49: The Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin

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Endangered Empire.

This Chapter is dedicated to Me, the Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin.
Ten minutes after hugging Ngozi, i told her to wait while i get something from the reception. I had suddenly recalled that Papa Simeone was waiting for me. I walked down to the reception and didn’t find him there. Then as i was opening the outside door, i saw one of the thugs across the road opposite the hotel. He had just emerged from a restaurant and was looking towards the hotel. I slowly closed the door and walked back to the counter. Simeone was not there, He had left. I asked the receptionist if she had any taxi number apart from that of Papa Simeone, she said she did. I took two numbers from her and walked back upstairs. Ngozi had calmed down, she was sleeping when knocked. She opened the door after making sure it was me.
”I tried calling you after i left the police people, your phone was off. I am sorry” i said. I was careful not to assign any blame to her. I wanted to take all the blames alone.
”I don’t know, when we came to this place, i searched for the phone chargers but didn’t find them. I think we forgot them at the last hotel where we slept” she said. Her phone battery was dead and mine had only a single bar of battery left as well. She knew my Italian number offhand and had tried to call me with the receptionist’s mobile phone but unfortunately i had left my French simcard in my phone. In the confusion of the day’s events, i had forgotten all that. To strengthen her nerves a little bit more i said,
”Ngozi, i want you to know one thing. No matter what happens on the road, i will never leave you behind. I will find you wherever they take you to, even if they take you back to Napoli. I don’t want you to panic, we will soon get to France where they can’t find us” i said. I saw a smile on her lips and i kissed her softly.
I knew that the thugs were outside, i had seen one of them. They had apparently followed Simeone. They had also gone to the reception and asked about Ngozi but fortunately, Papa Simeone who brought Ngozi to the hotel, had instructed the woman not to allow anybody to see her. Simeone was involved in all the events of the day and that was how he was able to know that there was something going on. He had written his phone number in a piece of paper and gave to Ngozi. I also searched through my call logs and found his number there as well.
It seemed that Maria would never get tired of chasing me around. I figured that if she could spread her net all over Italy just to catch us, she could as well stretch them all the way to France and even Amsterdam. It was the first time it occurred to me that We may not be safe even in France, especially Ngozi whom i believed was not capable of fighting back. It all meant that if Ngozi eventually made it to Marseille, she could put Naomi’s safety in danger. It meant that they were likely to be discovered and taken back to their slave masters. Above all, it meant the collapse of the empire i was about to build up. I had hoped to gather more Girls and send them to Marseille but the way things were going, Maria was going to crush my empire with all her might and resources. The only thing that would stop her was to uproot her from her base. She was fighting strongly because she had a strong base in Castel Volturno, she had a strong and growing empire in Napoli too. If i could be able to derail her moving train, it would buy me time to move my growing empire from Marseille to somewhere else. Peharps i could shift all the way to The Scandinavia. The Artic Circle was yet untapped by the black immigrants. Iceland and Sweden were good places too. I could even drift to a small country such as Belarus or Estonia, it would be very difficult to locate me in such places. It would be so good to move up there someday.

”What happened when i was with the police” i asked Ngozi.
”I went to a bar where they sold coffee and tea. I was watching when the police took you outside but i was afraid to follow you. I remembered that you warned me to deny you if there is a problem. After about one hour of waiting at the coffee shop, the old taxi man came there to drink tea. He recognized me and said something i didn’t understand. A woman at the shop told me that the taxi man meant to tell me that he saw the bad guys near the entrance of the shop. He said that he could take me to a hotel where i could wait for you if i wanted. I followed him later and he brought me here” she said. She explained that when they came to the hotel, he told the receptionist that some people were after me and warned her not to tell anybody that i was in room 17.
I was so impressed with what Simeone did that i had to call him to come to the hotel. When he came, i went down to the reception where, with the help of the receptionist, i explained to him that the thugs were still around. He offered to call the police but i told him not to do that. I recalled that i had been given twenty four hours to leave town, if i got in trouble again, the twenty four hours could be cut down to one hour or they could even take me to the border and make sure i left the country. I wanted to handle the idiots by myself. It was time to take control of the game by myself. I had been running from those thugs since the past one week. It was the longest i had run away from trouble without fighting back like a cornered snake; a new record.
After plotting my next move with Simeone, i gave him â‚€100 as a gift and asked him to return by 10 pm; he had agreed to drive Ngozi to Marseille if i pay him â €350. That was exactly how it was going to happen. Since the thugs blocked the bus station and the train station, it was time to try another way. Ngozi was going to Marseille alone, Naomi would welcome her.

As for the Boss,
The Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin, The Akpaka Njamina 1 of Enugu State,
The Terror of the Okada Kingdom,
The Enforcerr of Jungle Justice,
The great Escapee (Ogbabara Hapu Akpa) of Abdijan,
The Omere ndi Nando of Amsterdam,
I was going to stay back in Italy and fight to the end.

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  2. "As for the Boss,
    The Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin,
    The Akpaka Njamina 1 of Enugu State,
    The Terror of the Okada Kingdom,
    The Enforcer of Jungle Justice,
    The great Escapee (Ogbabara Hapu
    Akpa) of Abdijan,
    The Omere ndi Nando of Amsterdam"

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