48: Meeting With Queen Olokun

Vareeth ran away like madman leaving
his footwear behind, i quickly lock the
door to avoid any further commotion,
then i walk to her front looking at her
red eyes like dragon eye, i was in her
front i dont know if she’s seeing me or
not, because her eyes were red, very
very red, then she said “sit down”, of
course i sat down obediently, i sat in
front of her crossing my leg the way
she cross her’s.
Lizzy: give me your hands.
I straight my hands to her’s and she
hold it like say she’s doing something to
me or maybe shes initiating or what i
dont understand.
Lizzy: close your eyes.
I close my eyes but yet i still dont get
what she’s doing or type of game she’s
playing, but i just obey obediently cus it
seems i can trust her now after saving
me from that mysterious woman, but
wait oh, what does she mean by saying
“give me more time”? Time for what
exactly? i hope she’s not using me for
any sacrifice, i just hope and pray for
guidance of God cus as it stand now is
only baba God that can save me, hiah a
woman with hairs like snake, na which
kind illusion be that?
Lizzy: concentrate on me, see me in your
Okay i concentrated and started looking
at her in my mind but physically my eyes
were close, i still cant see anything so i
focus on her eyes, i was seeing her red
eyes on my mind, i was looking straight
at the eyeball, then i started seeing
something, first a dark spot inside the
eye, then i zoom further (am doing all
these on my mind) as i zoom further, i
enter inside her eyes and i landed ontop
river, a big sea but am not sinking, i
was standing directly on the river, i look
everywhere but i saw nothing, nothing
except the wind and the sea, i started
walking on the sea, i was going to
nowhere in particular, but something is
better than nothing, since nothing is here
let me walk further to see if i can see
anything, i have not gone far when i saw
a woman frying akara ontop the river,
she use firewood to make the fire, the
fire was blazing ontop sea, i got close to
her and look at her very well i cant see
her face directly because she cover her
face with red scarf, then she turn, stood
up and face me, the woman abi girl wetin
i go call her i nor, she look mysterious
too because her hairs were red and
also blazing like fire, so many questions
on my mind but i dont know who to ask
or how to ask it.
Lazy: welcome.
Me: who are you?
Lady: Goddess of the sea.
Me: why am i here?
Lady: you are here because you need my
Me: i never requested for any help from
Lady: if you didnt request for my help
then maybe your guardian did.
Me: i dont have a guardian.
Lady: you have, the person you are
currently holding is your guardian, not
just your guardian, but your partner
Me: what do you mean?
She started walking around me looking
at me and saying something i dont
Lady: you are a special being, you have
many qualities ordinary people dont
have, you are a product of my servant
and i guess you are eighteen, ripe
enough for sacrifice.
Me: i dont understand.
Lady: you were born from a sea by my
servant so that in due your life will be
use to further her’s.
Me: what do you mean?
Lady: just know that you were destined
to be use as a sacrifice to increase the
life span of my servant.
Me: i refuse and reject to be used as a
Lady: of course you have the right to
fight, but do you have the powers, well
maybe you have but have you start
using them?
Me: i dont have any powers and i dont
need any mammy water powers.
Lady: hahahahahah you will need them
trust, and to master the act of merman
you need five years, we have different
qualities but you dont know which group
you belong, even if you start now you
wont master them because the sacrifice
will take place in one year from now.
Me: please is there anyway you can free
Lady: you have to free yourself, practice
your act and master it before one year,
or go to the god of the jews and ask for
a rebirth will.
Me: how do i do that?
Lady: your time is up.
Me: but who are you?
Lady: i am Olokun, Goddess of the sea.
Me: but…….
She open her mouth wide and blow me
out of the sea, i came back to life as i
open my eyes and saw Lizzy starring at
me with her normal eyes, still holding my
Lizzy: i hope you got all the answer you
are looking for?

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