4: The Return Of Fatimah

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Back in Castel Volturno Italy, i returned to the KFC where i worked.
The branch manager, a black American who has been on my tail for long, asked me to sit down and wait for him in his office.

As i sat alone and waited, i wondered if he has gone to draft my sack letter. The only thing that gave me hope was that he liked me.
He has once asked me out but i gave him a flimsy excuse about how my boyfriend would be angry.
But as things were, i was ready to go out with him as long as he would return my job for me.

“Miss Maria, where have you been?” The manager said when he returned.

“I was sick and needed to get away for a while sir, so i went to Holland to stay with my friend for a while” I lied.

“Why didn’t you tell me about it?” He continued.

“I didn’t want to bother you with my problems sir” I answered.

“Have you returned for work?” He asked.

I nodded.

“Very well. You can start tomorrow” he said and smiled.

“Thank you Sir” I said and stood up to go.

“Maria,” He said as he stood up and walked out from his chair. “Do you know that i like you so much? I want us to go out together, have dinner and go to movies” He said.

Paul was a young man of about 40. He was sent from the United states to head two branches of KFC in Castel Volturno.
According to him, he was married with two daughters but his family refused to relocate to Europe with him.
He lived alone in a two bedroom apartment in Napoli but also has a room inside the KFC facility where he sleeps each time he didn’t what to return to Napoli.

I bent my head down and looked on the floor as if i was shy over what he said.

“Just give me any date you want and we will go out.” he continued.

“I have time by weekend” I said.

It was a Wednesday and i figured that i would be prepared by Saturday for our outing. Not that i needed time to agree or even think over what he said, i just wanted to let him know that i wasn’t cheap.

When i returned to my apartment, Precious was cooking. She noticed that i was excited about something and when she asked why, i told her that the manager of KFC asked me out.
Precious was happy for me, she felt that if i was not happy in the apartment. It would affect our relationship. She was right because whenever i wasn’t feeling fine, i would lock myself inside my room and refuse to speak to her. Sometimes, she would finish cooking and knock on my door to come out and eat but i wont say a word to her. I would be deep in thought over how i fell from Grace to Grass simply because i decided to invest money in bringing teenage girls from Africa to come and work for me in Italy as prostitutes.
Time has helped immensely in healing my worries and it was time to move on again. If it was going to be possible, i would build a career at the KFC and work there for many years. The job wasn’t a bad one; it paid me 200 Euros every week. At 800  a month, i would be able to pay for my house rent, buy enough food items to sustain me and save up to 200 Euros if I wanted. The only problem was that i had seen money, a lot of it.
I had spent money and enjoyed money. I had traveled to many places because i had money but as long as i was to continue with KFC, i wont be able to achieve all those things i did in the past.
All thanks to the bastard Zuby, i wouldn’t have been in that sorry situation if not that he appeared in my life in Italy.

Lilian traveled to Sweden long time ago. I didn’t know how it happened but i asked Aunty Philo about her one night and she said Lilian traveled to Sweden.

Lilian was owned by Madam Tessy, a very close friend of Aunty Philo. She used to visit us in Castel Volturno when i lived with Aunty Philo. I never really knew where Madam Tessy lived; Lilian said she lived in France but i wasn’t sure. I also wasn’t eager to know; i never liked the woman.

Lilian used to call me when she newly traveled to Sweden but along the line, we misplaced our contacts.

Some days after resuming work at KFC, i stumbled on Lilian’s old phone number and dialed it, it didn’t connect. She must have changed the phone number.
I wanted to know how things were happening with her in Sweden, if i had gotten her on the phone, i would have asked her if i could come to Sweden. I was practically looking for a way to get away from Castel Volturno. The city was choking me. The Amsterdam gang could be released by the Dutch Police any time and when that happen, they would definitely start looking for me. The first place they would search was Castel Volturno. Basil knew where i lived, we met each other at a party in that area of Italy.
Although i was working at the KFC but i still wanted to run away. Sometimes, i had bad imaginations of where i was being chased by one person or the other. Sometimes the imaginations transform into dreams. I would wake up sometimes and feel sweat all over my body. I was slowly going mad but i couldnt tell anybody. Precious was my only supporter; she knew what i was going through but unfortunately, she didn’t have any help to offer.

One afternoon, Fatimah returned to Castel Volturno. She looked very thin and sick. She said she was released from camp two days before but didn’t know where to go or what to start. For that reason, she had decided to return to me.
I on my side has lost appetite for street prostitution. I didn’t know what to do with Fatimah. When precious returned, i begged her to accommodate Fatimah in her own room. I needed privacy each time i was at home; it took me hours each day to think about how i crumbled like a pack of card.

A knock came on my door five days after Fatimah returned; it was Precious.
She said she wanted to discuss something with me.
When i allowed her inside my room, she sat on my bed and started. “Why don’t you send Fatimah to France or Spain? She could work there and send you money.”

“I don’t know people in those places” I said.

Before Precious left, she promised to contact her friends in France to see if one of them would take Fatimah.

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