39: Dont be too fast girl

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I opened the door very wide for Amaka to come in. It was a perfect timing. It was time to use Linda to chase that little girl away, or so I thought.

She walked into the sitting room, greeted Linda and sat down.
I returned to my seat and sat down.

”Where is your Dad” I asked Amaka. She said he was at the cyber cafe.

”why did you stop coming there, everybody is missing you. You remember that man we designed a complimentary card for, he asked of you today” she said.

”I will start coming there again when you stop coming here” I said foolishly knowing that I had a lot of questions to answer when she left.

”Is this your sister” Amaka asked out of nowhere.

”She is none of your business Chiamaka and it would be such a good thing if you just keep quiet and watch the film” I said.

She looked at me scornfully and walked out of the house.

Great! It worked.

However, Linda took up the nagging from where Amaka stopped.

”Who is she” she asked.

I was already removing my mind from Linda. I had decided that as soon as she left the house, she was never going to come back. As a result, I figured I might just say whatever I chose to as long as I thread carefully not to insult her.

”She is also non of your business” I said.

My cousin entered soon enough because the tension in the room was becoming tense.

Linda had obviously became angry. She said I didn’t know how to treat a lady.

I was fighting hard not to exchange arguments with her which was helped by the entrance of my cousin.

I went to the room and got out a bottle of Elliot whiskey. My cousin had gone inside to bath and change. When he finished, I called him out to stay with us and drink.

He wasn’t much of a drinker but he knew that there must be some kind of feud in the house, therefore he sat there and we discussed business.
He said he would be going to Lome Togo the next day to buy shoes since the government had placed a ban on its importation in Nigeria.

Linda stayed quiet all along. When I got tired and wanted to sleep, I called Linda and showed her the extra room in the house. The room had only a bed and a small table.
Nobody slept on it.
”Since nobody touches you, I guess it would be better if you sleep in this room. You know I have taken some alcohol and I wouldn’t want to touch you by mistake in the night” I said.

She let out a devilish laugh and followed me to my room.

”This is where I am sleeping” she said as she sprawled on my bed as if it belonged to two of us.

”Alright, you stay here, I am going to the guest room then” I said and stood up to walk out. She grabbed my boxers and pulled me down.

”You are staying here with me Azubuike” she said.

She reminded me that she was my guest and that I shouldn’t treat her like I was doing.

I sat there on the bed with her hand firmly holding my boxers.
I thought about men and women, marriage, relationship. Was that what it was all about.
Limiting freedoms, nagging, provoking etc.

Since I was not in the habit of beating women, I decided to play out the game however she wanted it.

I sprawled on the bed and covered myself with the spread. She threw it open and entered inside it beside me.

Two minutes later, I felt a hand inside my boxers, I turned around and found Linda smiling at me.

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