4: Victim of my Intelligence

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Before we moved, i called William and told him that i have decided to keep the two room apartment where Rose lived.
We had taken our Television and DVD to the place and returned to pick the pots and other items. On our way back to pick the pots, we decided to eat in a Chinese restaurant near our apartment. Then we saw them; Aunty Joy, Bonaventure and one other guy i haven’t seen before. They were heading to our apartment. The food in my mouth turned into water as i tapped Maria on the shoulder and pointed at them. They have already walked past where we couldn’t see them; therefore Maria had to jump up and went to the entrance door. She saw them too. One thing was clear. Rose just discovered that we were packing out and she decided to sell out and pick the money.
Our personal bags were still in the apartment including some money; therefore i wasn’t going to abandon them. It was going to be a game of wits between me and the Italian contingent.

The first thing i did was to call Rose.
“Did they give you the €2000, they promised if you show them we i live?”
she kept quiet.
“I thought i could help you but it is a pity you don’t know what i am capable of doing. I need you to vacate that place before i come there again” i said.

I called Aunty Joy, “It is a pity that after everything we have gone through together, you still think you can use force to capture me. You travel around Europe with silly thugs with the intention of trapping me down. Let me ask you, what are you going to do to me if you catch me?” I said.
“Since i begged you to release those girls to me and you refused, i have no option than to start looking for them. I am not interested in you, i just need my girls back” she replied.

“Rose told you that i am moving. You gave her my picture and promised her €2000. I was the person who told her to call you and tell you where we live so that i will know where you are when i want to move. Do you think you are more clever than i am. I know where you are now. Did you see a black car that drove past you one minute ago, i was in it heading to Stockholm central. You can have my apartment because i have removed the things i needed” I lied.

Two minutes later, i saw three of them hurriedly walked past me and down to the train station. I followed them from a distance to make sure they entered the train, then i walked back to the apartment with Maria and picked our bags.

I called Joy again, “Rose sent Someone who saw three of you hurriedly walked back to the train station and entered the red train. She is monitoring you people for me. You think you can bribe my people” I said as we stepped out to the road and stopped a taxi. “Go straight to Uppsala with this cab, pay for a hotel and wait for me there. This cat and mouse game won’t end if the rat doesn’t enter the trap” I said to Maria.
She protested and asked that we go together but i refused. I told her that i wanted to see the end of those people.
“They have been tracking me all the way from Venice to Marlloca and now to Stockholm. If i don’t do anything about it, they will find us wherever we go next. Just do what i say, i will be fine” I said to Maria who was crying.

I called another cab as soon as they moved and told him to take me to Rose’s apartment. I had a feeling that the Italian contingent was heading there next since they already believed that Rose was a double agent. They were definitely going to torture the poor girl but i had no pity for her. She sold me out for €2000, despite everything i did for her. That was what the Biblical Judas did to Jesus Christ; i believed Jesus forgave him but as for me, i was going to use Rose to trap those bastards down.

We got near Rose’s apartment and i asked the cabman to wait for me. I tiptoed to the entrance door and heard Rose crying. I also heard some small noises coming from the room; that was it.
I tiptoed down to the cab while calling the Swedish emergency number. When the cops answered the call, i told them in English, that someone was trying to kill his wife. They asked for the number and i told them.

I waited in the Taxi for three minutes before i saw three Police vehicles drove fast and packed in our front. They jumped out together and walked ran up to the apartment. I didn’t want to follow them for the fear of being a victim of circumstances.

Another two minutes later, I saw three of them in handcuffs while Rose was covered with a blanket. They were blood all over her face. An ambulance had been called as i heard siren coming up the boulevard. The entire neighbourhood had come out to witness the drama. I came out of the cab and joined the Public. As Aunty Joy was being pushed into a waiting Police vehicle, she saw me. I thought she wanted to raise her head up and say something but the brutal Police officer knocked her on the back of her neck and she collapsed into the back seat of the vehicle. I smiled as i watched my handiwork unfolded.

Immediately they put Rose in an Ambulance and left, i called William.
“There is a problem” I said.
He asked what it was and i told him that the house has knocked. The police just broke into the house and arrested some people who went there to torture the girl that was staying there. William was very angry with me and i understood why. I told him to go to the Police immediately and tell them his brother whom he gave the apartment was no longer living there and that he has told the girl staying there to vacate it a week ago. He agreed that it was a life line and drove straight to the nearest police station.

Do you have anything to do with this?” That was the taxi driver asking me.
“No, how much is your fare?” I asked.
“I think you have something to do with this because you went to that apartment before the police came, i saw you” he said.
“Mr Man i asked how much your money is?” I said.

“You are under arrest for suspicious activities” He said as he brought out a police badge and flashed it before me. My taxi driver was a Police officer.

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  1. horlabiyi

    Nice Move Bro. But For The Police Taxi Driver LOL At His Action

  2. Dejust

    this game of Intelligence have it own contigensis if u over play,

    hope this police cabman wil not complicate u

  3. Mike

    I keep marveling @ this blog. The twist of fiction and non-fiction.
    One question Zuby: I like reading novels, what’s my writing potential? 🙂

    Just engaging!

  4. achi4u

    ha! Zubby was just been arrested by his own taxi driver.
    Europe is a one funny continent.

  5. kelvin.1191

    its easy to deny. Zubby just want to visit his girlfriend and discovered she was being beating and decided to alert the cop. Simple!

    • ugsams

      how about the conversation with William?

  6. zubis05

    Hmmm,let’s see how the boss will come out of this one..

  7. Quinine

    I luv dis update. I hope u settle it wit d cop right there, It wil b bad being taken to d same police station wit d italian contingents

  8. Kaybaba

    Oga zubby hope u not putting maggi inside dis u tales by moonlight to make it sweet how cum taxi driver turn police officer i tire o.anyway thumbs up

    • Zuby

      Undercover police can be anything in Europe, even a Pastor.

    • Mamba

      It’s a normal thing in Europe. 60% of taxi drivers are plain clothed policemen. The other 40% are police informants. The Txai profession gives the Police a platform to gather information.

      You enter a taxi and all in the name of making conversation, the driver knows basic things about you. Na their way be that.

  9. neotrinity

    This na serious matter, can’t wait to read how u go escape this kasala

  10. Corpspissed

    O boy! Am sure you can bail yourself out, as a good soldier. Drop him a solid line and stay on it! 😎

  11. kingsley

    Serious matter, I don die o, sang by one nigerian musician. Let’s c how e go b, polize????????v hmmmmm.

  12. eulag

    Oga zuby,2 updates per day dey too small ooo , and if you must stick to only 2 per day,then please make it longer.

    Mean-a-whiler, more grease to your elbow.

  13. Mekus

    @kaybaba your comment shows that you are not an international dude #tongue out# even here in Asia we do have them a lots … “No insults though”

  14. eulag

    Na story fit the cabcop , zuby has the right to report suspicious activities so the cabcop doesn’t have much charges against him except they interrogate further and if it turns out he has those peoples phone numbers and other sims, na there e enter .

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