40: My Life Before Now

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Since Zuby said he was going to Lulea asylum camp the following day, I decided to follow him to the Western Union. I didn’t want to go out due to Aunt Joy’s presence in Sweden, I could run into her and I didn’t have the mind to hold my tears if that happened. As a result, I figured that I would be more secured and stable if Zuby was beside me out there.

At the Western Union, I sent the 5000 Euros I got from the Adesuwa deal and decided to hold on to the 1000 Euros Zuby gave me to keep for him. The way he was running from one country to another, I had a feeling that he was likely going to run into one trouble or another sooner than later and if for any reason, I had no money with me when that occurred, it could mean returning to the street to raise money to return to Italy or start something else, something I already made up my mind not to do again.

Like he warned me, I told my mother that someone else owns some parts of the money. She asked who it was and I told her it was just a friend. I didn’t want her to know who it was. She met and knew Zuby when we visited Ekpoma back in 2006. I wasn’t interested in answering questions about why I was still with him.

We returned to our hotel from Western Union and chatted about our lives. I was getting used to Zuby and loving him more every day. I also started habouring the dangerous idea of thinking that he would marry me soon enough. Irrespective of the illegal deal we were doing in Sweden, I wanted to stay with him and have his children. From the developments of the past few days, it was obvious that I wasn’t going back to Napoli or Castel Volturno. My game was over in the entire Southern Italy. The Madams and my friends were about to discover that I had pitched tent with Zuby to take away their girls. They were definitely going to alienate me or even kill me. My best shot to good life was to just marry Zuby and follow him wherever he wanted us to go. What we were doing was illegal and dangerous but having been in the business of prostitution for long, I knew that it was better than what many black people did in Europe.

The only problem I had was that Zuby was not thinking of stopping what we were doing. He was still going to Mallorca the next day to pick up another of Aunty Joy’s girls. He already told me a while ago and for some reasons, I decided to revisit the topic again.

“Are you sure that Aunty Joy has another girl down there? I do not trust this Angel of a girl, she could have lied to you about that,” I said out of nowhere.

“I know you are trying to stop me from going there. I expected you to do that but I am going. I need to teach Aunty Joy some lessons about being obedient,” he said.

He went on to tell me that Angel released the information to him and that he believed her. When I tried to persuade him to forget the girl, he said that he told Aunty Joy not to come to Sweden and since she disobeyed that order, he was going to punish her more by picking her last girl up in Mallorca.

All the effort I made to stop him from going to Mallorca fell on deaf ears. He already made up his mind and when something like that happens, no one can stop him. I decided to let him go, not that it was out of my choice. I was becoming more scared of losing him. I didn’t want him to go down to Italy, Spain or France again. Those southern European countries were too dangerous for him due to the things he did down there. I didn’t want to lose him. He happened to be the only thing in my life at that stage. He already crushed my small business empire and rebuilding it would take me years because I would have to return to the street to raise some money to enable me bring another young girl to Europe.

After discussing about how to handle things in his absence, he slept before me. As he lay on the bed deep in sleep, I wondered how I allowed things to get to where it was. My life was peaceful and quiet. I was on the path of becoming another young Italian Mama in Castel Volturno. Everything was already set up. There were two teenage girls who were about to start work for me. There was a good apartment where I lived. There were good friends in my circle and I was already planning on how to acquire a husband in the next one year. I believed it was my desire to make money and acquire my own husband like the rest of the Mamas that even confused and convinced me to hand my life over to Zuby without thinking twice. His arrival in my place in Castel Volturno looked like a miracle. He was someone I knew from Nigeria. I recently met him in Amsterdam and he had even followed me to my village in Nigeria. He was still young and single and full of energy. I also had a feeling that he had money of his own. All those factors turned my head to the extent that I gave him money to pick up girls in Libya without thinking twice. It was that single mistake that defined my current predicament. As he lay there on the bed, it crossed my mind to simply pick up a knife and stab him to death for destroying my life but I was even scared to habour that thought. His past actions suggested that he believed I could harm him. For instance he hardly ate my food unless I ate with him. He started that act back when we met in Lagos. He never gave me good reasons except that he wasn’t hungry. I figured out that he suspected I could poison him. He was right. The idea to poison him crossed my mind when I arrived in Sweden and started living with him. The of thing that stopped me was that I didn’t know what to poison him with. If I had laid my hands on poison, I would have found a way to put it in his drink. It was true he didn’t eat my foods, but I remembered he opened his whisky sometimes and drink without finishing it. He would keep the remaining one in the fridge and drink I later when he returned. That would have been the avenue to deal with him but before I knew what he was doing, he already got me involved with taking girls from their Madams and the moment I got involved, there was nothing else I could do but to stick with him. He had it all planned out. He was a master planner.

Before I slept that might, I shed some tears and prayed that he returned safely from Mallorca. My life was already attached to him and the best I could do was to help protect him as much as I could.

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