42: Business Of Day And Night

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“Good evening, what do i get for you?” Tricia asked the new group.

I saw one of them looking all over my body as if i wore the back of my dress.

“Bring one bottle of Hennessy” One of the boys said.

‘Hennessy, Hennessy Henne.., which one was that’ i thought as we walked back to the store.
I continuously sang with the name inside my head as i walked back. I didn’t want to forget the name.

The prize list was also on the store counter and as soon as we got there, i grabbed it an looked up the name.

There it was;
Hennessy – 19 Euros.
Yea that was it.

When they told me to bring just one bottle of whatever it was, i had wondered what kind of people would want just one bottle of drink. It was when i saw the prize of the drink that i knew it was expensive enough even for 10 people

I looked at the sealed cartons and saw the one written Hennessy on it. I tore it open and saw that the bottle was still inside another smaller carton.

Tricia watched as i tore the carton freely. I was the anointed one and i was doing things without fear of Madam shouting at me. The drink was very expensive and i was supposed to ask questions before opening them but somehow, i knew that Aunty Philo wasn’t going to beat me again for such small issues, she wasn’t even going to shout at me.

“Take it to their table” I ordered Tricia.
Lilian was standing up on the store counter, looking down the main hall. She had been that way ever since Madam walked in.

I picked up a plastic tray pan and arranged five neat newly washed glass cups inside it and took it to the table of the new group.

“Do you have energy drink?” one of them asked me.
Tricia was still standing with them after giving them the bottle of Hennessy.

‘Energy drink? What the hell is that one again’ i thought.

They had asked Tricia the same question and it seemed she was still trying to find out what it was before i came.

“Let me go and check” I said as i told Tricia to follow me back to the store.

On our way back to the store, we stopped over at Aunty’s table and asked Philo if we had Enemy drink.

“Which one is Enemy drink?” Aunty Philo had asked.
She had started laughing immediately after asking the question because she realised that i meant ‘Energy Drink’.
Anthony was laughing too.

“Look for the carton where Red Bull is written, that’s the energy drink. Its energy drink Baby, not Enemy drink” She said.
Tricia was struggling to hold herself from laughing out loud.

I knew what enemy was and so was Tricia. However, i forgot to sang with the name ‘energy’ like i did during the Hennessy test.

We walked back to the store and located Red Bull, opened it and took one to the group that demanded for it.
They said they needed four and when i returned to the store, i told Tricia to go and gave them more three.

Right there, i decided that before i go to any other table to get their orders, i would take along a piece of paper and a pen. Those materials would help me to write down those items so that I won’t forget them in the short distance of about 7 meters between the end of the hall and the store. I was sure the names will be stored in my head in time, where i would never forget them again but at that stage, i was still learning them. Afteral it wasn’t the Gulder or Harp or Star or Schnapp i knew very well back in Nigeria. They were different products with strange names in a different country with different people. Everything was just different and the moment i tried to stake a claim to one name, i forget the previous ones.

More people came. Aunty had told each group that the Restaurant would officially open the following Sunday which was five days away.

We served people drinks and more drinks. At stage, we started mixing up with customers. They were getting drunk and talking loosely. Some would touch our hands and smiled. Some would go the length of even touching our buttoms. Some of them commended us for how we served them but in reality, we knew what they wanted and why they all liked how we served them.

As young girls, we were being exposed to the ways of men in our beautiful World. Human beings were animals of habit and it would take a Miracle for any body to see you on the road and start commending you.
There were always the meeting point and the reasons.
In our cases, the meeting point was our young bodies, beautiful by nature with firm standing breasts. It would take a miracle for any Nigerian young man who entered our restaurant, not to have a crush on any one of us. The kinds of clothes were wore attracted them.

Lilian loved wearing short clothes that revealed her bodies and attracted men. She was always the first person to be noticed and she wasn’t the most beautiful among us. The men needed to feed their eyes with the flesh breasts that she exposed intentionally and occasionally.
It was obvious that we were going to be doing that sometime in the future but at that stage, we were still on transit to life in the City.

A quite number of men asked for our phone numbers. We lied almost all the time that we had no phones yet. I eventually gave mine to one person; Jacob, the new boy.
I had managed to like him for no special reasons, may be because he was so calm and naive. Could also be because he was the first person to buy beer in Phils Restaurant & Bar. Whatever the reason was, i had decided to see him more often than required. He was new just like i was and he could help me deal with the new system in time.

Phils Restaurant & Bar officially closed by 9pm the first day of operation. As soon as the last customers left, we took our bath and changed our clothes.

While Aunty Philo took the keys and headed home, We took our phones, our small bags and packs of condoms and headed for the streets. The business of the day had closed and it was time for the Business of the night. The target was money and every avenue possible were going to be exploited.

That was the major reason why we sailed across the Mediterranean Sea in the first place.

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