42: Living on the Edge

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Blessing and I drove from the airport back to our new apartment in Stockholm. It was obvious she was confused because she asked one silly question after another. I wished that Zuby was there to answer them, he seemed to know how to deal with them more than me. Before Blessing arrived, I had called William to get the keys to the new apartment as Zuby instructed. I was scared of returning to the old one for some unknown reasons.

Blessing told me everything that happened in Mallorca. She told me how they were nearly captured in the hotel if not for the timely intervention of the Spanish Police.

“Did you say the police rescued you from the thugs?” I asked.

“Yes, we were coming out of the hotel when we saw some people looking for us. Your boyfriend told me to hide one place while he checked out how many of them that was looking for us. When he returned, he said they were three of them and that we should go. I tried to ask him why we should go when those people were after us. He just told me to trust him. We were just standing in front of the hotel when two Police cars arrived. He asked me to enter a taxi and go immediately. I was in taxi watching him walked up to the police men. I don’t know if he called them or not but I eventually heard those three people were taken away,” Blessing told me.

“I am sure it was him who called the Police,” I smiled and said. It was his pattern, he knew how to disorganize people’s plans with his. Since he managed to outsmart all the men I and Philo sent to hunt him down in Italy, I started to be afraid of him.

As we waited for news from Zuby, We went to the old apartment and picked up some of the things we needed. I was scared of what was going on with Zuby. It was true that Blessing arrived in Sweden successfully but it was not her that I wanted, I wanted my man.

When he called, he said he was in Amsterdam. He explained that the guy who withdrew money for us in Berlin was in Amsterdam. When I asked how he knew that, he just told me that he will call back later, then he hung up.

There was nothing much to be doing in Sweden except eat and sleep. I was missing the activities I was used to back in Italy. I couldn’t even go out to have a drink in a bar because I feared that I might run into Aunty Joy or her thugs. I still didn’t know how they intended to punish me or Zuby up there in Sweden but I wasn’t interested in finding out. It was better that I stayed indoors.

For lack of what to do, I called the Reverend Father. Zuby gave me his number some days back. The Rev. Fr said he was chanced the following day and that I could come. My plan was to take Blessing to him for prayers, just like Zuby did for the other girls. I wanted him to be impressed with me when he returned. I wanted him to know that I was playing active roles in our operations. I knew I was important to the entire operations because I was the one who knew the Madams down in Italy. I was the one who has their contacts. But I still needed to be doing something in Sweden.

The following morning, I took Blessing to the Reverend. I told him that Blessing was a prostitute back in Spain but that she wanted to change from that. He prayed for Blessing and gave her some advice before we left.

“Why did you tell the Priest that I didn’t want to go to the street again?” Blessing asked as soon as we returned to the apartment.

She went on to tell me that Zuby had promised her that prostitution paid more in Sweden than in Spain. She admitted that it was even the reason why she agreed to come to Sweden in the first place.

“Look Blessing, I understand you very well. I have been in this situation before and I can tell you that it will not end very well. If you continue in this business of prostitution, you will end up like one of the Madams. But if you take asylum here, you can start work and live your life how you want. You can even start school here or if you are lucky, Zuby will send you to London,” I said.

I was trying to convince Blessing to forget about prostitution. I knew Zuby would like that when he returned. I went on to tell Blessing about Fatima at the Convent. I promised to take her there someday.

“But what about the oath I took in Nigeria?” She suddenly asked.

I expected the question, therefore I was ready with an answer. “I took an oath too before I came to Europe. Nothing will happen to you. Ignore all the rumour flying around about how Olokun killed one person or the other. Those were lies manufactured by the Madams to scare the girls. Zuby will tell you more when he comes back,” I said.

She seemed to have believed me but still she needed some more assurance that the deities will not harm her.

It was night when Zuby called and said he was back in Sweden. I sent him the address to the new apartment and told him that we have moved there. I was happy that he was back in Sweden. It gave me more sense of security.

When he arrived, Blessing opened the door and hugged him. I felt a little jealous watching her clinging to Zuby as if they were lovers. I was trying to separate Zuby and Rose earlier but with the arrival of Blessing, it seemed that my work just got bugger.

Since I have chosen a special room for us, I called him inside the room and gave him account of what I did while he was away. As expected, he was impressed by my actions but he said that I should have asked him before doing some of the things I did. He also gave me account of how he recovered the money Kingsley stole in Berlin. I was scared when he said he used a gun.

He said he had to employ the services of a white guy to track Kingsley down in Amsterdam. I wasn’t really paying attention to how he got the money, my attention was more on the bundle of money lying on the table.

“This is 9000 Euros,” He said as if he was reading my mind. He explained that he made some expenses from the 10,000 Aunty Joy sent to us.

I was surprised when he asked me how the money should be shared. After carefully considering his proposal, I told him that I want him to share the money however he wanted. Judging by what he went through to recover the money, I won’t be disappointed if he gave me only 2000 out of it. But it was better that he made that decision himself.

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