43: The First Scare

Chapter 43.

“We are going to Belgium” Basil said.

It was around 7am when he came to where i was swallowing the drugs in the sitting room.

“Belgium, why?” I asked.

He said that it would be dangerous to fly from Holland to Norway.

“But i flew from Holland to Norway to pick up the money” I said.

“Listen Maria, i allowed you to make that Journey through Holland because, you had no drugs with you. If you had drugs with you, i would not have allowed you to do that” Basil said.

“But i was not even stopped at the airport in Norway” I murmured.

“Right. The day you will be stopped, you will wonder how they know you came with drugs. It is either we go to Belgium or Germany, or even France to fly from there. Germany is better, followed by France but France is far. Germany is close just like Belgium but it is difficult to enter into Germany from anywhere. If they catch you with Italian residence permit, you will have to answer too many questions and while at it, they would be monitoring you for any irregular behaviour. That’s how they know if someone swallowed drugs or not” he said.

I nodded as i listened and swallowed my balls of cocaine.
There was no need arguing with Basil on how to move drugs across Europe. He knew the routes very well.
I was lucky not to have been searched at the Oslo Flughavn but i might not be that twice lucky.

One bad thing about drugs was that you wont relax until you are done with it.

I didn’t have much problem injecting all the drugs into my stomach.

We left for Belgium with the same Black Mercedes that came to pick me up from Belgium the day i returned from Africa.
The owner of the car was part of the drug ring.
Everyone got paid according to the importance of his or her job.

The most dangerous among the jobs was transporting them from one country to another.
Being the youngest and last member of the squad, i did the most dangerous job.

At the airport in Brussels, we bought an Easy Jet Ticket to Oslo.
I was amazed at how cheap the ticket was.

We bought the return ticket too because Basil said that each country usually felt comfortable when they know that their visitor had plans to return to wherever he or she came from.

Black Race was illegally illegal all over Europe. Seeing a black on their airplane was considered a crime to some of the racial extremists among them.
It would be dangerous to commit any more offence.

According to Basil, some white people moved drugs as well.
In fact Basil said that the number of white people that moved drugs around Europe and South America were far too many when compared to the Africans.
However, their international Passports were respected all over the World.

An American man traveling from Germany to France or Holland usually answered no question.
But an African Man moving within Europe was always a suspect.
It was the same down in Africa. The white mans passport was respected everywhere. But the moment the Nigerian Green Passport was brought out in any European, Asian or American Airport, it represented the symbol of Crime.
The reason wasn’t far fetched.
Africa was still in the dark.
The black continent was bad back home.
The few elites who ruled the country were not interested in anything else except their wellbeing and that of their immediate families.

Forinstance, the top Politicians and head of Organisations who managed Nigeria sent their Children to top schools in Europe and America.
They sustained them with the monies they stole from the government.
Their wives supported them too. And the Irony was that they all claimed to be Children of God.
You see them in Churches and Mosques all over the country.

One good thing with European system was that they didn’t care who you are. They only cared about your system.
It was either you put your country in order or you face being a suspect in the developed World.

The bad system in Africa even affected some Africans that succeeded in acquiring Foreign passports.

Yes, if a Nigerian man acquired an Italian Passport, he would remain a suspect wherever he goes in Europe.
It mattered little to the Europeans because they cared more about the system instead of the individuals.

Inside the Easy Jet Flight, i switched off my phone and listened to the flight music through the earpiece. I wasn’t scared as i was the first time i was returning from Abidjan. We didn’t bribe any drug agent at the airport.
We simply bought our ticket and boarded the orange and white aircraft.

An hour and some minutes after take off, we landed at the same Oslo Airport in Gardermoen.

Like the first day, there wasn’t any hold up at the immigration. The door was open. We just walked out of the airport and headed to our various destinations.

David was told that i was on the way, but i warned him not to come to the airport.
I told him that i would find my way to the Central Station where he could wait for me if he wanted.

I met him at the Central Station and we drove to his apartment.
Unlike the first day, i wasn’t going to leave the same day.
I was going to first of all, start removing the drugs from my body.
It meant that i was going to spend the night in Norway. I was going to sleep in David’s Place.
He was going to attempt again to tell me how beautiful i looked and all that lies men tell women when they wanted to go between their legs.

I was going to play along.
There was no need being hostile to the person who was hosting me.

The removal of the drugs started as soon as i arrived. During the first stage, i removed over half of the drugs.

I drank cold milk and some minutes later, another batch of drugs went out of me.

By the time it was morning, it remained two pieces inside my body. Every attempt to get them out of my stomach failed.

By the afternoon, the two pieces were still in me.
I thought about taking them back to Amsterdam. But when i told David, he said he wont pay me if i did that.

I had to wait in Norway.

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