4: My Younger brother

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Okey returned some minutes past 6 pm. It was raining in Lagos. The gutters outside the estate had been filled with dirty water and some dangerous items that came with the flood. It was dangerous to go out.

Elizabeth had gone home to cook and get ready for the club.
It was dangerous letting her go after she knew that someone from abroad was living in our flat. I had thought about the things she could do to endanger my stay in the estate. She could gang up some thieves and invade my flat.
As a precaution, I decided to play the criminal mind game.
Before she left, I had tacticaly accused her of not having the intentions to return at all. She denied it and said she would return as she had promised. I asked her to leave her phone behind if she was sure of coming back. She had agreed. I had also told her that I would help her get admission into Unilag and pay the fees. I promised to take her to the East with me and show her to my parents as my prospective wife.
After all those fake promises, she believed she had found Mr Right. I on the other hand believed that I had done enough to secure my self and my bags for the time being. There was no way a girl who had received such promises could harm a man who had given her so much hope.

I knew what I did was wrong but I also knew that it would be more wrong if I had done nothing to take her mind away from criminal activities. The only other option was trusting her but I never trusted people I just met the same day.

She returned to the house around 7pm on a skimpy skirt that showed the upper parts of her thighs. She was ready for the clubbing. Okey had also called her girlfriend for the club. She had arrived with Okada when the rain stopped.

After more drinks in the house, I asked Okey’s elder brother to stay in the house while we went to Festac to club. He wanted to go with us but the equation of things had naturally eliminated him. He agreed but on the conditions that I would settle him later.

When we got downstairs, I excused myself and went back to the flat. I brought out all the Euros in my bag and stuffed them under the fridge in the kitchen.
I took a bottle of perfume down with me and told them I had gone to spray perfume. They all jumped to the bottle and sprayed themselves.

I had returned to Nigeria with €10,000. And some small uncounted Euros too. Apart from the €20 I had given out at the airport and the two bottles of Jack Daniels I had purchased at the duty-free shop in Amsterdam Schiphol airport, I had not done any other expenses.

We drove to Festac and entered a club which I had forgotten its name. Okey was the driver since he knew the Lagos roads more than any of us. Elizabeth and I were seated at the back. She was enjoying the new found love and luck.

My younger brother called. He had heard that I returned but was not happy that I didn’t call him yet. I apologized and told him I was coming down to the East in Three days time.
I knew I was going down to the east the following day but I didn’t want anybody to know. I would tell Okey as soon as we were alone. I wanted Elizabeth to believe that I would spend another two days with her. I was sure I would find a good excuse to give her when I got to the east or in the alternative, I could just change my simcard and that would effectively end everything.

The club was lively. The Nigerian hip hop stars were beginning to make waves. P Square’s songs were being played.

” This na temptation, with a little confusion” boomed from the mega speakers as we drank more whiskey. People were dancing. Elizabeth wanted me to dance with her. I wasn’t the dancing type, therefore I declined and concentrated on the vibrating bosoms and backsides of some robust Lagos girls. It was fun. Nigeria was fun if only you knew where to catch it.

We later went outside the club and bought roasted Tilapia fishes. It was properly spiced up with fresh tomatoes, pepper and onions. I was hungry, therefore I ate like I had never left the shores of Nigeria.

There were chalets for rent in the club house. I rented one for N1000 an hour and took Elizabeth inside. I was feeling hot from the Cameroun pepper I had eaten with the fish. My whole body had risen up and needed some smooth massage and sexx to soften up.
We fvcked twice before our time was up. Elizabeth was a sweet little thing or maybe the alcohol in my system made things sweet but I enjoyed her.

We returned to Jakande estate before 2am and slept.

In the morning, Elizabeth was not making any effort to go home. I told her to get up and ready to go. I lied that I was going to Idumota with Okey.

When she left, I told Okey that I was going to the East. I took my bath, settled Okey’s brother with N5000 and packed my bags in the boot of the mercedes 190.
Okey drove me to Maza Maza where I boarded a ‘Young Shall Grow” luxury bus and left Lagos for Onitsha.

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