39: Mrs. Zuby In The Making

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I instantly jumped up from the bed and opened the door for him.

With smiles all over his face as if he had won a battle, he walked into the room and started the verbal attack.

“Why do you behave like kids sometimes?” He asked.

“What kids, how could you do that?” I attacked too.

I didn’t want to be on the defensive side, Zuby was fond of attacking first and as long as i was on the defending side, he would definitely win.

“I came here knowing that i would spend my time with you. So i decided to give the girls some minutes first. I needed to make them know that i have not abandoned them, they deserve that sense of belonging” He said.

His defense made me look foolish but i wasn’t going to admit it.

“You could have told me that you were there” I said.

“No, Maria. If i had done that, you would have either come there to stay with us or stay here and cry like you are doing now. What do you think i went there to do?” He asked.

“Nothing, let me be” I said.

I watched as he brought out money and put it on the table.
“This is the money from Adesuwa. I have decided to share it. Your share is 5000 Euros. I will take the same amount too. The rest would be kept for house rents and taking care of Precious when she comes out from the camp” He said.

“That’s Ok Baby, i have no objection whatsoever” I said.

I was actually surprised the way he shared the money. I was beginning to lose hope over the money. My mind has been wondering all over the place. I had asked myself what i would do if Zuby woke up one day, picked up the money and disappeared. Nothing was impossible when it comes to money in the hands of an Igbo man. I was just living with hope. At a time, i even blamed myself for not going to pick up the money when he told me it was with his cousin William.

“How do you send money to your account number in Nigeria?” He interrupted my thoughts.

“Uhm I simply send the money to my mother or my uncle who in turn, pay it into my account in Diamond Bank. I would then call my account officer for confirmation” I said enthusiastically.

“That’s not secure enough. There are people who send money home all over Europe. I don’t know them here in Sweden but i will ask. You just give them money here and they pay into your account in Nigeria. The good news is that they have offices where you can always return if they delay your payment” He said.

I nodded as he lectured me on how to send money to Africa. Of course i knew about that method of sending money home. I used that method back in Italy as well but sometimes, i still sent money to my mother through Western Union.

“Add this 1000 Euros to your money. Keep it for me in your account. Make sure nobody run away with the money. It would be bad for me to go looking for my money in Edo State. I could burn down a house because of such thing” He said.

I frowned my face. “Does it mean that you don’t trust my mother with your money? Are you saying that my mother can run away with your money?” I fired.

“I don’t trust my own mother with money, so this is not about your mother or trust. This is about precautions. Monkeys were never meant to safeguard Bananas the same way it is risky to keep cats and rats together” he said.

“Get ready, we are going out to the western Union to send the money” He said.

“Lets do that tomorrow, i don’t want to go out now that Aunty Joy is still in Sweden. She could have followed you without your knowledge” i said.

“I came here with a taxi all the way from Stockholm. I know where i lost her, so you don’t have to worry. Tomorrow, i will be going to Lulea to send Angel to the asylum camp where Peace and Sharon stays. From there, i will fly to Spain” He said.

“What are you going to do in Spain?” I asked with a stern face.

“Aunty Joy has another girl named Blessing who lives and works in Palma De Mallorca Island. According to Angel, the girl is about 18 years old. I am going there to pick her up. I promised Aunty Joy that each mistake she makes increases her money. I intend to keep that promise” He said.

I knew he thought about this move very well before telling me but i didn’t want him to go. He could run into trouble one day and it might be his last day on Earth. He was able to stay alive this far because guns were prohibited in Europe. If guns were as common in the streets as it was in United States Of America, someone would have put bullets in his chest. I remembered when Aunty Philo asked her thugs to kill him when he ran away with Ngozi. I was sure Aunty Joy must have given such directives as well. From the stories he told me, he had brushes with death in Portugal and Paris as well. Maybe he was a lucky person when it comes to survival but nobody ever knows how long luck can carry him or her.

“Baby why don’t you just forget about this Blessing in Spain? Lets concentrate on the three girls we have already. I don’t like piling up this girls, it creates much more pressure on us” I said like a good girlfriend that i was.

“I understand your worries Maria. But i will be fine. The Mallorca operation won’t take more than two or three days, i will be here before you know it. I have told my cousin to get us another apartment, the moment i return here, we will be moving to the new apartment” He said.

I had no more objection than to obey. I went into the bathroom and took my bath. When i returned to the room, i said, “Close your eyes while i wear my clothes”.

He laughed and said, “Let me come and rub you that cream you talked about yesterday”

The smile on my face encouraged him to get up from where he sat and walked to me. First he pulled off the towel around me and started squeezing my buttocks. Then his hand found my left breast and he stated squeezing it gently. Before i could turn fully around, his mouth found mine as we stood face to face with each other.
Slowly, my hands started pulling down his trouser and boxers together from his waist. It didn’t take us much time before we were both naked without a trace of cloth on our bodies.
He carried me slowly to the bed where he started sucking on my breast. I moaned slowly as his tongue traced down towards my belly button where he always ended. I wished that one day, he would move his tongue down to my cunt but that was something i never believed he would do. But no one could predict him.

He didn’t go for condoms this time, he went inside me without it..

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