48: Another Trip To Libya

48. Another Trip to Libya

Libya was not far from Italy, especially the Southern Parts of Italy where Castel Volturno and Napoli were located.

Our flight left from Napoli Airport and flew above the Mediterranean Sea for an hour before we landed at the Tripoli International.

All through the journey, i could see the sea from the flight.
I didn’t know why the pilot decided not to go higher but i liked it anyway.
It was always good to see the ground or sea while in a flight. It gave one the sense that something could be salvaged if anything happened.

At the Tripoli International, we were checked out by the Libyan immigration Service.
There was no incidence on my side except that a Police man asked what i came to do in the Country.
I had told him that i came to visit my boyfriend who lived and worked there in Tripoli.
He had handed my Passport back to me and waved me to go.

Outside the airport, i took a taxi to the city center.
I knew my way around a bit. I have been there in the past and since nothing significant has changed, it was easy to find my way to the area where Nigerians dominated, especially Edo girls.

Back in Italy, Aunty Philo gave me a leather handbag. She said that the bag was specially packaged with two international passports at the base.
I had tried to see how easy or difficult it was for the authorities to locate the documents but was surprised that despite knowing that the passports were there, it was still very difficult to believe that such documents were hidden there.

I wasn’t searched in Napoli airport, i was going from Heaven to hell. There was absolutely no need to search someone going from Europe to Africa except to look for money.
Nobody transported Cocaine from Europe to Africa.
For documents issues, a black going to Africa was never a big deal. The Europeans didn’t care much about such things.
The problem was always when a black person wanted to travel from Africa to Europe. That was when the entire legal security agents swung at work.

Inside the town where i was supposed to find the two stranded girls, i called Madam Edna.

Madam Edna was in custody of the two girls. Aunty Philo had given me her phone number and asked me to call her when i get to Libya.

Madam Edna directed me to the street where i would find her.
Since the street was not far, i walked for about ten minutes and eventually located the apartment where she lived.

The entire area was occupied by illegal immigrants.
Most of them were on their way to Italy before their money finished.
They had no other option except to work as prostitutes for a while to be able to raise enough money to pay for the sea crossing.

The men among them barely survived on daily basis except for the Igbo boys who somehow had a way of making money out of nowhere.

“Are you Maria?” The woman asked. She was standing outside an open door.

“Yes Ma” I said.

She stepped aside for me to enter the apartment.
Two young girls were sitting near each other, eating from the same Plate of rice.

“Aunty Good evening” They both said at the same time, attempting to stand up as a mark of respect for me.

Of course they heard that i was coming from Italy to pick them up.
The kind of cloth i wore to Libya was also a top notch.

On a tight pair of black Jeans, a body-fitted light black T-shirt with red Collar, and an Italian red leather shoes, i dressed like a celebrity.
On me was also a gold Necklace and red-rimmed dark sunshades.
I didn’t need the mirror to tell me that heads turned while i walked on the street.

I was different from all the people i saw on the street where i met Madam Edna. The evidence that i was from Europe could be seen all over me.

“Thanks, please sit down” I said to the two girls.

“You must be the girls from Nigeria” I said.

They both nodded.

The only positive thing in the apartment was the electricity.
The ceiling fan squeeled as it turned above my head.
The TV, a black and white type of box, stood on a wooden table near the entrance door.

The two chairs in the room was too different colours.
Madam Edna had pointed at the vacant one and asked me to sit on it.

As i settled down, she came out with a full plate of rice and a fish as small as sadine on top of it.
She was setting it down on the small table in front of me.

“Aunty i am not hungry. I ate at the airport” I said as i brought out my phone to dial Aunty Philo in Italy.

I was actually hungry but the setting was not right for my status.
Irrespective of what anybody thought of me, i was a big girl.
I was on my own and i just bought an SUV.
Eating rice in that room at the same time with the girls i had just arrived to pick up would reduce my respect from the two teenage girls whom i was sure, suffered the same fate as i did on my way to Italy.

“Hello; have you reached Libya?” Aunty Philo asked.

“Yes, i am with the girls and Madam Edna now” I said.

She thanked God for journey mercies and asked me to give the phone to Madam Edna.

While they spoke, i questioned the girls.
I wanted to make sure they were ready for the days ahead.
They both looked like they were not ready but so was i when i started my own journey to the prostitution kingdom.

Angela and Mary.
They usually came with Biblical names, hoping that the almighty would help them through the names.
But then we all did the same.

“How old are you?” I pointed to Angela.
She seemed to be the older of the two.

“20 years old” She said.

“I don’t believe you” I said and looked deeply into her eyes.
Madam Edna was still on the phone outside.

“I am going to ask you the same question again. How old are you?” I asked.

She said she was 18 years.
I didn’t believe Angela was up to 18 but it wasn’t my business.
As a matter of fact, the Italian Mamas wanted them even younger.
It would surprise many that girls as young as thirteen and fourteen were being brought to Europe for prostitution.
I was even lucky to have been up to 18 when i was taken away.
But most of us knew what we were going to do.

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