38: It Is Over

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Chapter 38: It is over.

”Maria came into the house and sat beside me. She didn’t respond to my greeting. It seemed someone or something had made her angry wherever she had come from.
”What is it sweetheart, you look angry” i said.
”It is Mike. He confronted me today at the Via Domitiana and started shouting that i am a prostitute and that he will deal with me and my new boyfriend in this town” she said.
”Ignore the idiot. Give me his phone number, i will talk to him this time. People don’t get the second chances often after hurting me” I said.
She gave me Mike’s phone number.
It was funny when Maria said that Mike called her a prostitute in public and that she was angry because of that. Why would she be angry if people called her a prostitute? Wasn’t that what she did, even if she had stopped?
I placed a call to Mike.
”Hello, who is this”? He asked.
”Mike, this is Maria’s fiancee. I heard you beat her in the mall at Via Domitiana today. Please i know she in not a good woman but that is not an excuse to beat her. I am not going to do anything to you but leave her alone” I said.
I had wanted to mix things up by claiming that Maria wasn’t a good person. It was supposed to throw Mike off balance a little bit. Maria was sitting next to me when i called Mike. She heard everything i had said.
”Whether she is good or not, i want you out of this town, you gold digger. Where were you when she was still a street girl, now that she have her own girls, you come from nowhere” Mike said.
I cut off the phone and dropped it on the table.
”He may call you now baby” i said.
Mike called Maria Immediately. He reported that i called Maria a bad person. Maria responded to him that it wasn’t his business if called her that name.
The issue was turning childish.

I went into the room and picked up my jacket, then excused myself and went out to the bar where i met Mike at the Via Domitiana. As expected, he was there.

”Mike, pay attention. I know you are already an area boy here. I know you have your gangs and i know you own the town. I am not here to deal on drugs. I am not going to ask for a share of the street market but i want you to stay away from Maria. Stop talking to her. Stop calling her. If i see you near Maria again, we will end up at the Police station. Then after Police, we will continue the war by ourselves. We don’t know each other and i want it to remain that way. You have crossed my line twice, the third time will be very disastrous for all of us” I said and stood up.
As i walked towards the door, one of his gang members blocked my way. The bar owner shouted at him to get out of his store immediately.
Via Domitiana was an open place that hosted many businesses. Many people were walking around.
Outside in the street, i said to Mike’s friend, ”Warn Mike and warn yourself. We don’t know each other. Don’t start this fight”.
He pushed me on the chest and said there was nothing i could do.

After the little confrontation, i walked to the bus Station and drove back to the house. I didn’t know what to do to Mike and his squad yet. As a matter of fact, i didn’t want to start anything. I did what i did because women usually felt more secured when they know that their men could fight for them. I knew that the little confrontation with Mike would go viral around town in a few hours. People will hear it and ask who i was since i was relatively knew in town.

When i got home, i asked Maria if she knew where Mike Lived. She said she knew.
”We will deal with Mike when i return from North Africa. We don’t know how things will turn out if we start a fight now. Police could get involved and ask me to leave town since my documents are from Portugal. Let us just ignore him until i return” i said to Maria. She was happy that i was doing something.

”When is the girls going to start work” i asked.
”Tomorrow or next” Maria said.
”I think they need phones. They don’t know the towns very well and two of them are not going to be working together all the time. It is important that you buy them phones for safety purposes” i said.
She agreed and said she was going to buy them phones the next day.

The rest of the day went by without much issues. We just slept like we had been doing since i arrived.

When Maria left house the following morning, i called out the girls.
”I think she left to buy you phones. When she returns and give you the phones, don’t call Nigeria. She may ask for the phones and check the numbers you called. Don’t save any number on the phone yet. I have told you people to cram my number and store it in your heads. She said that you may start work Tomorrow. I am going to see how much money i can get from her. If you start work tomorrow, don’t follow any man to anywhere. Just talk with them and tell them you were not sex workers. If we didn’t move tomorrow, give Maria an excuse that there was no good customers for the day. I will give both of you €150 each. Present it to her as the money you made. She would be satisfied since it was first day at work. By the second day, i would be ready for our movement. Remember, if i call you people to meet me somewhere, don’t use the public transport, use a taxi no matter the prize” i said to Ngozi and Fatimah.

An hour later, Maria returned with two phones.

”When are going to get a ticket to Amsterdam, i need to go there first to pick money up before flying to Tripoli” i said.
”We can go and check for tickets now. It is good to fly from Amsterdam but longer, they have direct flights with Afriqiya airlines to Tripoli” Maria said.
We went out to Via Domitiana and purchased a one way ticket from Napoli to Amsterdam. I was going to travel in the next two days. It was going to be a Sunday. I packed a short, two jean trousers and two shirts with a jacket and a pair of shoes inside my bag. I left a few items behind to make Maria believe that i was coming back. I even left a laptop i bought there in Napoli.
Only if she knew that it was over for us.

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