43: No Time To Rest

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“I think we don’t have to share this money or send it to Nigeria. We need to start keeping money around because we may be required to leave Stockholm on emergency,” Zuby said.

He was referring to the 9000 Euros lying on the table. He went on to tell me that it was useless sending our money to Nigeria when we might need it in Europe.

I told him that it was a good idea.

Before the issue of the money came up, he had called us to the sitting room and said that Rose was moving back to the old apartment. He said Rose would be responsible for lecturing the new girls on how to take asylum in Sweden. The news was welcomed but I was still afraid that he might be sneaking to the old apartment to sleep with Rose. I wanted Rose out of the picture entirely. I felt I was being paranoid but I knew what our women could do. To make matters worse, he even said that Rose would retain everything in the apartment including the flat-screen TV. He said he would be paying Rose every month depending on how many girls we brought to Sweden.

The only good news of the day was that Aunty Joy was going to send another money. Zuby said he already sent details of the person who will receive the money in Berlin. When I asked why it has to be Berlin again, he told me that the people he wanted to use lived there.

The last money we received was in Berlin and Kingsley tried to run away with it, one would have thought that he stayed away from Berlin for sometime but he didn’t. He went on to tell me that the new recipient was even a cousin to Kingsley. He said fear won’t allow him to run away with the money judging by how he recovered the one Kingsley stole. Judging by how confident he sounded, it was obvious that it would be a waste of time trying to talk him out of it. Besides I had no immediate solution to that problem. I couldn’t receive the money with my documents an he wouldn’t want to do the same. Aunty Joy could use the money to trap whoever would receive it.

For the rest of the night, Zuby didn’t sleep. I watched him stayed awake and stared on the ceiling. Something was worrying him. I didn’t know how he would feel if I tried to interfere, therefore I just ignored him and slept.

As soon as it was 6am, he scrambled out of bed and announced he was taking Blessing to the asylum camp in Lulea.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

He looked at me. “I am taking Blessing to Lulea now. I will travel to Berlin from there,” he said.

“Do you ever rest? You just got back to Sweden and you are moving again. Baby please rest for some days, I will feel lonely here if you leave,” I said.

The look in his face told me that something was wrong.

“Aunty Joy sent another 10,000 Euros to Berlin. The Bastard who cleared it hasn’t been answering his calls. I tried calling him in the sitting room last night but he didn’t answer. When I sent him a text message, he replied. It is clear that he wants to steal the money. He said it would be the revenge for the maltreatment I gave to his cousins in Amsterdam. I am going after the money. You just have to stay alone here until I come back,” He said.

I stood there and looked as he went and woke Blessing up. He told Blessing to get ready for camp immediately. Everything was happening too fast for my comfort.

I asked if I could follow him to Berlin but he refused. He said a small war could break out down there and he didn’t want me to be caught in the crossfire.

Zuby and Blessing left Stockholm for Lulea that morning. I sat on the bed and wished that things were different. I had missed him a lot and wanted him to hold me in the night on our new bed. It was very cold up there in Sweden and I didn’t want to be sleeping alone. I nearly asked him to forget about the 10,000 Euros in Berlin but I was sure I would be talking to a brick wall. Once he made up his mind, there was always no stopping him. I felt he wanted to prove some points in Berlin. Whoever that cleared the money has matched on his ego and it was a matter of time before he tracked him down. He was good at finding people.

I shed some tears and prayed for him. I just wanted him back. The new apartment was bigger than the old one. It was going to be difficult sleeping there alone. I wished Rose was still there but somehow, Rose knew that I didn’t want her near Zuby. I felt she would refuse if I asked her to come over for the night.

When Zuby called again, he said he was boarding a flight from Lulea to Denmark. He said Blessing has been successfully admitted into the camp.

“You said you were going to Berlin not Denmark,” I said.

“That’s right. I will enter Germany through water. I don’t want to go through their airports. It’s a little dangerous for me. I will explain later,” He said before hanging up.

I didn’t know what he was going to meet in Berlin. I knew he said he lived in Berlin in the past. That means he knew the city well enough to find whoever he was going to look for but I didn’t want him to continue fighting both the Madams and his old friends. I felt that one way or the other, he was going to get hurt.

As I lay on the bed, I wondered how things became so complicated for me.. My mission to Sweden was to kill Zuby. He took my girls and my money and ran away, but there was I in tears, on the bed, wishing that he returned safely back to me. I vowed to stop him from going anywhere again if he managed to return safely this time.

I was going to do all I could to trap him down. Perhaps I could get pregnant for him. I believed something like that was capable of keeping him in one place for long. That was what I would do because I was getting tired of running around too. I wanted to start a quiet life. I had seen it all.

I cried myself to sleep until the phone woke me up. It was from Zuby, he said he was in Berlin already. He promised to update me the following day. I was at least happy that he got to Berlin safely. It felt as if my life depended on him, or perhaps it did. I didn’t know how he did it, but I was attached to him. It was difficult to forget him after everything he has done to me.

The evil plan of hurting him never left my mind. I felt that it was only a matter of time before I find a way to get back to him. For the time being, I just had to play.

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