Episode 45: The Advent of my Mistakes

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Day one in Bremen crawled away and spilled into day two. The food wasn’t the same as what I ate at the apartment in Berlin but it was good and balanced. Everyone was expected at the dining hall by 7am, 12noon and 6pm every day.

People would file in a line to receive food and then return to their seats to eat. One could go twice or more until he or she was satisfied. Everything was organized in a way that one wonders why Africa found it difficult to do things that way.

New people arrived in the camp every two or three days. Out of about 100 people in our camp at that time, Igbo boys were 30 of them. The rest of the world shared the rest. It was amazing how they were coordinated and worked in the camp. It wasn’t difficult to spot them under one tree playing football or arguing about one Chelsea or Barcelona or Manchester or Arsenal; their voices were usually loud. They would call me to come each time I walked past them. I never did. They said I was feeling too big and important. They accused me of being one Benin Prostitute but since I didn’t want to engage in useless talks with them, I just ignored them. That was the difference between the Igbo boys and the East African boys.

While Igbo boys called me one name or the other because I refused to go to them, the East Africans never did that. Despite the cold shoulders I extended to them, they never said anything bad about me. As a result, I decided to start talking with one of them, Emmanuel, the first one that approached me at the phone booth.

He was tall and handsome and looked every bit a gentleman. He said he was 22, and that he came to Germany a month earlier.

We would sit under one tree and talk about us until we got tired. He said he liked me so much and that he would love to live with me when the camp was over. I didn’t tell him anything about Solomon; I felt I was also falling in love with Emmanuel.

He would ask me to follow him to the mall where he would buy ice cream for me. He would then offer to feed me which I always rejected. Not that I didn’t want it but I was scared I was drifting away from the scary but good tiger I left in Berlin. Each day that passed, I would lie on my bed and thought about what Solomon would do if he ever found out I was falling for Emmanuel. I would think about how Solomon would feel about the whole thing. The distance between us was getting to me. I was drifting away slowly and unfortunately Emmanuel was there. It would have been better if he wasn’t there, I would have found a way to deal with the distance between Berlin and Bremen but unfortunately, he was right there at the camp with me.

Some of the love I had for Solomon started tilting towards Emmanuel. I would follow him to the woods where we kissed. I never allowed him to sleep with me; I felt that was the ultimate sin to commit against Solomon. I would lie to myself that kisses were not really an issue. I would console myself with the fact that I haven’t slept with Emmanuel. My body was yearning to sleep with him, he had begged for it, he did everything he could to make me remove my clothes for him but he failed. He failed because I knew that it was just a matter of few weeks before we go our separate ways. Solomon was already there for me, I wasn’t going to risk living with Emmanuel whom I believed didn’t even know what he would be doing as job after the camp. He was very foolish to suggest that I live with him after camp but I wasn’t ready to tell him anything.

Emmanuel and I became very popular in camp. People talked about us all the time and it scared me to the bone. I felt that it was only a matter of time before Solomon found out. Emmanuel did every he could to get me into his room and the day I finally decided to visit him, the dinner bell rang before we could steal kisses. I promised him that I would come another day. I asked him to have patience with me and he did.

Some days, I would call Solomon from the phone booth. I would ask him to pay me a visit but not to come into the camp. I told him he would stay in a hotel inside town and tell me to find him there. He would agree to come and then he would cancel. He said he was busy with business in Berlin but never told me what business it was. His isolation method pushed me into going for Emmanuel.

I considered everything that was happening. I blamed Solomon for not caring for me enough. I told him he didn’t love me and that I hated him for not coming to see me. But somehow, I knew that all the accusations were excuses I was creating to justify the imminent sex that would happen between me and Emmanuel.

Finally Solomon agreed to come to Bremen. He said he didn’t know the day he would come but that it would be before one week.

For one week, I waited for Solomon, he never showed up. During that waiting week, I isolated myself from Emmanuel. I gave him excuses that I needed time for myself. He understood what I wanted him to understand and he gave me a little space to operate until the one week was over.

To punish Solomon for his failure to come to Bremen, I decided to sleep with Emmanuel.

The inter-nations sports events were coming up the following two days in the camp. It was a Saturday and we were going to the field outside the camp to witness different sports from different countries.

The day arrived faster than I wished. Before it was noon, everybody was in the field already. Nigeria was playing Cameroun in a football match. Emmanuel and I were watching from the sidelines when he tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to follow him.

“Let’s go to the woods and look around, the football match is boring,” he said.

I agreed the match was boring and followed him to the woods. We walked hand in hand until we stopped at an abandoned small Cabin. The kisses commenced immediately. The fondling of my breasts followed.

It didn’t take us much longer before my jacket went off my body. Since the weather was still cold, I didn’t remove my blouse; Emmanuel just pushed it up and exposed my breasts. My right hand was all over his huge manhood. I was finally going to feel that manhood. The kisses were sending fire all over my body.

“Baby I love you,” Emmanuel said over and over again and as he was about to unzip my Jean trouser, we heard a crack behind us. Someone had just stepped on a dry wood and it made a cracking noise.

We turned around at the same time and there he was, Solomon Ebot, The Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin.

He was standing there, three meters away from us, with a Rose flower in his hand and tears in his eyes.

“I can see you are having a nice time,” he said, threw the flower on our feet and turned around.

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