36: Going Back To Europe

Chapter 36.

With unstable legs and mind, i entered the taxi.
The driver drove off instantly and headed towards the airport.

As we got closer to the international airport , i didn’t know what to think about.

Chinedu has abandoned me. He has even gone to the extent of telling me to deny him if i was captured.
Although he said something like that, i was most likely going to lead the authorities to him if i was captured.

I was not involved in drug business in the past but i knew that the authorities usually asked for other people who were involved whenever they arrested someone.
They always wanted the big dealers, not he petty ones like me.

All of a sudden, we arrived at the airport.
Despite the time of the day being morning, i wore a dark sun shade.
I didn’t want anybody seeing my eyes, they could give me away.

With smiles, i got down from the cab and walked into the airport.
Before i left the car, i opened my purse and gave some money to the taxi driver.
The money wasn’t meant for his fare, it was to convince the airport cameras that i actually paid for the cab.
According to the driver, it was suspicious to just get down from the car and walk away. It was his idea that i gave him money when i got down, it was actually him who gave me the money in the first place.

Inside the airport, i asked for the Air Maroc counter.
People were already arriving for our flight, i joined them to be confirmed.

Thirty minutes later, we were standing in line to be checked-in by the immigration.

One after another, we submitted our documents and waited. Each cleared document was returned to the owner and he or she allowed to walk into the hall.
After immigration, the Custom and Drug Agencies were next.
The custom just checked the contents of my bag and allowed me to go.

The drug agents stopped me as expected.
While they asked me questions, i scanned the area but couldn’t find our contact man.

“When did you come to Abidjan?” The Drug agent asked.
She was a woman.

I told her the date.

She asked what i came to do.
I told her that i came for holidays.
She asked where i was going.
She asked if someone gave me anything to give anybody in Europe.
I told her that nobody did.

She asked me to remove my eye glasses and when i did, she looked into my eyes and waved me to go.

I walked steadily away from them.
My heartbeat had increased when she was staring into my eyeballs.
I thought i was going to be captured with the drugs.
The only thing that seemed like consolation was the fact that we bribed one of them.
He must be somewhere in the airport.

But as i walked away from the drug agency stand, it became apparent that i no longer needed the man we bribed.
I didn’t know if he did anything towards my speedy release but then there were other people who were not even stopped.
They selected who to stop and who to left.

Without help, i found the area where the Maroc Airline loaded.
Like every other passenger waiting for the flight, i sat down and reflected on what i went through at the hands of the drug agent woman.
Why did she look into my eyes in such manner?
Did she expect me to blink or do something that could give me away?
Was there a way to find out if someone carried drugs by just looking into the eyes?

She must have done that for a reason but the good news was that i survived Abidjan.
It remained Rabat and Brussels.

I wasn’t worried about Rabat, i was more worried about Europe where Dogs were going to be deployed to search me.

But all those security details weren’t the only problem, there was the case of what i had inside my body.
I was carrying loads of dangerous drugs inside my stomach and at every given minute, something reminded me that i was loaded.

When the Air Maroc announced that it was time to board, we stood in a single line and moved forward slowly until it was my turn to submit my documents.

After going through my ticket and my international passport, i was told to go.

Inside the aircraft, i located my seat and balanced my body on it.
I was heavy and i felt it. My mind started to relax more as the announcement was made for our departure.

Despite having flown with an aircraft before, the experience still baffled me.

The wonderful craft pointed its head towards the sky and moved as fast as lightening.

Sitting beside me was an Arabic man with bears as long as that of the Biblical Moses.

Back in 2011, we saw all Over the news about some Arabic men who hijacked aircrafts in United States of America and crashed them into the World Trade Center.
The news made things looked as if every Arabic man was a devil.

As i sat near the man with tall bears, i wondered if he was one of the terrorists who could detonate explosives.
If he was one, it meant that i was going to die.
The thought of being killed by an explosion jolted me.
I was sure the man with long bears was thoroughly search like the rest of us but then, Morocco, the country that owned Air Maroc was an Islamic Nation.

We got to Rabat without any incidence. Our man didn’t detonate anything inside the aircraft.
As soon as the flight stopped, he stood up and left the seat faster than anyone else.

Inside the waiting hall, we were told to move to the departure hall again.
We were not scanned once more, we were simply guided to the hall where we sat and waited for our next flight.

The digital signpost hanging from the tall ceiling in the departure hall, revealed that the flight from Rabat to Brussels would leave in an hour.
As we waited, other flights arrived from different destinations.

I saw him on dark shades, walking into the departure hall.
He was unmistakable and i recognized both his walking steps and his hidden smile.

Ken had just walked into the Rabat International Airport Departure hall.
I believed his flight arrived from Ghana.
What i didn’t know was where he was heading from there.

Since i was told to be careful how I interacted with people, i decided to wait until Ken settled down, then i walked to where he sat and said “Hello”.

He turned and smiled at me.

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