43: The Power Of Womanhood

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He wasn’t much of a talkative. He had started removing his clothes as soon as we entered the hotel room.
I wanted to ask his name but the cold face he wore discouraged me. At that stage, i knew that we were going to be meeting with different kinds of people with different attitudes. I had thought that since i possessed the Vagyner, which was what the men wanted, i had the power to control them. But the new guy made me think otherwise. He believed he had his money and to crown his belief, he had handed me the 30 Euros we agreed on as soon as we entered the hotel room.
I almost handed him the money back with the intention of just leaving the room but in the middle of that mental chaos, i recalled that there was only one objective; money.
Just get that money, every other thing must go to hell.

He came to where we stood; Ayo and I.
Tricia had left with the first man who came to us. We had agreed that she go first since she was the last person who took a man the first day we started work.
Lilian wasn’t standing with us, she was standing a few meters away with some unknown girls.

He had looked at Ayo and I and pointed at me.

“I want to Fvkk” He had said.

What! How blunt could anyone ever be?
But in the world of professional prostitution, we were not expected to be hearing Jesus and Church and Heaven. We were expected to hear fuck, condom and the likes.

“50 Euros for one hour” I said bluntly.
Since he was as direct as one could be, it was important that i did the same.

He shook his head. “Me give you 20 Euros”.

I shook my own head as well, everybody in the World understood that shaking the head was a negative while nodding was a positive. They were some of the universal languages.

“30 Euros, no more” He said.

“Ok” I returned.
Everybody also understood ‘OK’.

Even when he said ’20 Euros’, I knew that we had a deal but i decided to stretch it a little bit further.
Life was sometimes as cheap as you made it for yourself.

We had walked down the road and took a cab to the hotel where he lodged.
He was a visitor in town, a tourist from somewhere called Albania. It was my first time of hearing such name but i didn’t care. I was never a geography student and i didn’t know quarter of the countries of the World. No wonder i failed Jamb over and over again. Sometimes, we ignored what mattered.

He had his own condoms, he came prepared.
He had torn one of it and slipped it on his short manhood.

‘Does the Albania people naturally had small manhood?’ I thought.
That was a question for another day.

It was even better. The small manhood wasn’t going to hurt me in a anyway. I wasn’t going to enjoy the sex either but i wasn’t there to enjoy myself. I was there for just one thing; that piece of computerized paper that was capable of doing anything.
Whoever invented money deserved everlasting commendation.

My clothes were already off and on the table. I lay on my back and waited for him to do his thing and get the fvck out of me.
That was How it exactly happened. He didn’t spend up to five minutes on the act. He had climbed me and inserted his short manhood, which didn’t feel like anything was inserted into my Vagyner.

‘Tikom, tikom, tikom’ he struggled on top of me. Two minutes and by the third one, he started speaking in tongue.
He was coming and i knew it. To speedy up the act and make him come faster, i vibrated my waist while i held his buttocks.
He changed his speaking in tongue to a song, but in a language i had never known existed.
I didn’t feel him coming but he did and when he collapsed on top of me, i knew that the job was done.

Gently, i pushed him aside and got up. He had given me my money first and there was no more business between us.
I took a tissue paper from my bag and rolled out a chunk, then i used it to bring out the condom on his manhood.
We were told to always flush away the used condoms after each act. They said people could use it for some kind of rituals. I didn’t believe such things worked. I didn’t see reason why they would want to use a used condom to do anything to us. But life was full of mysteries.
I was motivated to flush down that very condom because, the man from Albania had come with it by himself. It was suspicious because all the men who came to us always knew that we had condoms with us.

Inside the bathroom, i flushed down the used condom to the Sea, cleaned myself and returned to wear my clothes.
He was still lying naked on the bed.
A smile of satisfaction was placed on his face.
He had clearly felt that he did a great job. Maybe he did. Who knows how he used to perform.

“Thanks” He said as i made for the door.
Was he really supposed to thank me?
He had given me my money and he had done nothing significant. I was even tempted to ask him to go one more round, just to make sure that he got the worth of his money but i had learnt fast, that in the World of professional prostitution, there were no free gifts.
The free gifts were supposed to come in form of money from the men, not in form of Kunt from the women. It was our body. Yes, you read that right, it was our body, not a piece of paper with the heads of dead human beings. They were incomparable.

Women were the prostitutes because Men wanted them to be the prostitutes. If men decided that they won’t buy sex, women would be forced to quit the profession. But as long as there were Gender discrimination, Suffering, hunger, war, vulnerability, abuse and general poverty; as long as there was no equal rights between men and women in work places, in government houses, in Churches and Mosques, there would be professional prostitution.
What else did the women possess, if not the Vagyner.

The World had devised plans to subdue women, teach us how to be submissive and obedient to men in Churches and Mosques, teach us how to obey men even the ones we were better off than.
But since every external thing of the World was taken away from women, we had no option than to use what we had; our Assets.

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