38: The Confused Woman

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I ignored Aunty Joy’s second call the same way i ignored the first one. Despite that he told me what to say if Aunty Joy called, i still needed to talk to Zuby again before saying anything to Aunty Joy. Things could have changed because of how fast Zuby operated.

Immediately Aunty Joy ended her second call, i dialed Zuby’s phone.

“Aunty Joy just called you, right?” he said before i could say anything.

“Yes” I answered.

“She is here in Sweden. In fact , she was headed to our apartment when i saw her from the bar in the station” He said.

“Baby you were at the bar this early morning” I asked.

“Shut up and remember what i told you, I warned you about complaining over what you have no powers to stop. You are in Finland with Angel, that’s what you will tell her if she call you again. Let her know you are involved. You won’t be returning to our apartment” He said before he cut the call.

My heart beat kept pumping fast as if i had just finished an Olympic Marathon Race with men from Kenya or Ethiopia. One thing Zuby didn’t understand was that I was scared to speak with Austin Joy. It was the reason why I attempted to grasp the early morning bar story.

I was finally going to admit that i was involved in taking Aunty Joy’s girls. My name would spread everywhere in Italy and France in a few days and it could mean the end of my social life in both countries. No one would welcome me to her place again for the fear of running away with her girls. Everyone who heard the news would be seeing me as a thief. Zuby would likely leave my life one day and i would be left alone to suffer the social outcast status i was about to acquire.
I had a feeling that Zuby knew about all this and i believed he must have a plan on what i would do after we must have finished bringing some Prostitution empires down.

Aunty Joy eventually called again and like Zuby told me, i summoned enough courage and picked the vibrating phone.

“Hello” I said and remained quiet.

“So this is what you planned to do to me” the voice said.
It was Aunty Joy of course but rather than asking if i was really involved, she started pointing accusing fingers straight away.

“What do you mean?” I asked foolishly as if i didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Maria Where are my girls? Where did you and your criminal boyfriend keep my girls? ” She continued.

Tears started flowing down from eyes. I started to pity the woman. She must have been suffering emotionally because of what was happening.

“Aunty I am in Finland” I said as if i was divinely required to make that statement. There was nothing else i could say. Tears were running down my cheeks like a kid who just lost a valuable toy.

“Maria listen, I want my girls back. I don’t care if you are the moon. You joined an Ibo boy to take away my girls. I trusted you but..”

I couldnt take it anymore. She was practically choking me with both hands. As a result, i cut the call.
I didn’t answer her again, our conversation was over. If she likes, she can go to anywhere and tell everyone that i took her girl to Finland.
I have already been made to understand that we were fighting a good cause. Atleast we were not sending the girls to the Streets to stand and wait for men. We were simply liberating them to become responsible in the future. It was true that i was a prostitute in the past but that was never a good reason to allow other girls witness what i passed through as a teenager.
At the end of the day, the only thing i knew was about prostitution. I had no other handiwork.
What i had embarked on was still prostitution business but this time, it was a positive one because i was trying to discourage the teenage girls from destroying their lives in the name of making money for one madam or another.
If not that i was lucky to stumble on Ano’s money in Milan some years ago, i could have still been struggling to pay Aunty Philo some money down in Castel Volturno.

After talking to myself about how good my actions were, i felt no remorse whatsoever for Aunty Joy. As a matter of fact, i decided not to answer her calls anymore.

I sat on the bed and wondered what Zuby must be doing down in Stockholm with Aunty Joy. I was sure they have met with each other. I wasn’t scared anything would happen to Zuby because Aunty Joy dared not do anything in Sweden. Sweden wasn’t like Italy where one could see evil and smell evil all over the place. Sweden was a refined country owned and managed by real white men not Italy where rogues were in charge.

There was nothing much to do except to wait for either call from Zuby or visit from him. I had the feelings that he would come with a good news, he always did. I also wondered how Aunty Joy had planned to take her girls back by coming to Sweden. It could have been a case of frustration but that was her business.
I also believed that the biggest problem she had was Peace and Sharon. She claimed she took them from their parents directly. It meant that the parents could have been asking of them since the girls were sent to the camp without phones.

Later that morning, i went to the girl’s room to announce to Angel that her Madam was in Sweden. She was shocked but i told her that nothing would happen to her.
“Don’t worry,” I had said, “Zuby won’t allow anything to happen to you. He has done this Many times.”

When Zuby came to our hotel that day, he did something that hurt me. He came to the hotel and went to the girls’ room first. He didn’t tell me he was coming, he didn’t tell me when he arrived, he just went into their room and started spending time with them.
It was when i went to their room to see how they were doing that i saw him. I had stormed out of the room and returned back to mine.
I sat on the bed and waited for him to come and explain why he did such thing but thirty minutes later, he was still in their room playing cards with them.

I was tempted to return to their room and drag him out but it was like stirring the still waters. He could react badly and that would start something that i had no idea how it would end.
Therefore i waited for him inside my hotel room until he knocked on the door.

“Go away” I said.

“Alright, I am going” He said.

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