43: Naija Girls

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I got home and went upstairs.
Since my collection of girls’ phone numbers were getting big, I decided to arrange them in One place.

I flashed back to how it started. Elizabeth from Jakande estate was the first.

I scrolled down and got to her number. I changed the name to ‘NaiJa Elizabeth” then saved it.

I found Rose from Port harcourt and saved it with ”Naija Rose”.

I found Ella from Aba and despite the fact that we quarreled because of Liz, I saved her number with ” Naija Ella”

Liz was saved with Louise, I changed it to ” Naija Liz”

”Naija Zainab”

”Naija Linda” despite calling cops on me, I still left her number on my phone. I believed that if I needed her, i could still trick her into coming to my house.

”Naija Fuel Girl”

”Naija Olabisi”

I found some other numbers I had gotten from some girls in Enugu and saved them with the ”Naija” Prefix too.

There was a girl who had called me once and said she wanted to confirm if I was truly Amaka’s boyfriend. her name was Daisy, I saved it with Naija Daisy.

I counted them all and got about 20 phone numbers. It wasn’t enough. I needed some more and I was going to hunt for them.

Since the Europeans were delaying me, I was going to make best use of my time. I had studied and learnt computer to the best that I could and I didn’t have much thing to do in Lagos except play around. I also ruled out going down to the east. Most people believed that I had left Nigeria and I was sure some of them would gloat if they found out I had some problems.

After counting the numbers, I decided to call some of them.

The fuel girl first..

”Hello” she said as soon as she picked my call.

”Hi, its Zuby, the guy with the Grey BMW” I said.

”I don’t know who you are. Its wrong number” she said and cut off the line instantly.

I figured she was either with a boy or was at a place where she didn’t want people to know she was talking to a man. Maybe in a Church gathering or something.
Most of Nigerian girls are hypocrites. They would go to Churches and pretend they didn’t have nothing to do with men only to flirt behind.

Daisy, Amaka’s friend was the second.

”Hello Zuby” She said as soon as she answered.

Great! She had actually registered my number on her phone even though we never talked face to face.

”You called the other day and said you would call again” I said.

She kept quiet.

I asked where she was and she said ”the Church”.

I told her I want to see her tomorrow. She said she would come with Amaka.
I told her to come alone or forget about coming. She agreed to come alone and hung up.

I called Liz in Aba. She was cooking. She wanted to know when I would return to the east as usual.

” I don’t know yet” I had said.

We talked for a few minutes and said goodbyes.

I called Zainab and told her I was missing her already.

After the calls, I went to the room and slept.

Tomorrow’s coming was natural and it was going to be fun if……… Only if Daisy was matured enough.

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