39: A Job Well Done

One after the other, the drugs came out of my Anus.
In front of me was a plastic bowl where i put the ones i already brought out.
I counted them one after the other until it got to 50.

First of all, i removed the ones i injected through the vagina. Those ones were very easy to come out.

As the removal of the cocaine balls progressed, i constantly drank cold Milk and water.
The liquids softened my stomach as expected but the bad news was that i could feel the milk dripping out of my anus too.

Making money wasn’t easy and i found out while sitting on the toilet Water Closet.
Occasionally, i would venture into the sitting room and walked around like a heavily pregnant woman.

Basil would encourage me and remind me of how strong i was. I would smile at him and continue what i was doing.

Each ball of cocaine out of my body felt like a victory of some kind.
I would occasionally recount the ones i had brought out and check if i made some counting mistakes.

The night has fallen deep but i didn’t care about the time. It was going to be impossible to sleep with those things inside my stomach.
Basil did well by not sleeping too.
At a stage, he made swallowing food and asked me to eat them. His logic was that it would help push the hard drugs down to my anus.
His logic seemed right but the more i ate, the more i became heavier.

By 6am, i counted 96. Pieces of balls. It meant that some four balls were still in my stomach.
I was already feeling better compared to the night before but i was still scared that some balls were still inside my stomach.

I didn’t sleep the entire night, there was no need to do that.
Each moment i attempted to close my eyes, my stomach would make some noises to remind me that everything wasn’t fine.

The cold milk was even the worse, it made my stomach so lose that sometimes, i would run to the toilet and the only thing that would come out was milk.
But there was hope to buy a Toyota Rav4. The vehicle that would make me a classic girl whenever i traveled to Nigeria.

By 2pm, it remained one ball of cocaine inside my body.
During the morning of that day, two people came to the apartment and paid for the entire drugs.
I was in the kitchen when they cooked a sample with Ammonia to ascertain how strong the drug was.
They paid for the whole stuff and said they would come to pick up the ones that i still had inside my body.
When they left, i felt happy that there was money in the house.
I was going to be paid from that money, therefore there would be no excuse from Basil on why he shouldn’t give me my money immediately.
I only waited for the rest of the stuff to come out before i demand for my money.

I knew he was an Igbo man and would want to do some other business with my money but i didn’t bother. If he attempted that, i would pretend not to be angry.
I would wait until another business comes up, then i would divert the drugs and make him pay for his sins.

The final cocaine ball fell off my Anus some minutes before 3 in the afternoon.

I felt so good that i didn’t know when i slept off on the chair.
It was a job well done despite the fact that it was a very dangerous Job.

Before i slept off, my mind drifted to the events that defined my travel to Ivory Coast.
I didn’t know the whereabouts of Ken.
The Phone number he gave me was still switched off.
I had attempted to call him more than five times but the number was switched off.
It was even foolish trying to call him.
I was right there when he was being led away in cuffs. There was no other thing that could lead to such incident except that hospital resident permit was fake or that they discovered drugs with him.

From what i heard, cocaine could be sniffed out by the trained dogs if one got too close to where it was being prepared.
But i knew that Ken was into the business long before me.

If Ken was arrested due to document related issues, it would likely lead them to find out that he had drugs with him.
There would  be a camera where he would be locked.
The toilet would be the type that if he flushed the toilet, the drugs would easily move to another room where the authorities would simply pick it up.
The bottom line was that Ken was in serious trouble.

I didn’t know how Belgium dealt with drug related issues but i heard that the only country that has lenient laws was Holland.

When Basil returned in the evening, he called me inside the room and asked if i wanted to go to Norway.

“To do what?” I asked.

“I want you to go and pick up money there” He said.

When i asked him to explain further, he said he sent drugs to one of his contacts in Norway and that he has been asked to come for the money.

“What is the amount?” I asked.

He said I was going to pick up 35,000 Euros.

When i asked how much money i would get from the deal, he said that they normally paid 5 percent of whatever amount one picked up.

I didn’t know mathematics very much, therefore i asked him how much 5 percent would be.

He said it was up to 1700 and that he would cover the expenses.

A quick calculation revealed that my money would be heading to 5,000 Euros if i did the deal.

“I will go. When do you want me to go?” I asked.

He said i could go the following day.

The rest of the night was party.
I was given one bottle of Hennessy for Job weldone.
I was also promised night club at a place called Grand Cafe as soon as i round up the Norway deal.

I didn’t know where Norway was located. But i was excited that i was going there.

The resident permit was the biggest door opener in Europe.
It was a pity that most of my friends back in Castel Volturno didn’t know what they could do with legal documents but they were living their destinies.

I drank as much whisky as my head could carry and slept for the rest of the night.
I was about to go to Norway and i needed my head to be as clear as it could be.

The following morning when i woke up, Basil took my name and went looking for flight ticket to Norway.

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