40: The First Drug Money

40. First Drug Money

The Air Norway flight took off from the airport in Eindhoven and landed an hour later at the Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen.

The cold in Norway was far severe than the ones i had experienced in the entire Europe.
The immigration didn’t stop any of us.
I was the only black in the flight but i wasn’t stopped.
I followed the white people and walked out of the arrival hall unchecked.
I didn’t know why the security was not as it was in other airports but i didn’t care.
It could be because the flight originated from one developed rich country and landed to another.

I was sure that if i flew from Italy, i would have been stopped.

Outside the arrival hall, i picked up a taxi and directed it to the address they sent to me through text message.
My contact, Mr. David, was waiting for me near the Oslo Central where i was told to come.
Both of us took the train to his apartment where he lived alone.

“Basil didn’t tell me he was sending a very beautiful girl” He teased when we entered the house.

“I came here for money, not to listen to your sweet talks” I said.

“Cool down girl” He said.

I wanted him to know that i wasn’t there for play. I knew where he was driving at and i didn’t want to go through that.
He must have thought that i was just a girl who could be swayed with money.
I was sure he was going to start all the crap about how he would give me this and that.
I had heard such things numerous times in the past but i wanted to leave Norway as soon as possible.

My flight ticket was to return to the Netherlands the following day, but like Basil said, i was to pick up the money and go to a hotel; he gave me money for hotel.

I called Basil and told him that i was already with David.

He asked if i wanted to return the same day.

“Yes, but my ticket is for tomorrow” I said.

“You can forget the ticket and buy another one at the airport. Just go to the airport and ask where you can get a flight to Amsterdam or Eindhoven” He said.

When i finished speaking with Basil, i announced to David that i was ready to go.

He had changed the money to 500 Euro notes. It made the money looked very small to handle.
But like i was told, David tied the money in two balls and i swallowed them the same way i swallowed the drugs back in Ivory Coast.

While swallowing the money, i didn’t panic. I was sure that even if it busted in my stomach, i wasn’t going to die.

“Thanks Mr. David” I said as i stood up to go.

“He saw me off to the bus stop where i took the bus to the Oslo Central Station.
From there, i took a cab to the Oslo Gardermoen.

Inside the airport, i asked someone where i could get a flight to Holland.
I was directed to the Scandinavia Airways.

At their counter, i asked how much it would cost to get to Amsterdam.
I was told that the price was 210 Euros.

“That’s expensive, i paid 107 Euros to this place from Holland” I said.

I believed it was a mistake to tell them that i even came from Holland but i also felt that the price was too high. I wasn’t scared about being searched. I had no drugs with me. Besides, drugs were not moved from Norway to Holland, it was the other way round.

Many countries hardly cared if you were going to Amsterdam. They cared more when you wanted to enter their respective territories from Holland.
Holland was what it was, the center of drug business all over Europe.

I left the Scandinavia Airline counter and ventured down to the Air Norway.

“Hello” I said to the lady behind the counter.

“Hi, welcome to Air Norway” She said as she looked up from her computer.

“I have a ticket to Holland for tomorrow but i want to go today. I came from there this morning” I said.

“Can i have the ticket?” She asked.

I opened my purse and gave her the ticket.

She checked it and started doing some typing on her computer.

Two minutes later, she looked up at me and said i would have to pay 20 Euros Extra.

I opened the purse and gave her the money.
She printed another ticket and handed it to me.

“The flight leaves in two hours” She said.

I took the ticket, thanked her and walked to the restaurant inside the airport.

I ordered some kind of food i didn’t know. I just saw it on the menu list and pointed at it.
The Price was written in Euro and the local Norwegian currency.
I paid 11 Euros for the food and started eating.

I didn’t know what it tasted like but since other people were eating it, i believed that it wont harm me.

After the food, i ordered a bottle of soft drink and sipped it slowly until it was announced that the Air Norway going from the Airport to Eindhoven, Netherlands was about to start boarding passengers.

I slowly got up and walked to where we were told to come.

An hour later, we were on the air.

I landed at the Eindhoven Airport and took a cab to the Eindhoven trian Station.
From there, i took the train to the Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena where Basil was waiting for me.
He had called when i landed in Eindhoven and i told him that i would be in Amsterdam in an hour or so.

Holland was a small Country, one of the smallest i had seen in Europe.
The three major Cities, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotherdam were within an hour distance of each other.
Belgium and German that had borders with it were just minutes or even seconds away, depending on where one was.

It wasn’t difficult to remove the money from my stomach. The greasy crap i ate in Oslo Lufthavn made it easy for me to just force the money out.

After cleaning it, i counted it and handed it to Basil.

He counted 5,000 Euros and handed it to me.

I couldnt hold back my smile as i counted the money one by one.
I just made 5000 Euros. It was difficult to remember the things i did to make such money.
What mattered was that i had the money in cash now.
The money wasn’t even up to half of the money i stole from Ano back in Milan, but the 5000 had no pressure on it, it was mine. I worked for it.

“I am returning to Italy tomorrow” I suddenly said to Basil.

“Why?” He asked.

That’s a Silly Question Dude.

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