38: You are the suspect

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Chapter 38

Twenty four hours after Police arrested Ikenna and his friend, they visited Ify. I had prepared her for the visit, therefore, it wasn’t a big deal for her to handle.
The cops had asked of me, she had told them that i didn’t live there but rather visited from Portugal. She had asked them what the problem was but they refused to tell her.
Since i warned her not to call me unless it was an emergency, she didn’t call me after the visit by the police.
When i called her later that afternoon, she told me that they came. She also told me what she told them. As a result, i stopped sleeping at Bulewijk. I would visit them during the afternoon and left in the night.

Ikenna and his friend were never seen in Bijlmer again. They had just disappeared into the police nets.

Some people started circulating rumour that i was the snitch who sent Ikenna to the police. Many people didn’t believe that and many of them were forced to ask me. I denied having anything to do with his disappearance.
At a stage, i heard another rumour that some group of men from the same area as Ikenna were planning to set me up too. Since the Police raid in Ikenna’s house, i had figured out that it was only a matter of time before someone finds something that would connect me to the raid.
As a matter of fact, many people had become suspicious of my motive when i newly started publishing the ‘Best of Jokes’ on the newspaper. Most of our people in Amsterdam were illiterates who can’t read properly or even read at all. Some were in the category where they could read but couldn’t analyze or properly understand. Some can’t read or write at all. However few among us could read and comprehend as fast as machine.
It was those who couldn’t read properly that were mostly scared of my motives. I once heard that they suspected that i was capable of telling the World where they hid their drugs. According to their belief, nobody was supposed to do anything else except drugs.

Ikenna’s town’s men and his friends had organised themselves and confronted me in Bijlmerdreef, a major street that stretched past the popular Gazenhoef.
Their spokeperson, a man named Oga Joe, had addressed me on behalf of the group. They were nine of them but i only knew six very well.
”We heard that it was you who gave Ikenna some heroine and called the police to go and arrest him” Oga Joe said.
I looked from one face to another and to another but before i could deny the allegation, one of them said again: ”Nga enye gi oso na obodo a” ; It loosely translated to ”I will make you run away from this town”.

”Will you shut up Nando, who asked you to talk” Oga Joe shouted to the young man who threatened to make me run away from town.

I stood in one place and watched their drama until it was obvious that i was expected to say something.

”Oga Joe, i know you and i know some of your friends here very well. If you wish to discuss anything important with me, i think you should call a meeting.
We will sit down somewhere and discuss this matter. I have heard that rumour from someone else and i told him that it was a lie. Stopping me on the road is such an immature way of handling a delicate issue like this. If i say yes that i did it, what are you people going to do? Will you start beating me here or what”? I said.
Oga Joe thanked me and asked for my phone number. He said he will call me soon to hear my own side of the story.
I thanked him and left.

Nando, that was what Oga Joe called the brat who was going to make me run away from Bijlmer. He was my age or thereabout. I knew him around Bijlmer but since he wasn’t part of my business or pleasure group, i didn’t know his name. However, Oga Joe had unknowingly provided me with that information.

I didn’t know how Nando intended to make me run away from Bijlmer. I wasn’t the type of person who took such threats lightly. Since i had crossed many red lines and matched on many toes, i believed totally that someone else was capable of doing the same.
Maybe Nando knew some bad Suriname guys who were in the job of hitting designated targets.
Maybe he had a gun too.
Maybe he had other unknown plans on how to make me run away from Amsterdam. Since i wasn’t going to wait for him to act first. It was better that initiate the attack myself, it would give me more control over the war. There was no need telling him that he couldn’t chase me out of Town.

The following day, Oga Joe called me. We met in his house in Bijlmerdreef. Three of the people who confronted me the day before were there, among them was Nando.
Since i didn’t know what their plan was, i went there with Robin and Nduka, a friend of mine from Udi in Enugu state.

”We called you here because of the way you addressed us maturely yesterday. If not, we wanted to teach you a lesson” one of them said.

”Ezenwa, This is not what we agreed on before calling him. We agreed that we will hear his own side of the story first” Oga Joe said.

Those fools had planned to attack me. Ezenwa had just said it openly.
It was great that i got his name as well.

Nduka wanted to counter what Ezenwa said but i motioned him to sit down and remain calm. We were outnumbered, therefore we didn’t need to start a physical fight.

”You have been quiet since this whole meeting started yesterday, Oga ehm ehm….” i stammered as i pointed to one of them who sat opposite me.
I had intentionally started stammering so that he would help me complete his name and it worked.

”Chigbo, my name is Chigbo” he said.

”Oga Chigbo, i like the way you have handled this issue on your own side. All this people who are interested in beating me or chasing me away without hearing from me are not matured to handle issues like this. I have said it before and i am saying it again. I didn’t set Ikenna up. Ikenna had been dealing with me for long before the incident happened” i said.

”Will you shut up” another one of them shouted. His name was Willie.

” People aren’t
always what you
want them to be.
Sometimes they
disappoint you or
let you down, but
you have to give
them a chance
first. You can’t just
meet someone and
expect them to be
everything you’re
looking for and
then be angry
when they’re not
every hope and
aspiration you
projected onto
them. It’s foolish
to believe that
someone will be
what you imagine
them to be. And
sometimes, when
you give them a
chance, they turn
out to be better
than you imagined.
Different, but

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