46: Time To Take A Break


Why would the fat woman continue to fire questions after questions at me. I already told her why i came to Norway. Whether she believed it or not should have been her problem, but she continued throwing questions, hoping that i would make a mistake.

“Your passport says you are from Nigeria. Your resident permit is from Italia. While your ticket is from Belgium. What did you go to do in Belgium?” she asked.

As soon as she asked the question, an idea came to me. It was time to answer her questions the way she wanted.

“I am on a long vacation, so i move around. I like traveling. I have been to Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels and Now in Oslo. I will also go to Hamburg and Madrid before i return to Italy. This is the first time i have the chance to do something like this” I said.

“I see” she said and wrote something on the computer.

“Your return ticked has expired” She observed.

“Yes, i was about to buy another one when the Police came to me” i replied.

“Miss Maria, what are you bringing to Norway?” She asked.

“What do you mean?” I looked up.
My heart started to beat faster.

Even though i had nothing with me; no huge amount of money and no drugs, nothing illegal. But i feared that they could have followed me from somewhere.
The white cops were almost jobless when considered from an African point of view.
They loved following people around as if every visitor came to commit crimes in their land.

If the police followed me around, why didn’t they arrest me yet?
The fat woman was trying to throw me into confusion but she wont succeeded because i wont give anything or anybody away.

“Did anybody give you anything to bring to Norway?” She continued.

“No Madam. Nobody gave me anything to bring to Norway. I came here on my own and i will come again when i have another holiday” I answered.

After writing some more things on her computer, she pushed my documents towards me.

I picked the passport and other documents up and examined them. Everything was in order.

“You can go Miss James. We are sorry for the little delay” She said.

I stood up and thanked her, then i walked out of the office and went straight to the Air Norway Counter.

After ten minutes at the counter, i purchased a ticket to Amsterdam and went to the familiar restaurant where i ate the strange food.

I got to Amsterdam late in the afternoon and took the airport train to the Amsterdam Central Station.
Basil was waiting for me there at the station.

He took me straight from the Central Station to a Restaurant that was constructed with an abandoned ship.

We ate and talked about the event of the day.
When i told him about what happened between me and the Police in Oslo, he explained to me that they saw me at the airport four times within the space of few days.

Basil also explained that they have Cameras all over the airport.
He tried to make the picture clear to me when he said that the same thing would happen to a white man if he visited an African Airport Four times in the space of one week.

“Take forinstance a white man who crossed a Nigerian Airport four times in one week, every security eye would see him. Every Camera would spot him because he was different. If it was in Italy, Holland or France, you may not have been picked out but there in Norway, blacks doesn’t go there often” he said.

He was right. There wasn’t much of Black people at the airport.
For the four times i passed through there, i couldnt count up to four black people.

On our way back to Bijlmer in Amsterdam South East, Basil told me that i wont be going to Norway anytime soon.
He said that even if i was to go there, i would have to fly to Denmark or Sweden, then enter the country with train.

Back in Bijlmer, we relaxed and watched movies.
David didn’t give me my money in Norway. He said Basil would pay when i get back.
When i called Basil about it, he confirmed that he would pay.

“Tell me when to give you your money” Basil said while watching the TV with me.

He also said that i could take a break and go to Italy if i wanted.
I told him that i wanted to go and he said he will help me to get ticket the following day.

That night, we had sex. I was excited. Despite being free in Europe, i still needed some permissions to do certain things.
Basil was doing fine in managing me. He didn’t want me to be extravagant out there in Amsterdam.

We made passionate love. He made some promises that i didn’t take serious but i was thankful for the ones he did already.
Irrespective of the fact that i worked for my money but Basil opened my eyes to the world of Drugs.
He made me realise there were some other things girls did in Europe apart from prostitution.

Basil made me believe Igbo men, despite being to conscious of money and general wealth, were also caring and protective of their women.

The following morning around 8am, the Company who sold the Rav4 to us called and said the Bill of Lading was ready.

Rather than going to the airport, we headed to Alkmaar First.

From the money i had, we paid for the bill papers and picked it up from the company.

At the Schiphol International Airport, we entered the DHL office and sent the bill to my uncle in Lagos.

After sending the bill, we went to the KLM Counter and bought a one way ticket to Napoli.

Basil waited with me at the schiphol Airport.
We walked around and checked on some Duty Free items being sold at the Airport.

After everything i did in Amsterdam, i was able to buy and send my dream baby SUV to Nigeria. I was also with another 1000 Euros in cash.
The money wasn’t much but i believed that it was the beginning of so many good things to come.

I had some money in Italy as Well. I was going to combine it with the one i got from Amsterdam, then i would save it and wait for the call to clear the car from my uncle.
After clearing the car, i would then start to save more for my impending visit to the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, the land of my fathers and forefathers.

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