44: The Oslo Scare Syndrome


The two sturbbon pieces of cocaine balls were still inside my stomach.
They refused to be out like the rest of them.
The panic has started to come in.

I approached David and asked if he knew what to do next; he said i just had to wait.

I had planned to leave Norway that that day but as the clock heads towards the evening, it became clear that i wont be going.

To help facilitate the easy removal of the stuff, i drank cold milk continuously. When it seemed it wasn’t working, i resorted to other means such as drinking soda and gas water.
I wasn’t even sure those things would work, i just wanted to be doing something rather than staying in one place waiting for the drugs to come out on their own.

At a stage, i started to think that i might have removed everything in my stomach but that for some reasons, David hide two pieces.
His reason might have been to keep me in Norway so that he could have his way with me. Men were capable of doing a lot of evil.
But i counted the balls myself. David could not have stolen anything.

The worst part was that there was no way to know if there was more in my stomach unless i went for a scan at the hospital.
However, the hospital would be the first to call the Police if they found anything inside my body.
It was better that i stayed back in the apartment and prayed that the balls came out on their own.

As the darkness approached, i asked David to make Semo and Soup for me.
I believed that if i swallowed food, it could push the remaining two balls out of my body.

By 8pm, the balls were still in my body even after swallowing a bowl of the food.

“Calm down, it will come out. Its like that sometimes” David said over and over again.

I knew he was just trying to console me, therefore i paid no attention to him.

My mind ran all over the World as i waited for the stuff to come out.
I wondered if the two balls could burst open in my body.
The news i heard about Cocaine was that the substance was powerful enough to tear throw my intestines if it happened to open up in my stomach.
It could also kill the worms and damage every important organ inside my stomach.
I would then die slowly.

It was also bad to know that David would abandon me and the apartment if anything happened to me.
He was not going to report to the authorities so that they would take me to the hospital for operations.
He would simply take the drugs and the money in the apartment and disappear.
I even knew that if the drugs were still many in my stomach, David could open my stomach with a sharp knife and take his drugs.
Things were as bad as that.

Back in Amsterdam, Basil told me of a white man who returned from Brazil and couldn’t remove the drugs in his stomach.
He eventually fainted in the apartment of a Suriname man who sent him to Brazil.
Rather than calling the ambulance, the Suriname man opened his stomach and took his drugs.
He abandoned the white man there and varnished.
The Police eeventually caught Up with the man with the help of the CCTV Cameras but by then, it was already too late for the white man because he died.

On our way to eat food somewhere called African Kitchen in Amsterdam, Basil also showed me a hospital called AMC.
He said it was a teaching hospital where they direct people to be operated on in a bid to remove the drugs that refused to come out on their own.

As i lay on the bed in far away Norway, i wondered why Basil had to tell me all those things. The information has started to hunt me and it was only a matter of time before it began to affect me mentally.

I didn’t know whether to cry or not. Each passing minute tortured me mentally.
It felt like i have been condemned to die. I haven’t even had chance to enjoy my newly acquired Toyota vehicle and there was I wondering if would live or not.

Two balls of Cocaine spent two days in my Stomach before they eventually came out.
It was while taking my bath in the bathroom. My stomach had started turning and while i liked it that something was happening at last, i also feared for the worst.

Since i was alone in the bathroom, i tied the towel on my wet body and rushed to the toilet.
It took just a few seconds for me to release the contents in my stomach and the drugs came out too.

As i picked and washed them, i wondered why they got stuck in there.
If i was too superstitious, i would have blamed some witches in Africa or Italy.
I would have thought that Aunty’s Philo or some other people that had problems with me was the reason why it happened but they didn’t even know where i was.

Earlier in the day, David had gone out and when he returned, he gave me two tablets to swallow; i refused.

My argument was that i didn’t know what the drugs did. It could be a poison that was capable of killing me.
I knew the two cocaine balls remaining in my stomach was too small for anyone to eliminate me but i had always have reservations when it comes to Igbo men and Money.

To convince me that the drugs were just for the stomach to become soft, David took one tablet and gave me the other one.
I took it too and waited.

Twenty minutes after taking the tablets, he announced that he was going to distribute some of the drugs that i already brought out.

“No, David, you will stay right here until the whole thing comes out” I objected.

Every attempt he made to leave the house was blocked because i physically blocked the exit door.
I was scared that he was running away.

“Maria, we don’t leave drugs in the house for long. I would have even distributed all of them yesterday if not for the remaining two balls” He said.

He was right, Basil said something like that back in Amsterdam.
I also understood that even if he stayed back in the apartment with me, he would still have to run away if i died.

“OK, but make sure you return here as early as possible” I commanded.

He nodded and left the house.

A few minutes after he left, i went to the bathroom to take my bath; that was when the drama started.

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