36: The Lords Of Powers

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I told my stories to Zuby until i got to the stage where he came to my place in Castel Volturno with the fake and tragic promise to marry me but instead ended up taking my means of livelihood. He even gave me engagement ring. He even followed me to a social party where I introduced him to my friends. I was in tears as I got to that chapter of my life. It was one of the darkest moments in my life because it destroyed my emotion and belief in genuine relationship. At the same time, it crushes my business empire which was showing a lot of growth tendencies.

“I didn’t destroy your means of livelihood, i saved you from imminent prison terms and possible hellfire.” He had said.

“However you want to view what happened between us, you will always agree with me on one thing; that you destroyed my means of livelihood. Not that i complain everyday about it but that was what happened” I protested with tears while looking him in the eyes.

“Maria, life is full of surprises. We never really know what would happen if what happened didn’t happen. You are in Stockholm Sweden with me now, you are alive and healthy and possibly happy. From what i learnt through your stories, you were scared in Italy, very scared. Half of the bad guys in Europe are looking for you in Italy and Holland. It is only a matter of time before you stumble on one of them. You know what the rest would be. You matched on many toes both intentionally and unintentionally. You should be happy that i am with you because if not for anything else, i would never allow any of your enemies to get to you unless it happened behind my back” He said again.
His assurance was soothing as always.

I knew he was trying to make me understand that every disappointment was a blessing but there was something he said that got stuck with me. Zuby had said that if i had continued with the prostitution business, i would have eventually ended up like one of the Italian Mamas. What he said was true, however.
The bad news was that my life had no direction up there in Sweden. Atleast i was following the path of the Italian Mamas in Italy and following the path of drug dealers in Amsterdam but up there in Stockholm, i wasn’t doing anything.
The first time i complained about it to him, he had simply opened his bag and brought out five novels, all authored by one man called John Grisham. He said the books would help me to have positive logic and analysis of every problem that came my way.
Unfortunately, i wasn’t the reading type. I didn’t remember ever opening a novel in the past. It wasn’t simply my way of life or maybe because i never really believed i could understand such things.
I also believed i wasn’t brilliant. I knew some thesis that says that people who didn’t know anything in Primary schools could end up being the most brilliant group in Secondary Schools. It was one silly thesis i didn’t believe or even wanted to believe. My belief of it was that few, not just few but very few of people who didn’t know much in Primary schools could pick up to some limited extent when they got to secondary schools. The truth was that some people were naturally gifted.
Since i didn’t believe i had the head to break into such gifted group, there was no need towing the path of novels and such books.

Back in Nigeria, i failed JAMB, not just once but twice.
I knew of some of my mates who were academically sound more than me and they easily scaled through JAMB in their first attempts. There were even three people from my school Who took the JAMB exam with us while still in Senior Secondary two (SS2), that was one academic year below us. And guess what, they passed through the exam with ease. There was no need trying to deceive myself back then and coupled with financial issues, it was easy for me to make up my mind to go to Italy even without showing it.
I believed in that simple thesis that everyone was not created to become an academician. It was a more simple thesis than the first one.
I have seen people who succeeded in other life endeavours such as fashion, modelling, sports, music and many more. They all didn’t get degrees in higher institutions or colleges, they simply followed the direction God wanted them to go and became successful.

I one my side followed the path that was available to me and i didn’t consider myself a failure. I didn’t consider myself a failure because of many things I achieved. One of them was telling this story the way it happened. Many of you would not have known that such thing existed.
I had a car in Nigeria, i bought a piece of land somewhere in Benin City, i built a bungalow in Ekpoma and i maintained an apartment in Lagos Nigeria. If all that represented failure, then i didn’t know the meaning of success.
Life itself was dynamic. What worked for other people might not work for me and since i could achieve all that without any professional job, then i did great.

One thing people failed to understand about women, especially about black women, was that one way or the other, almost all of us were prostitutes. For the fact that some didn’t go to Italy or France didn’t make them any better. One of the reasons why they didn’t go to Italy was simply because they couldnt go to Italy.
Europe was never somewhere where people go by just wishing it. It required connections and money and above all, it required huge risks of drowning in the sea or facing racial and gender discrimination.

Women all over higher institutions in Nigeria go out every night to stand and wait for men who would take them home and fuck them for money. You read me right and you knew it as well. Not all of them but many of them.
Holier my cousin was a typical example.
Secondly, more than half of the students who lived off campus, lived in one room with men who would never marry them. Many who lived alone, entertain men in their rooms for money.
The truth was that women were created to be women. No matter how much we tried to become what we were not meant to be, it became disastrous.

The imported Religions tried as much as possible to teach us that sex was sin and that we were going to hell if we ever indulged in them only for their leaders to relax in Europe and fuck their fellow men. But since they made themselves the Lord over us, our votes or opinions never mattered. The headquarters of every power house was situated in the western world. The world court, the Vatican, the Fifa, the UN, the World Bank etc. How did everything end up with the white man?

Each time you tune to some of their radio stations, all you hear would be debates about whether to legalize gay marriage or not.
None of us knew how we were scammed and before we knew it, the criminal minded ones among us started jumping into owning their own churches to keep brainwashing the rest of us. They give themselves all kinds of names ranging from Bishop to Prophet but some of us who has been out there for long knew the truth.

I never considered sex or prostitution as sins, i considered them illegal.

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  3. Thats why i am proud as a muslim, i swear christianity is just a scam how can they legalize gay if there religion is against it, if you want to serve god embrace islam. No islamic nation is even thinking of gay, forget about ligalizing it. Good story bad life style.

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