35: The Injection – Time To Go

Chapter 35.

Chinedu already washed the Cocaine balls with some chemical and then with water and Detergent.
Then he washed it again with clean water before he declared that it was good to swallow.

In front of me was a plastic container, filled with the Cocaine balls.
Beside it was a plate of delicious Okro soup i prepared not long ago.

With determination and courage, i picked up the first ball, examined it to see if it had any kind of leakage anywhere, then i dipped it into the soup and put it into my mouth.

Two seconds later, the ball fell into my stomach through the appropriate channel.

Piece of cake!

As i swallowed the balls one after another, i forgot where the major danger was.
It wasn’t really about swallowing the balls, it was about security.
The dangerous sniffing dogs were waiting for me out there at the Brussels airport.

While i swallowed the balls, the dogs and their managers waited for me in Europe.

Whoever discovered that method of drug transportation must have been a genius.
It seemed that the government authorities started checking every bag and containers to make sure they didn’t carry drugs.
The only way was to swallow the stuff.
Nobody was going to open the stomach to check for drugs.

I continued swallowing at an alarming pace to the extent that Chinedu, who was sitting beside me, asked me to slow down a bit.
He said i could vomit all of them if i continued that way.

From my own count, i had swallowed 50 Pieces of Cocaine balls, each containing 10 grams of cocaine.
That was 500 Grams of Cocaine.
From my own estimate, that was a cool 1500 Euros.
All i needed was just to get it to Amsterdam in one piece.

I continued swallowing and counting slowly until it got to 80 pieces, then i couldn’t swallow any more.

The Cocaine balls filled my entire stomach.
At that stage, i wished i had bigger stomach that could contain the entire 100 balls prepared for me.

“I don’t think i can swallow more” I said to Chinedu who has been keeping vigil with me.

“What are we going to do with the remaining 20 Pieces?” He asked.

“You can swallow those ones” I said angrily.

It seemed these people didn’t consider any other thing except their money.

I never ate the equivalent of that quantity of food at once in the past. But i had managed to do that simply because i wanted to please Basil and his greedy inconsiderate friend.

“Calm down Maria, you can put the rest into your body through your private part” Chinedu said.

“What, are you mad?” I shouted.

I felt a kind of movement in my stomach, the C-Balls had shifted and seemed to have created a little more space but i wasn’t going to put anything more into my mouth.

“Yes, the last woman who came here did that. You can inject them through your Vagina or Anus” He said.

It seemed like a nice idea, afterall the money was going to be mine.

I nodded at him before i carried the remaining balls into the bedroom where i prayed before starting again.

I locked the door and sat on the bed, pulled off My underpants and picked up the first Cocaine ball.

I put it into my Vagina and pushed it in with my finger, it went in easier than i thought.
One after another, i put the entire remaining balls inside my Vagina, pushing in the previous one with the next until nothing remained inside the plastic container.

I stood up and walked around the room to check if i could experience anything abnormal.
Nothing happened.

I walked back into the sitting room and to the bathroom where i took my bath, nothing happened.
I didn’t feel much difference.
The Joy was that my money increased with each ball.

Around 5am, Chinedu told me that we were going out.

“Going out to where and to do what?” I asked.

“We are going to see Our Contact man who works at the Airport. He is an official of the Ivorian Drug Agency. He needs to see your face so that he won’t check you at the airport.” He said.

“What? Was i going to be checked at the Airport here in Abidjan?” I fired.

“Of course, they will take you to the Scanning Machine to check your Stomach. But we will see and settle the Drug Agent. He will tell his people about you so that you will just walk to the departure hall without being checked.

I stood up and followed Chinedu.
We got outside and entered a cab he called earlier.
We drove to a suburb where the Drug Agent lived.

He met us on the road near his house and entered at the back of the cab where i was sitting.

“Is this the bird?” The Drug Agent Asked.

‘Bastard, your mama is bird” i thought.

“Yes, She is ready” Chinedu said from the front seat of the Cab.

I looked at Chinedu and looked at the Cab Driver.

“Don’t worry Maria, he is one of us” Chinedu said as he looked at the driver.

I watched as Chinedu brought out some Dollars and handed it to the Drug Agent.
He counted it and nodded.
We drove about 50 meters ahead before the Agent walked down from the car.

The Taxi driver took us back to the apartment.
We all walked into the apartment where Chinedu and the driver lectured me on how to behave at the airport.

“Don’t ask too many questions, don’t look people in their faces, especially people on Uniform. The man who just took money from us will recognize you at the airport. Watch out for him at the Drug Agency Table. Don’t approach him, pretend that you have never seen him. His job is to make sure that you are not scanned at the airport. Even if other Drug agents asked you to follow them, just do what they say, our man will do his job. We have been using him for three years now” Chinedu said.

The taxi driver chipped in some advises of his own as we waited for 7am.

It didn’t take long before the time came.
As we all stood up and moved out of the house to the car, Chinedu said, “If anything goes wrong, don’t come here. Tell them that you swallowed the stuff in a hotel room. Pretend that we have never met. This is where our relationship ends. It was nice meeting you. Good luck”.

“Are you not coming with us?” I asked.

“No, Maria, have a nice trip” Chinedu said.

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