47: Enemies’ Errand

47. The Enemies’ Proposal

The KLM Royal Dutch landed at the Napoli International Airport at Half past 3 in the afternoon.

Despite not knowing the Airport very well, i applied the experience i acquired in Holland and Norway to simply follow the exit sign to the taxi stand.

“Napoli Centrale” I said to the first taxi man on the queue.

He started the engine and drove off towards the center of Napoli.
As i looked around, i saw the familiar territory of Down Town Napoli.
The kind of White men i saw in Italy started to look different from those i saw in Holland and above all, the ones i saw in Norway.

In Holland and Norway, the white men were taller and had blonde hair. But in Italy, they looked mixed with majority looking like the people of Libya.

In Norway, the majority of the white people had blue eyes but in Italy, their eyes were as Dark and brown as the ones in Africa.

It all began to Make sense to me.
Italy, despite being in Europe, was just a refined version of Libya.
As one moved up North in Europe, the people changed.

The Iberia and the Italia were on the same axis. Both regions were close to North Africa.
Apart from their Economies, they were the same people.
The major reason why people actually left North Africa to Europe was due to human rights.
Prostitution in Countries like Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt was a one way ticket to prison.
Although it happened secretly because prostitutes must survive, but in Europe, we didn’t fear much.
We stood in streets during the mid day.

In Norway, the white men almost looked white.
Their hairs, their eyes and their washed skins made them look as if they never experienced sun.
It wasn’t difficult to know the reason. The countries up there in Norway and its surroundings were in the North pole.
North pole was where all the cold, ice and snow in the world existed.

At Napoli Centrale, i took a train to Castel Volturno.
The good old town was still what it was.
Girls were still hanging out on the Domitiana Highway, waiting for drunks and punks to fuck them and pay them 10 Euros.

I could still remember most of their faces. They were still there, waiting and hoping that things would change somewhere. Things like stumbling on thousands of Euros that belonged to someone else.
Things like paying off their madams and gaining their freedom from the horrible slavery.
Things that i already waved goodbye to. But the irony of it all was that struggling still continued.
It didn’t stop after the payment, it continued.
I was no longer a street whore, but i have been upgraded to a more dangerous illegal business of transporting hard drugs from one place to another.

At the center of the city, i took a cab to my apartment. As expected, everything was the way i left them, except that the apartment needed some cleaning.

I didn’t rest, i simply set down my luggage and started cleaning the apartment.
An hour later, the place was as neat as i wanted it to be.

There were some foodstuffs in the kitchen, the Fish i left in the fridge was still there.
I set out to make tomato stew immediately.

Before i started cooking, i went to where i hide my money; the cash was still there.

I added the one i brought back from Amsterdam and counted them together.
Of course i knew how much they amounted to but there was a kind of joy in counting them again.

When i was done with the money, i started cooking.

An hour and half later, i sat in the sitting room eating my rice and stew.

It was time to make some calls.

The first person i would have called was Melissa but we were separated. I didn’tknow how she would have felt if i called her. I didn’t even know where she lived at that moment.
It would be awkward dialing her number, therefore i called Aunty Philo.

Not that I and Philo were the best of friends. We had a mixed relationship for years when i was her slave. But we still talked nonetheless.

“Hello my daughter. Where have you been?” Philo asked from the other side of the call.

“Aunty i traveled to Holland” I said.

“Wow, that is good. I have never been to that country. Where are you now?” She asked.

“I am back here in Castel” I said.

She asked me to come to her Restaurant when i could.

After eating my food, i took a bathe and went to The Phils Restaurant and Bar.

Aunty Philo was happy to see me. She said she never traveled past France while i had the heart to go beyond France and even up to the Scandinavia.

“Since you can now travel, there is something i want you to do for me” She said.

“Tell me what it is”.

“I want you to go to Libya for me. I have two stranded girls there. The report i got is that the Sea route is blocked at the moment. I have hired two travel documents for the two girls. I would have sent it to Libya through DHL but the owners said they don’t want that” She said.

As she continued talking, i wondered why i even called her in the first place.
I would have simply forgot about her.
Some people were better kept as enemies.
It was true that Aunty Philo was no longer my Madam but she was still the person who brought me to Italy.
Irespective of our unstable relationship throughout my time with her, i still owed her some respect and obedience.

“Aunty I don’t think i can go to Libya” I said.

“Why not? I will buy your ticket and give you some money. Remember when you and Nina got stranded in Tripoli, it was the same way. The man who helped you out that time is now in Prison. That’s why i need your help” She said.

I didn’t know how to go about her proposal. I was sure she expected me to the job for her.
She knew i had legal documents and wont have problems in any Airport.

Since the work i was going to do was not too risky, i decided to go for it. It would be the last thing i would do for Madam Philo.
That would be her final settlement.

“Ok Aunty, when am i going?” I asked.

“I will go and buy your ticket tomorrow. You will leave in two days time” She said.

That was how i agreed to go to Libya again, that horrible country.

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