4: Katherine of Malmo

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“I opened map and saw Africa, it is a big place in Maroc” she said as soon as i opened the door.
“Would you like to come inside Kathy” i asked her with a smile.
We were no longer in the open restuarant, we were now inside a hotel where no Police will find us. It was true that i haven’t find out whether 17 was considered underage in Sweden or not but i was in my hotel room. Those European kids were known to start having boyfriends and sex at the age of even 14 or less.

“Yes, Thanks Somo” She said as she walked past me while i closed my door.
“Africa is not in Maroc rather it is the other way round. There are over fifty different sovereign nations in Africa including Maroc. My name is Solo or Solomon, not Somo” i said as i sat down beside her on the bed.

“Look at it here, my friend pointed it out to me on the map. She said only the black people live there and that there is never a winter over there. It must be a very good place to live, why did you come to this cold place” she said.
It seemed Kathy loved talking a lot. She was half drunk and excited coupled with the fact that she had just met a rich blackman from a very far continent down south.
“How may people are in your room?” i asked her. I was more interested in how they separated themselves into the rooms they rented, I wasn’t in Sweden to study Map.

She said they were two while the other three girls shared one room as well. They had come from the University in Malmo, A city south of Stockholm and close to Copenhagen Denmark. They had come for excursion or something in Stockholm and was going to stay for a week in the hotel.

I kept staring on the map as she pointed at Morocco over and over again as if it was the only popular country in Africa.
“Here is Nigeria my Country” i said as i pointed to where Nigeria was written on the map. I told her that it was one of the most populous countries in the whole World and very rich in mineral resources too. I also told her that government occasionaly gave the citizens some money to travel outside to other countries and that it was such programme that brought me to Sweden.

Kathy and I were too close for comfort. Our bodies were touching as we studied the map like school kids who had been given an assignment by a no nonsense teacher.
All of a sudden, i decided to change the topic.
“Did you tell your friend you were coming to my room?” I asked.
“Yes, i told her i was coming here but it is ok. She won’t be looking for me” Kathy said.
“Do you mean that she won’t interrupt us if we start to kiss because i like your lips” i said.
She smiled and nodded. That was all the invitation i needed to grab her and placed a kiss on her lips. She slowly fell down with her back on the bed as my left hand caressed her soft laps while pushing her night gown up to her waist. She was responding fully, therefore i didn’t have to worry if i was in trouble or not. I didn’t care about her age anymore since her brothers all over Europe also slept with my Country girls who were even younger than she was.

Midway through the kisses, i asked if she had had sex before. She said she started having sex when She was 15. I didn’t ask more question after that as we caressed and kissed until it was clear to both of us that it was time to upgrade.
I started pulling down her underpants while hoping that she would resist but she didn’t; I translated that into a green light as i threw the pants on the floor and massaged the top of her vagina with my left hand. Then i slowly slipped a finger into the wet cunt while she moaned and grabbed my dick with one hand. She squeezed my manhood hard and harder as i dipped in my finger in and out several times before adding the second finger. I didn’t care if i had condoms with me or not as i slowly mounted Kathy after pulling my boxers down.
Her slippery wet vagina swallowed my manhood in one attempt as i rode in and out of her in an increased tempo. She was moaning out loud that i feared someone outside on the passageway could hear her voice. As a result, i decided to close her mouth with a kiss. I succeeded in mulling the moans to a considerable low sound while at the same time, i kept thrusting in and out of her until it was about the time for the hot sperms to come out, then i pulled out and poured it in my palms. She smiled at me as the sperms landed in my palms.
I excused myself and walked into the bathroom to clear up. I washed off the warm liquids in my hand and cleaned my manhood with tissue papers, then i walked back to the room and lay alongside Kathy.
“Did you enjoy it?” she asked me.
“Yep, you are such a sweet girl Kathy” I said as my manhood started rising and getting hard again.
All of a sudden, she stood up and mounted me with her legs spread alongside me each. She slowly guided my manhood into her wet cunt and started pumping with an unexpected energy. I lay still as she pumped while i held her two breasts and squeezed them gently to conform with her up and down moves.
For several minutes, she fucked me hard and slow while i lost myself to the outside World. The walls of her cunt eventually got dried up and wet again and again as she rode me until she got tired. Since i was lying on my back, it was difficult for for my sperms to come out on time coupled with the fact that i had released not long ago.
She got tired and i slowly turned her around and slipped my manhood inside her through the back while she held on to the edge of the large bed. I pumped in and out of her several times until i felt the sperm surging out of me. Before i could decide when to pull out my manhood, the hot creamy sperm busted out into Kathy as i waited for every drop of it to get inside her before i pulled out my manhood from her. I was aware that most of the girls her age in Europe had taken injections to avoid getting pregnant. I felt that she wasn’t going to get pregnant because of that one action but even if she did get pregnant for me; fine. She would give birth to a child. Other Soldiers like me were known to have kids wherever they went. Go to Liberia and ask what the Peace keeping Nigerian Soldiers did there during Ecomog.

She turned around and lay with her back on the bed while i stayed on top of her kissing her lips slowly and passionately. As i was about to start whispering sweet words into her ears, a knock came on the door.
My heart skipped a bit because i thought it was the Police but when i heard a voice outside said “Katherine Open the door, its me”, i knew that it was one of the girls.
“You can open the door, it is my friend” Kathy said.

“The difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love causes it”

– Written by Zuby

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  1. kingslow7

    Nna men see enjoyment, oga zubby next time try invite me, no shop alone if u shop alone u die alone! Dis update sweet wel wel!

  2. kingslow7

    Nna men see enjoyment, oga zubby next time try invite me, no shop alone if u shop alone u die alone! Dis post sweet wel wel!

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    All dese white girls self,at 15???..little wonder blacks are trying to copy their so called civilization

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