46: No hold on my Life

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I didn’t step outside until he called and said he was in Lulea. He warned me not to go out anyway. It was a new apartment. There was no TV or anything to keep me occupied. I didn’t like reading books. There was absolutely nothing interesting to do but sleep. So when the call came from Lulea, I jumped up from the bed and asked him when he would return.

“This night, I am flying back tonight,” He said.

That was welcomed news. I needed him to be around. Rose told us that some people, a woman and two men visited her in the old apartment. From her descriptions, I was certain the woman who visited was Aunty Joy. She was in Sweden. For that reason, Zuby had decided it was time to send the girls out of Sweden and then we would disappear after. According to him, it was just a matter of time before Adesuwa decides to start hunting for us in Sweden too. And then maybe another one would come. It was important that we moved out of the country.

“Baby I am missing you,” I said.

He said he was missing me too and promised to stay with me for long when he returned.

“That’s what you promise all the time but you never keep them,” I said.

He waited for a few moments before he said, “I plan to be with you for long this time. You have been through a lot already. I am sorry for everything.”

I cried as he said he was going to the airport to start flying back. I returned to the bed and covered myself with the thick blanket, then I slept and had a sweet dream about how beautiful life was going to become with Zuby. The idea and thoughts of killing him suddenly varnished. There was no need to kill him after all, it would be better to marry him. It was true that I have had relationships with numerous men; some for just sex and money but Zuby was the only one among them who didn’t really care about sex and my money. He once bragged to me that he had more money than me. I doubted him then because he wasn’t behaving like someone who had seen a lot of money. I never heard him discussing any big business on the phone with anybody. I never heard him mention money on the phone too except when he asked the Madams how much they would pay. He was just there and yet he told me he had more money than me.

I cooked fish pepper soup and waited for him. That was him for you, some hours ago, I was thinking about how to kill him, only to end up cooking fish for him. He had this ability to change situations. He would pretend to be dumb sometimes while I talked. He would pretend not to know anything while I blabbed about how good I was with one thing or the other but the moment I finished, he would just say or do one simple thing to crush every plan I made.

I waited for him until he returned. “I went to see Rose on my way back,” He said

I hugged and welcomed him but as soon as pulled myself from him, he produced a picture from his pocket and dropped it on the table. It was a picture of him and me back in Italy. We took the picture at a party in Napoli but I was sure I didn’t come to Sweden with it

“Baby where did you get this, did you go to Italy?” I asked.

“I didn’t go to Italy,” he started, “Rose gave it to me. She said Aunty Joy gave it to her to be able to recognize me if he she sees me. She also said Aunty Joy promised to give her 2000 Euros if she leads her to me. I told you to close that apartment in Italy but you refused. Now Aunty Joy went there and searched it. It’s your fault my picture is now in the hands of my enemies.” He was getting upset and his voice was rising.

I had hoped to impress him with the delicious fish I cooked for him but the moment he raised his voice, I knew he wasn’t going to eat the fish. It had been like that on many occasions. He would just return home and pick up a small fight. He knew that I won’t ask him to eat in situations like that. I cried as he walked into the room and sat on the bed.

I followed him to the room and stood in front of him. “I am sorry but I didn’t know she was going to search my place in far away Castle Volturno. She lives in Venice which is very far from Castel. I will close the apartment if that is what you want. But I want to…”

He interrupted me. “It’s okay Maria. I am not mad at you. It’s just that it’s difficult to imagine my picture in the hands of these animals. They could take it to Olokun and nobody knows what will happen to me.”

“I thought you told me that Olokun has no powers?” I fired.

“Of course but not when she has my picture,” He said and laughed.

“Go and get the fish here. I am hungry,” He looked at me and said.

That was a new surprise . He usually asked that I get two spoons for both of us. I expected that to be the case but this time, he didn’t say anything about extra spoon. As a result, I decided to bring one spoon. It was time to make him trust me more; I needed to take that risk.

Zuby started eating the fish alone. He didn’t pray like I always told him to do before eating anything. He didn’t ask me to get another spoon. He didn’t even ask if I already ate or not, he just opened the fish and started eating alone. Half way through the food, I took the spoon from him and started eating too. My joy was much. He had finally accepted that I was no longer danger to his life. He was about to start trusting me more.

“Start packing our things after this food. We are leaving here tomorrow, “He suddenly said.

“Where are we going?” I said between foods in my mouth.

“I don’t know. We go to a hotel first, and then we travel out of the country from there. I like Denmark, I think we should go there,” he said.

I didn’t know where Denmark was located but he said it wasn’t far from Sweden. If there was anything I wanted, it was to get away from Sweden. According to Zuby, since Rose has been approached with promise of money, it was only a matter of time before she cracked and sold us out. 2000 Euros was a lot of money for the poor girl. Zuby said that despite everything he was doing for Rose, he never gave her up to 2000 Euros once and that could be the only thing she would remember before selling us out. It was better that we took decisive measures to secure ourselves. Zuby said he wasn’t going to stay in the new apartment and wait for Joy and Bonaventure to come to us. They could torture us to death and he wouldn’t forgive himself from the grave if that happened. It was better that we moved and watched things from a distance. Security was always the first thing he considered in every situation and that was one reason I was not able to have the opportunity to poison him yet.

We made passionate love that night and when the day broke, we started moving.

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