41: My Toyota Rav4

41. My Toyota Rav4.

“There is something i want to buy in Italy with this money” I said.

“What is it?” Basil asked again.

I told him that i wanted a Toyota Rav4.

“You can buy that here in Holland and ship it to Nigeria if you want. But i don’t think the money you have is even enough” He said.

“The money is enough for the one i saw in Italy” I argued.

He said that we could go to somewhere called Alkmaar to check for it, but that he wasn’t sure the money would be enough.

Although I agreed to follow him to Alkmaar to check and possibly buy the vehicle there but my mind was not at rest.
I felt that i would have been safer if i traveled with my money to Italy.
Basil seemed like a good guy but right from time, i knew that most Igbo guys would do anything to make money.
They were the most money making tribe in the whole of Nigeria. They were all over Europe, struggling to make money and send home by all means.
I loved their desire to become rich but the truth was that each moment i did money business with them, i had reservations that they may attempt to scam me out of my money.

I didn’t have sex with Basil that night, he tried but i refused. I gave him reasons that i was still recovering from the trip i made to Ivory Coast and that if he forced me to do that, i would not move any more drugs or money for him.
Since he chose money over sex, he obliged.

The next morning, we took the train to Alkmaar.

Right, there were hundreds of used cars placed for sale. Toyota Rav4 was also there.

While Basil showed me other vehicles that he thought were better than Rav4, i ignored them and walked round the Toyota Rav4.
The Price tag on the front windshield said 5000 Euros.

The entire money i had with me was 5400. There was no way i could process the shipment if i paid for the car.

Inside the office of the dealer, Basil told him that we were shipping the money down to Africa. He agreed to remove 800 Euros for us if that was true.

My Joy knew no bound as we paid for the car and asked the Dealer to send it to the shipping company.

Inside his office, i called my uncle in Lagos and told him that i wanted to send a car home.
He gave me names and addresses where i can send the car.

The Car dealer, after checking on his computer, told us that the shipment fee was 750 Euros to Apapa Wharf Lagos.

We agreed to pay when we come for the Bill Lading.

Back in Amsterdam, i didn’t see any more need to go to Italy.
My house rent was about to expire and when i called the house agent, he said i could send it through Western Union.

That afternoon, Basil followed me to the Post Bank where we sent money to the agent through Western Union Money Transfer.
I wasn’t interested in going back to Italy anymore.

Basil had succeeded in stopping me from going to Italy.
His argument was that i would use the money on unnecessary things if i go to Italy.
He said i could go when i made more money.
He was right. I needed to make more money before traveling to Italy.
I had some money In my apartment in Italy but i knew that the moment i got to Italy, i was going to show off to some girls that i was from Amsterdam.
I would buy drinks and foods for them and i didn’t know how much i could spend entertaining them simply because i went to Holland and Africa and Norway.

I was happy that Basil guided me through processing the Rav4. It was the first time i was buying anything important in Europe. It would have been difficult for me to buy the car.
I didn’t even know that the cars went cheaper if they would be shipped out of Europe.

As things stood, there was no need to go to Italy yet.
But at the back of my head, i knew that Basil had some motives for stopping me from traveling.
He must have had some kind of plans that made him stop me from going back to my base.

The picture began to become clearer when after two days, he called me to the sitting room and said that he would be moving drugs to Norway.

“Norway?” I asked.

“Yes, i am sending something to David. The way we do it here is that when someone pay for the drugs we sent to him, we will use the money to arrange more for him” He said.

It made a lot of sense. David would naturally need more drugs since he already sold the ones he had.

“How much drugs are you sending to him?” I asked as if it mattered so much.

“700 Grams” he said.

“How?” much am i getting out of it?” I asked.

“That’s not important for now” He said.

Igbo man.
How could my own money not be important?

“I want to know” I said.

The truth was that the biggest motivation was the money i would make out of each deal.
The drugs were not mine, i was just the bird. It was good that i knew how much money i would make on each trip.
Black men were full of tricks. Basil was one of them. He would start to renegotiate price if i didn’t get hold of things from the beginning.

“Europe is 2 Euros per gram. One kilo is 2000, so 700 is 1400 Euros” He said.

The money wasn’t much compared to the risk, but in drug business, we didn’t consider the risks.

“I will go when you are ready” I said.

That evening, Basil brought 500 Grams of pure drugs and 200 Grams of some white powdered substance that also looked like drugs.
He explained that the powdered substance was used to raise the quantity of the drugs.

“That’s where our profit comes from” He said as he explained about the substance.

Around 5pm, the same set of people who was preparing the drugs the very first day i came to Amsterdam, returned to our apartment.

They started work immediately but before then, Basil told me to walk to the Amsterdam Arena and look around.
He gave me some money to buy things for myself.

At the arena, i bought a pair of ladies shoes and trouser.

Igbo boys could be seen everywhere. Some staring at me as if i was strange.
One even summoned courage and approached me.

He said his name was Emeka and that he was from Anambra State.
He asked for my phone number but in a move to scare him off, i said, “Buy me that shoes if you want my phone number”.

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