45: Tears of a Heartbroken Woman

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My boyfriend left for Lulea the following day. Before he left, we had a little quarrel. I told him that I couldn’t stay alone in the new apartment. I was scared. I wanted to go with him but the he refused. He said he needed me to stay at home and monitor the situations while he was away. Things almost got out of hand when I said that he might have another agenda with one of the girls. He nearly hit me but eventually managed to restrain himself. I wanted him to hit me, which could have changed a lot of things but he didn’t.

I sat there that morning and wept as he left without saying goodbye. He said he was going to Lulea to prepare the girls for their relocation to the United Kingdom. The truth was that I didn’t want him to spend more money on the girls. We have managed to get them out from their Madams. They were already in the camp and they would be allowed to go to school when they come out. Sending them to the UK would cost a lot of money, money that we didn’t have. It was true that he got some money from Aunty Joy but the truth was that we needed all the money to make a home for ourselves somewhere. I was getting tired of running and hiding I was getting frustrated each passing day. I was never used to watching my back until he showed up in my apartment in Castel Volturno. That single appearance of his in my apartment changed everything. I was a contented girl. I had a good life going for me. I was the richest among my age mates in Napoli and Castel Volturno. I got my freedom earlier than all my mates. People respected me so much because they said I was smart and clever. They respected me because they didn’t know how I managed to get enough money to buy my freedom from Aunty Philo.

I was living large in my apartment. I brought two girls for myself already. The plan was to send them to the street to start fetching more money for me while I did the senior runs as we called it then. I would be servicing big clients while they worked in the streets. There was no way our combined income would not be up to 4000 Euros every month. That was a lot of money for a girl my age. I was in line for bigger things. I imagined how much I would be worth before I became 35 years. I would be worth hundreds of thousands of Euros. I imagined the kind of big salon I would open in Nigeria where I would employ tens of people to work for me. My dreams were very bright. I had also imagined how I would be controlling my husband, whoever that would be when it’s time. I had imagined how I would have more money than him which would force him to serve me and do whatever I wanted him to do. I had so much power already but everything crashed the moment Zuby stepped into my apartment.

I knew him very well before he came. I knew he was seriously intelligent, clever and smart too. I knew he could become mischievous but I loved him. I knew he had criminal tendencies because he once set me up back in Lagos. It was some days after I took him to see my parents in Edo State. One thing had led to another and he abandoned me in Benin City. I had to return by myself. I knew he was angry because of what happened in Benin City. In a bid to make him happy and forget what happened, I agreed to lend him some money when he asked for it. The money together with my phone was snatched at one bus stop in Surulere Lagos. I was shocked when he revealed to me that it was him who planted those thieves. I forgave him because I thought he changed and because I was leaving Nigeria a day after the revelation. Even if I wanted to do anything about it, there was really no time to plan against someone like him.

But everything came flooding back to me when he took my girls in Castel Volturno. That was when it became clear to me that he was a manipulating son of a batch. He played on my intelligence. He used love and marriage as his keys. He even followed me to parties and proposed to me on his knees. All those things took my eyes off the watch and before I knew what was happening, he was already half way across Italy with Ngozi, one of my girls. I gave him a chase of his life, losing a lot of money in the process but I never recovered Ngozi. He beat and escaped from every plan I and Aunty Philo set for him. He beat our thugs and set them on a collision path with the Police. The whole incident almost landed me in Prison and when the Police decided to free me, I vowed to forget about him and Ngozi, only for him to come back for Fatima, my remaining girl. That was the event that led to my current situation in Sweden. I had gone after him and Fatima hopelessly, only to find out that Fatima has been sent to a Catholic Convent. That was when I knew that I couldn’t get her back. There was no way I was going to convince Fatima to leave the Convent and return to Italian streets for prostitution. She was never going to do that. Secondly I was scared that God could punish me if I attempted to take Fatima away. As things stood during that time, I had no more money because I gave all my money to Zuby to travel to Tripoli for more girls. He had my money, my girls and above all he had my love and life. He left with everything. There was nothing else to do, therefore when he asked me to stay with him in Sweden, I saw an opportunity to disappear in Italy where people were already mocking me.

Initially I thought I was going to kill Zuby. I waited for an opportunity to stab him to death. I waited for an opportunity to poison him to death but each time I came close enough, he would be one step ahead. He didn’t eat what I cooked. I counted many occasions when I would cook and put food on the table for him only for him to pretend he wasn’t hungry. I had a feeling he was trying to avoid being poisoned. It was difficult to trust me after everything that happened between us, therefore I decided to stick with him and wait for the best opportunity. I knew it was a matter of time before he starts to eat my food. I needed him to trust me first. But before he started trusting me, it was too late to wish any harm on him. I was already deeply involved. We already lived more than a month and he was sleeping with me without condoms. I didn’t even know if I had taken in for him. It would be bad to kill a man who had impregnated me. For that reason, I decided to wait, yet things turned out differently every other day.

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