45: All Eyes On Me


I didn’t call David on the phone after removing the remaining two balls. I wanted to surprise him with the news when he returned.

It didn’t take long before he came rushing back.
Since he had the key with him, he opened the door and without even greeting me, rushed into the toilet.

I heard some noises as he ejected the contents of his stomach.
The drug he took seemed to be working wonders on him.

As he walked out of the toilet, i laughed out loud.

“What’s funny?” He asked.

“The way you rushed into the toilet as if it was running away” I said.

“Its the tablet i took, what about you, have you been able to…”

“Yes” I interrupted him, “two of them are out now. The drug did what you said it will do. Why did you have to wait too long before buying the tablets?” I asked.

He said it wasn’t advisable to take such drugs.

“The Pharmacist who sold it to me said it wasn’t advisable to take it unless someone’s stomach was hard”.

“I will leave in the morning, its late now” I said, reminding him that i had stayed longer than i wanted.

He said it was OK for him too.

Later in the night, David took me to a night club.
I didn’t dance, i just sat on a soft chair and sipped the whisky he bought for me.

A white young man eventually joined us and introduced himself as Jacobsen. He said he lived in Zimbabwe as a Farmer but returned to Norway two years ago.
He said he loved Africa’s weather and the women. He asked David to find him a good African girl.

I almost told Jacobsen that i was available if not that David was there.
The white men knew how to treat women better. They also never beat or abuse black girls in any way unless it was a mentally disturbed man.

The truth was that black women dated and married mentally disturbed white men in the name of getting residents permits.
I have heard many news about such things all over Europe.

We returned from the club after 4am.
Like expected, David, under the influence of Alcohol, asked for sex.

“We will do it when i come to take the money” I said to him.

Every attempt he made to convince me didn’t work.
The problem wasn’t having sex with David. I knew he would even give me some extra money after that but the issue was that i was sleeping with Basil back in Amsterdam.

The news that i also slept with David was going to leak out sooner than later. It was the same David who would leak the news to the public.
Basil would hear it and would lose the trust he had for me.
The whole thing would turn into some kind of trouble between the two men. The business would be affected. David could then send me packing and the little money i was making would end.

Inside the cab to the airport, i thought about telling Basil about what David was asking for.
I didn’t know how he would react to it but knowing how some men reasoned, he could go on to believe that we already did it.
Even if he didn’t think we did it, he would still have some kind of hatred and anger for David.
The business would also be Affected whether we wanted or not.
That could be the end of the Norway business which i was enjoying except for the little drug scare of the past day.

At the Oslo Flughavn, i headed to the Air Norway Counter to ask for the price and time table.
I would have returned to the Easy Jet to ask if they could revive my expired unused ticket but the problem was that i would be flown to Belgium. I wanted to go straight to Amsterdam, no matter the price difference.

“Excuse me Miss” I heard from my back.

I turned and saw two huge Policemen standing behind me.
I looked from one to the other and didn’t say anything.

“Would you come with us please” One of them said.

I looked at them one more time and nodded.

They walked with me to an office at the extreme end of the hall.

“Sit down please” One of them said.

I sat down on a single chair facing a woman who was behind the desk.

“Passport Please” the woman said.

I handed her my entire documents which was in my hand.

She opened the passport and separated it from the return ticket from Easy Jets and the resident permit card.

“What’s your name?” She asked.
She was looking right inside the Data Page of my passport.

“Maria James” I said.

“Date of Birth?” She continued.

Easy one.

I gave her the date of birth in the passport.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“Amsterdam” I said, recalling that i already asked the Air Norway agent if she had flights to Amsterdam.

“When did you come to Norway?” She asked.

“Three days ago” i said.

“What did you come to do in Norway?” She asked.

“I came to look around, i heard its a great city” I lied.

“Miss Maria, how often do you visit great cities?” She asked.

I told her that i didn’t understand the Question.

She repeated what she said.

“I don’t know” I said.

She wrote something on her computer and continued.

“You were here last week” She said.

My heart skipped.

“That’s Correct” I said.

At that stage, i knew they saw me when i came to pick up the money since my passport was not stamped.
I was a black young girl traveling alone. It was very easy for every camera to pick me out in the airport.
Norway was not like Italy or Holland where blacks could be seen all over the place.

Norway was in the far North of Europe where cold and snow were the mineral resources. No black wanted to live in the cold, only a few who found themselves there happened to stay back.

“What did you come to do in Norway last week?” She continued.

“I told you that i like this city. Last night i was at a night club. I was at the same night club last week” I said.

The truth had suddenly become bitter and i felt that she was pushing me to a difficult corner.
The only thing that made me strong was that i had no drugs or money with me. They could search me all they want but nothing was going to be found.
I was very lucky that they didn’t stop me on my way to Norway, things would have been too bad because i was then loaded with 710 grams of cocaine; Class A drug all over the planet earth.

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