s what i mean” I said.

He started moving backwards, “It be like you don carry Aids abi. No be me and you” he said as he quickened his pace.

“Hehehehe wait bush boy. I just came down from Italy, you don’t….” i was saying before he interrupted.

“I don’t what? I said i no dey interested. Carry yourself go find another person abeg” he said.
The distance between us has increased to about 10 meters.

It was useless trying to convince him. It was also not advisable to approach one of his friends.
As a result, i turned back and walked down the road towards the big shopping mall.

“Excuse me” i heard the voice far from my back.

The night had descended but the street lights made everywhere so bright.

I looked back and saw him running towards me.

“What do you want again?” It was my turn to push him away.

“Sorry for what i said” He said.
Two of his friends were coming after him.

“What is it?” I continued.

He said he was sorry and that he was scared when i first approached him.
He said he was ready to follow me anywhere even to Italy.

It seemed his friends had told him to run after me. They must have called him a moron for his responses to my first move, but it was hard to blame Michael.

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