4: Welcome Jennifer

Princess, My daughter was growing fast in Ghana according to Efuah. Against her mother’s wish, I would buy toys and cloths and send to her in Ghana.
A suitor had come to marry my Efuah but she refused. It was causing problems between her and her mother. The suitor had returned from London and he had money. The pressure was getting too much.
Efuah had asked for my opinion, I told her that my movement was still uncertain since I had no traveling documents then. I also told her that even if I got documents in the next one month, it would still require many years to turn into a permanent permit or red passport which was the only way to be able to bring her and Princess to Europe.
I had told her to Marry the man if she believed they could live together.
She got married to the London guy in December 2005.
After the marriage, the man left for London to process their papers for them to be able to live in London too.

After my two months in Portugal without any news of my papers, I decided to start sexapades.

I had found out where the prostitutes stand in the evening for business. The place was called Rossio. It was near the port where slaves were sold during the slave trade era.

The first time I went there, I saw many Nigerian girls, some girls from Ghana and some girls from Angola and Mozambique.

Since the Angolans and Mozambiques didn’t understand English, I decided to start from there.

I had left Germany with my PostBank ATM card but since I didn’t want the Germans to know where I was, I had traveled to spain and withdrew the whole 1200 euros in the account.
I was the only asylum seeker in Brandenburg with the bank card and even bank account.
I had gone to the bank one day and told them that I wanted an account. They asked me to get permission from the HEIM authorities. After pleading and lying that My Camerounian roommate had been stealing my monthly allowances, they agreed to help me open the account. Every month, I would pay in 100 euros into the account.

When I withdrew the money in Spain, I went back to Portugal and decided to use the money on women alone.

The game began one evening. I went down to Rossio where the sexxx workers stood and called one of them.

She was Angola and didn’t understood a word in English. I followed her up to where she lived and since there was nothing to talk about, she removed her cloths as soon as we got in.

Her body was very smooth and Young. Her bosoms pointed out like the head of a rocket propelled grenade. I started squeezing them and it was such a pleasure.

The Normal prize for illegal sex workers was 20 euros but since I had flashed a 50 euro note, she was ready to do some extra work on me.

She bent down and started licking my Joystick, then she swallowed the tips and started sucking it like a baby. I massaged her back as she kept my Joystick rising and getting harder.
As soon as I felt that it was time to do what I came for, I raised her up and motioned her to lay on the bed.

I opened my wallet and brought out a pack of condom. She took one from me and slipped it professionally on my joystick, then she guided it slowly into the already wet cunnt.
She held my back tight as I pumped in and out of her. My huge manhood filled every corner of her tight pusssy. It took me less than 5 minutes to release. It was because I didn’t have sexxx for two weeks prior to that day.
I made a sign for her to raise my Joystick again. She opened her hand for more money. I added a 20 euro bill on top of the 50 and she smiled.

After the second round which took over fifteen minutes, we went down stairs together and back to the streets of Lisbon.
We got to where she worked and I motioned a Nigerian girl to come.
” How much is for one night” I asked.
” Bros na 100 euros you go give me” she said.

I priced 80 Euros and she agreed. She asked where I lived and I told her. She followed me to the house and that was how Jennifer (definitely a fake name) came into my flat and my life.


Jennifer, a beautiful Nigerian girl had just arrived from Africa.
She was from Ekpoma, Edo state. Her madam had brought her to work in portugal.
According to her, she didn’t know the kind of work it was until she arrived. Her madam had demanded that she balanced her 45,000 euros before she became free.How she was going to pay her was still a mystery to her but she was told to join the street body hawkers.

She had been able to raise 2000 euros so far and the huge balance of 43,000 awaits her.

After I heard her full story, I offered to sneak her into Spain but she refused. She was scared of death. She said she was taken to a shrine somewhere in the bush in Benin Nigeria to swore an oath. An oath that would hold her until she paid up the money. It was a complicated issue for me and despite my belief system, I didn’t want to get too involved in sketchy deals.

She had followed me back from Rossio, a busy commerce area in Lisbon. We got to my apartment where I shared with three other people at about 7pm on a Sunday evening.
I had introduced her to Francis, the only guy in the house who welcomed her warmly.
Then we proceeded to my room. She started removing her cloths as soon as we entered my room but I halted her.
She was a pretty little girl, probably 18 or 19. How her parents allowed her to leave for Europe baffled me.
I had asked her how she came to Portugal and she had told me about her madam and their gang which spanned the entire west African coasts.
She had been taken to Cotonou where she spent three months. Then they moved her to Accra where she spent some weeks before heading to Abidjan. It was in Abidjan that she had a hint of what she was going to do in Europe. The gang leader in Abidjan had consistently sent her to different men to sleep with. She never saw any money as the men would pay the gang leader. She only received tips from some of the men after sleeping with them.
She didn’t even know where she was since they spoke strange language ( French).
She was not allowed to venture out alone during her stay in Abidjan.
After another three months and a week, she was taken by road to Bamako.
It was in Bamako that they finally boarded a flight to Spain. Then they were smuggled down to Portugal at night. They were three of them but she didn’t know the whereabout of the other two.

” Why didn’t you run to the Police and report the case” I had asked her.

Her response was the same ” Scared of Some Juju in Benin Forest”

After her long story, I removed her jacket and hung it on my door. She thought it was time for action as she stood up to remove her trousers but I motioned her to leave it.
I had lost my appetite for sexxx and I wasn’t going to be a heartless beast after hearing such dangerous adventure of hers.

I used to think that my German experience was the worst dangerous adventure one could go through in Europe but after her story, I knew that I didn’t even suffer.

I took her to the bathroom and told her to bath. After that, she returned and sat on the only chair in the room.

I was compelled to do something about her situation but the point was that there were hundreds of them passing through the same situation and any thing I chose to do for her would cost a lot of money.
The first option was buying out her 43,000 euro clause but I wasn’t going to do that. That was a lot of money and I had no guarantee she would change after that.

The second option was sending her out of Portugal but she was afraid to run away.

The last option was to fvckk her and send her out in the streets where she belonged.
I decided to give it time first.
I took my bath and took her downstairs to a chinese restaurant. We ate some vegetables with fried rice and chicken laps. Then we drank Vino de tinto.

After the food, we took a taxi to Benfica Stadium and walked aimlessly inside the museum. She was constantly asking why I was being nice but I had no answers for he. I just liked her but I knew it was not going to last.
I was in Portugal for a purpose and the money I kept for leisure was running down. I knew that as soon as it got down to about 3000 euros, I would cut down on expenses.

We later took a taxi back to my apartment. The other two guys had returned when we came in. I introduced her to them as we played Poker in the sitting room. When she got tired, I asked her to go into my room and sleep.

At about 1:30pm, I retired into my room only to see her lying Unclad on my bed.

The spirit of sexxx resistance always become weak when it comes face to face with a Unclad woman.
That was how I felt when I saw her Unclad. She smiled as I loosened my belt..

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