4: No Time To Think

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Chapter 4.

When a woman was desperate to get something, it usually happened that way.
That was what happened when Queen came where i was and held my cloth.

“Lets go and take our bath together” She said.

Since i already saw the determination and desire in her eyes, i knew that every excuse i would give her won’t be considered.
It was late and she knew i wasn’t doing anything except sipping from the JD bottle in front of me.

“Alright, but bear in mind that nothing is going to happen between us in there” I joked.

She laughed and said, “We will see about that”.

Despite my desire to start drifting away from her, i knew how much i wanted her close to my body. If i had met queen when i was ready to settle for just one woman, there wouldn’t have been any debate over who would be my woman. Although she was a teenager and i knew she would change with time but i knew so much about the development of women. I knew what she could possibly become in the long run.
Women who were destined to be wicked usually started showing the signs from their teenage years. But Queen never showed any of that. She had shown some flashes of nagging which was natural with most women but i never had a problem with nagging. I had a natural cure for such things.

I stood up and followed as Queen led the way to the bathroom while tugging me on the front of my shirt. There was a beautiful smile on her face which gave all indications about her intentions in the bathroom. She was going to go for my private parts and there was nothing i would do about it. My last defence was not to agree to take the bath with her but the moment that one failed, it became obvious that she was going to get her way.

But what were we talking about?
It was sex and kisses and romantic moves, all from the most beautiful thing i had ever come in contact with.
Sometimes, it was just better to close our minds and become foolish. Of course there would be consequences from some of our actions but we were all created to face challenges. Those were the things that defined humanity.

“She started removing my own clothes as soon as we got into the bathroom.

“You are being too caring this evening, tell me what the secret is” I asked.

“Nothing, i am just happy being around you. I never knew that people like you existed in Nigeria. It started like a joke in Paris and here we are in Lagos, in the same room. So i am just showing appreciation for what you are doing for me” She said.

“Shut up Queen and continue what you are doing” I responded.
My intention was to cause a little confusion in her mind. I did that occasionally. I wanted her to start scratching her head, thinking she did something inappropriate.

But she responded, “Fine, i will shut up and continue” She laughed.

In just two minutes, every artificial thing on my body was lying on the ground. She was smiling while touching my manhood.

“This is not what we agreed on” I joked.

“She interrupted me. “We didn’t agree on anything baby”.
The water didn’t need to be mixed. The temperature was naturally hot. All we needed was to just use cold water to balance things up.

She was naked now. Slim long legs that had no dents. Long black hair carefully packed into a shower cap, and of course two firm pointed breasts that were capable of making a Catholic Bishop misbehave.
All facing me and yearning to be touched.
Like some of the Kings of the past, i decided to disobey and break my own rules.

My mouth was the first to make a move on the boobs. I held her waist and pulled her closer to me.
The hotel only had an overhead shower rail and no bathtub. It was better for us because there was no fear of slipping on that slimy smooth enamel that characterized bathtubs all over the World.

Her two hands were on my neck as i sucked on her boobs one after the other. My manhood occasionally brushed on the V-Junction between her legs and the soft pubic hairs also reminded me that something better was on its way.
I did a hard job trying to concentrate more in what i was doing. I knew there were stressful days ahead and the moment i switched my mind to them, i wouldn’t be able to enjoy what i was doing.
Queen was taller than i was but it didn’t stop me from perfectly placing my mouth on her oranges.
We continued playing that game until she suddenly bent down and grabbed my manhood which was already standing and ready for the other one.
She splashed some saliva on it and started putting her warm mouth slowly. I held her on the head and kept my eyes on the ceiling as she started a blow job that nearly blew my mind away.

There was one thing i learnt from sex since i was a teenager. It was that sex was enjoyed when doing it with someone beautiful. It was a thing of the mind. The beauty and the excitement usually combined to give an extra ordinary pleasure that everyone would wish to have atleast once in a lifetime.
That was the cloud Queen sent me in that Lagos hotel room.

She continued the blow job until we were both convinced that it was time to do it, then i led her back to the room and made her lay on the bed.

I opened my wallet and picked out a condom.

“What are you going to do with that? I am never going to sleep with anyone else while i am with you. You dont need a condom to sleep with me” She said.

Such a bad moment to discuss something of that nature.
She was a Queen quite alright and i wasn’t afraid of even contacting a disease by sleeping with her without protection.
I was more scared of getting her pregnant. The playing field would change and become smaller for me if she got pregnant.
But one part of my mind immediately reminded me that she was due to return to the UK before any sign of pregnancy would start.

But what if things changed and she didn’t return to the UK?
Everything was possible in Nigeria. Things could become messy and Queen could get stuck with me longer than we wanted.

But unfortunately for me, there was not enough time to think or argue.

I threw the condom away.

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