4: The Lamentations

At Ravenna, i located a restaurant and entered.
It wasn’t an African restaurant but i was hungry.

As i ate rice, i began to wonder what the Venice squad would be doing.
I had luckily escaped from them but i was still scared because Aunty Vivian knew that i was in the South of Italy.

In the South, the two places with the highest number of Nigerian Prostitutes were Napoli and Castel Volturno. It meant that it wouldn’t be difficult for Ano to locate me. All he needed to do was to come down to Napoli and start asking questions. He would be likely directed to Castel Volturno where it won’t take him much effort to locate Domitiana Highway and Uncle’s restaurant.

The food i was eating tasted like water in mouth. I was going to be found finally and the worst was that i didn’t have his money anymore. I didn’t know what i was going to tell him about the money i took from his apartment when he was arrested by the Italian authorities.
I had already given the money to my Madam and i believed that nothing in the world would make her return the money to me.

After eating at the restaurant, i decided to take the night bus down to Napoli.
I was sure that if they managed to track me down to Ravenna, they would be probably looking for me in the central Train station.

“Excuse me, do you speak English?” I had turned and asked the man next to me inside the restaurant.

He nodded.

“I want to take the bus down to Napoli, were can i get the bus?” I asked.

He said that the bus station was also located at the train station.
It was obvious that the station was the only way out of the city for me. There was nothing else to do rather than to go to the station with hope that the Venice Squad won’t be waiting for me there.

I left the restaurant and took a taxi to Ravenna Central Station.
It was already very late in the evening but the buses were already loading up.

I approached the conductor and asked for ticket to Napoli. He directed me to the ticketing office where i purchased a one-way ticket to Napoli.

Fortunately for me, the Venice contingent were nowhere to be found. I had looked around thoroughly to make sure that nothing resembling them was in sight.

At a few minutes past 11pm, we left Ravenna and headed south towards the Mediterranean Sea.

Back in Domitiana highway in Castel Volturno, i had managed to buy a new mobile phone which was a wonderful piece of technology. This new Nokia cell phone happened to have some breathtaking features such as Camera, Radio, MP3 music player and video recording.
Before buying it, i never believed that such thing existed.
I had seen some Italians using earphones with their mobile phones but i had believed that they were using it to make calls, not knowing that the gadgets had numerous songs in them.

As we drove slowly heading south of Italy, i switched on my phone and started playing a song.
The man who sold the phone to me had also download some musics and added them to my phone memory.

Celine Dion blasted through the earpiece as we slowly joined the highway.

‘I’ll be waiting for you, here inside my heart, am the one who wants to love you more, you will see i will give you, everything you need, let me be the one to love you more’.

The Celine Dion song quickly reminded me about the only real love i had known all my life in Italy; Ano.
The same man i had taken his money and ran away to Castel Volturno.
The same man i was currently running away from.
The same man who had loved me and gave me everything he had, yet i didn’t stand by him during the time of trouble.

The World was such a complex place. Things would have been better if we all knew what would happen the next day.
I wouldn’t have stolen his money if i knew that he would be released as early as it happened.
I had thought that he was going to be in there for a very long time but it didn’t happen that way.

I betrayed him and i knew it. Despite buying out my freedom with his money, there was still no good justification for my actions.
But then, what had happened had happened and no matter how much i grieved about it, things were never going back to normal.
Even if i managed to somehow find another money and pay him, he was never going to trust me again or love me again or even take me back again.

Therefore the best option was to continue running as much as i could until one day, just that fateful day when i would stumble on him at a place where they won’t be a way for me to run. Then i would stop running and face whatever consequences that would come out of the combination of things i did against him.

The only consolation in all the things that happened was just one thing; my freedom. It was worth more than every penny in the World because my mentality and my body were being damaged by Italian drunks whose manhood were never circumcised, The impure breeds who would insult me while on top of me. The bastard who would spit while walking past me and the other black prostitutes in the Italian streets.

It was 6:30am when we arrived at the Napoli Bus Station.
I immediately walked down from the bus and took a cab straight to Castel Volturno.

Ironically, i wasted all the money i received at the Foreign office on transportation but then the purpose of going up to Venice in the first place wasn’t because of the money, it was just to mark my name and remind the authorities that i was still in Italian territory but whether that was a good reason or not, i had decided that i wasn’t going to Venice for the money again. I made that decision inside the Gondola on my way to Ravenna. It wasn’t worth it; the risks, the time and the cost. It all amounted to Zero at the end of the day.

I was going to forfeit the next month payment and the one after that and on and on.
I had heard that some people did that in the past and i was determined to become one of them.

When Melissa opened the door, she hugged me firmly before she said,
“Two men came to look for you here yesterday night”.

Gawd! Not again.

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