35: The Agony

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Chapter 35: The Agony.

”We need the money first sir” the nurse said.

I brought out my leather skin wallet and counted 3 €500 bills, then handed it over to her.
”I will go and get the rest while you do your operation” i had said.
She wrote a receipt and gave me. Then i walked outside and took a snoda back to my apartment in Krainest.
I had gone into my room and picked up another €1500, then on my way out again, Robin came out.

”Why are you sweating in this cold weather” he had asked.
Nothing, i just ran from the metro station.
”Where are you going again this night, you don’t go out this way” he had asked.

”I need to go and finish up some ecstasy deal, i will be back soon” i had said.

”You are the person who warned that we don’t do night business, why breaking the rule” he asked.

”This is different, i will explain” i said and closed the door behind him.

I had driven back to the hospital and sat at the canteen.
The time was 10 minutes past 3am when a nurse tapped on my Soldier and said
”Congratulations! You have a baby boy”.
I had jumped up and smiled.
”I hope they are OK”? I said.

She said they were very fine and asked me to follow her.

Ify was sleeping when i came into the room. The nurse explained that she had been sedated with sleeping injections.
The baby had been cleaned and placed on a small bed. He was sleeping peacefully.

I had stood there and watched him for long. The nurse had noticed that i wasn’t all smiles and happy.

”Are you not happy for your son Sir” she had asked me.
I looked straight at her and said
”I am not the father”.
She looked at me and said nothing.

I had followed her to the office and gave her the balance of their money. She had written a new receipt and gave me. I had decided to finish the night at the hospital since i can’t get a snoda by that time of the morning.

Around 6am, the Suriname woman who had brought us to the hospital came. She met me at the canteen and asked about my wife.
I told her that she was operated on and she had given birth to a baby boy. She hugged and congratulated me.

Since Ify wasn’t going to leave the hospital that day, i had followed the woman back to the house and slept.

When i woke up around 11 am, I called Mr Isaac Onovo, He was a man from Akpugo Nkanu in Enugu State. I told him that the lady i told her about had given birth to a boy and that he needed to go to the hospital to sign for the Paternity. He asked for his money first.

I told him to meet me in my house on Krainest. I had taken a taxi back to the house in Krainest and gave him €5000, then we had went back to the hospital where he had signed for the child as his father.
Ify didn’t know about all that. She never asked me to look for someone to sign. The process required someone with Dutch passport. She knew that it required money, money she didn’t have and didn’t know if i would give her. She knew her limits and never asked me for such money but out of love and compassion, i had taken up the
Responsibility of making sure that the baby didn’t have illegal status.
If the baby was given illegal status without someone signing for him, he would not be entitled to go to school in the Netherlands until the mother had a legal status.
That was the fate of the young Samson Onovo. That was the fate of many other black Children in Holland and elsewhere in Europe.

It was almost as deadly as poison to know that your child wouldn’t be able to do what the other children were doing.

Europe was like a cult community. The other children met and knew each other in schools. They played according to their various grades in school. It was almost impossible to break into their circle if you didn’t attend the same school as them. They would be bullying you in their groups too.

NO, I knew Samson wasn’t biologically mine but as long as it was me who nurtured the pregnancy, he was Mine. It was as simple as that. I wasn’t called Ozoigbondu for nothing. I needed to sometimes live up to that name.
The birth of Samson cost me money, a lot of money but it was money i was happy that i spent.

News spread after a few days, that Ify had given birth to a boy. People asked me about her in Amsterdamse poort. They wanted to know how she and the baby were doing.
They had started seeing me with baby foods and products. I had become the responsible Dad.
Despite the stress of waking up every night to attend to Samson, it was all fun watching him.

After telling Robin about Ify and the baby, i had decided to be sleeping with them every night since there was no house help. Ify needed some rest, she had just been operated on. She need me more than anything.
I had become the houseboy and cook. She depended on me. She had gotten tired of thanking me and had stopped.

One evening, i saw her crying in her room.

”What is it Ifeyinwa” i had asked.
She said the only wish she had in her life was just to answer my wife.
She said if she knew that i was capable of even accepting her, she would have opened up initially and told me that she was pregnant. She said if she were given the chance to make a wish, it would be for God to protect me since she knew that if i were protected, she and Samson would be protect too.

One other day, she had asked me why i gave the boy Samson as a name. I told her that he looked strong when he was born. She didn’t believe me. She believed that there was something else attached to why i gave him that name. Peharps there was, but as far as i was concerned, Samson was just a name i had seen in the Bible, somewhere in the book of Judges chapter 13.
He was a strong man who had killed a Lion with a donkey’s jawbone. The story had it the he also killed thousand of Philippines but his wife eventually deceived him. It was one of my favourite Bible stories.

One evening, after boiling hot water to make food for my son Samson, a knock came on our door.
”Are you expecting anybody” i asked Ify.
She said she wasn’t.

I got up and opened the door.

It was Ikenna.

” Anger is an acid
that can do more
harm to the vessel
in which it is
stored than to
anything on which
it is poured”

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