Episode 44: The Dangers of Distant Relationship

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It took us five hours to get to Bremen, which was the city I was going to take my asylum properly. The more hours we spent on the road on our way to the camp, the more scared I became. I was drifting far away from Solomon and Berlin and I didn’t know when I would see them again. I was hoping to be taken to a nearby town where I would be able to sneak into Berlin every now and then. I needed to stay close to my boyfriend, I wanted to make sure another girl didn’t take him from me and I needed to also get pregnant for him as fast as I could. I already knew that I wanted him and since there was no clear work to be doing in Germany after the asylum, I needed to do whatever it takes to keep Solomon for myself. He had money and I knew it. But the German authorities were killing that dream as they drove three of us through different cities and fields before arriving in Bremen.

I wasn’t asked any question immediately; I was simply taken to a room where there was a bed and its components. An hour later, an identity card was brought to me; it has my names on it.

I was told to report to an office by 3pm the same day.

Bremen itself was a big city. Everywhere looked the same like Berlin or maybe so I thought but it was a big city like Berlin. If the city was going to be my new home, I won’t regret it much. I would find a way to persuade Solomon to relocate to Bremen. I already knew he would object to it but I would try. I would tell him that we needed a different city since too many people knew him in Berlin. I also knew that what I was thinking was just a dream because Solomon returned to Berlin for a reason. I was sure I was not part of the reason he returned, I just happened to be in the middle of things at the right time.

On our way to the camp, I saw some black people making phone calls through a public phone booth. It was a relief to know that I could call Solomon after all; however the problem was that I had no money with me.

I was told not to go with money. Solomon said I could be searched and that it could jeopardize my chances of success if money was found on me.

A few minutes to 3pm, I left my room and went to the office where I was told to come. I was taken to the machine room and the prints from my entire ten fingers were taken. I repeated my names and other data to an asylum official who wrote everything down and said I would be required to visit room 11 to receive some money. She gave me a piece of paper to give to them when I got there.

At room 11, I was given 7 Euros. It wasn’t much but it was enough it place a call to Berlin. I needed to tell Solomon what was happening. I knew he would be disappointed when he realized that I was taken far away from Berlin. I had a feeling that he wanted me close to him.

Ten minutes later, I was out of the camp. I found the phone booth and asked someone how to make use of it. I was told to put some money inside the machine box and dial whatever number I wished to call. That was what I did and waited until Solomon answered from the other side of the phone in Berlin.

“Baby, it’s me,” I said.

“Good to hear from you Jenny. Could you call me back in an hour, I am bu….”

I interrupted him. “No, wait baby; I am calling from a public booth. I am not sure I will have the money to call again. I miss you and I am in Bremen. That’s where they took me this morning.”

“Bremen is a good city. Just hang in there, everything will be over in a few weeks, then we can be together again,” he said.

He went on to tell me that it wouldn’t matter where I would be finally posted because I would return to Berlin after everything. I was very happy to hear his encouraging words but before I could say more, the credit finished and the phone died.


“Hi, are you new here?” The voice said behind me as I turned to leave the phone booth.

“Yes, I am.”

“Welcome. You are beautiful. My name is Emmanuel I am from East Africa. I.. “

“I am not interested.” I said and started walking away.

What a bad timing from the Emmanuel boy.

I had just got off the phone with the love of my life and there he was, about to tell me how much he admired me and all that.

“But you don’t even know what I want to tell you,” He said behind me.

He wasn’t there to make calls; he was there to stalk me.

“I said I am not interested. It means I don’t want to buy whatever it is you want to sell to me. How is that difficult to understand?” I turned to him and said.

I didn’t wait to hear the next thing he wanted to say as I walked away and returned to the camp. There was no doubt that men were going to disturb me a lot in the camp. Solomon already told me about how things worked in the camps. It didn’t really matter because I already made up my mind that I would not allow any of them to get near me. I was going to remain single in the camp until I return to Berlin and to Solomon where I belonged. I couldn’t even imagine dating someone else. I knew Solomon was never going to find out unless I told him. I was sure he didn’t know anyone else in the camp who would spy on me. The coast was pretty clear for me to do one or two secret stuff with men but I wasn’t going to do that. It would be a shame if I pay Solomon back that way after everything he did for me. He could commit suicide if he ever found out. He once told me that he would rather die than see another man touch me. I didn’t know if he really meant what he said but I felt it was better not to find out. No one would do what he did for me if love was not involved. The only thing I could do was to pray that I didn’t fall into temptations in the camp because the way I saw things, more men were likely going to show up eventually, especially the Igbo boys I saw a few hours ago. Those ones were even the most dangerous for me because I didn’t know where they could end up after the camp. One or two of them could end up in Berlin where they would someday meet Solomon and I and then the bad story could begin from there.

But like I was told, it was just a matter of a month or two and everything would be over. I was sure I could keep myself for that long. Sex was not a new thing for me and if I could walk out of prostitution, I could also avoid sex for two months or more, or so I thought.

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