34: Abidjan – The Last Prayers

Chapter 34.

“Soup, the Okro soup you will use to swallow the stuff. Go to the Kitchen and cook it to your own taste. I am not very good at cooking” Chinedu said.

As soon as he finished his new speech about cooking the soup to my taste, it seemed as if i was already caged inside the apartment.

One thing i was sure was that nobody was going to force me to swallow anything. I was already an adult and i knew my rights.
If Chinedu tried as much as forcing me to do anything, i would scream to the hearing of the neighbours.

Very well, there was a way afterall. I was going to demand to go and buy the food items, including the Okro. I would vanish from there. The good news was that my documents were inside my small handbag which i was going to carry with me to the Okro Market.

“Give me money, let me go and buy the Okro and other things” I said.

He looked at me suspiciously before he said, “Everything is in the Kitchen. I bought Okro and Ogbono already. There is fresh fish in the fridge. There is red oil in the cupboard under the water sink” He said.

It seemed there was no other reason for me to go outside. But all of a sudden, the last card was thrown into my head.


“What about meat, i like cooking with meat. Where can i buy it?” I asked.

“Maria, you are going to be swallowing some stuff in a few hours, you don’t need solid things like meat. That’s why i bought the softer fresh fish”.

His eyes were on me as if he knew what i wanted to do.

Like a sheep being dragged to be sold in the market, i walked towards the kitchen, stumbling on anything that stood on the way.

Inside the kitchen, i didn’t know where to start.
I suddenly forgot how to cook soup, something i had been doing all my life.

It took several minutes to decide on what to do first.

From the refrigerator, i brought out the horse fresh fish and kept it on the cooking table.
As i waited for it to defrose, i washed the fresh Okro and started cutting them.

For some unknown reasons, my confidence started to return.
I told myself that if so many other birds were able to survive the security dogs, i would be able to do the same.

An hour later, the soup was done.
I put hot water on the Gas Cooker and brought out the bag of Semovita grease powder.
At the same time, Chinedu came into the kitchen.

“What are you doing with the Semovita?” he asked.

At that moment, i remembered that the soup i made wasn’t meant to swallow food, at least not for me.
It was meant to help the easy swallowing of the Cocaine balls.

“I want to make the Semovita for you” I lied.

He asked me not to make it for him yet.

As soon as he left, i put the Gas Cooker off and returned to the sitting room.

The night has descended. The swallowing time was fast approaching.
Each time i recalled what i was about to do, my heart skipped a bit.

The only thing that seemed relevant at that moment was Prayers. Yes, it was time to start praying.

When i got into the bedroom where my bag was kept, i sat on the bed And considered the kind of prayers i would send to the Almighty up there in the Sky.
I was sure He was watching me and i was sure He already knew what i was about to do.
I was also sure that He knew that i knew that He was watching.
What i didn’t know however, was the outcome of the imminent action i was about to embark on.
Only The Almighty knew if i would make it or not.

As i knelt down to say my prayers, i closed my eyes and asked God to first of all, forgive me all my sins.

“I don’t know if i will make it to Europe alive. I don’t know what will happen to me between now and the end of tomorrow. God please forgive me my sins. I have sinned against you, i have sinned against my body and my soul and above all, i have desecrated the beautiful body you gave me. If anything happens to me in this journey, please accept my sinful soul to your Kingdom. In this moment, i have forgiven all those who wronged me. Please forgive me on those i have wronged. I didn’t know that this is how this mission was going to turn out. God i am sorry, especially now there is nothing i can do but to complete this mission”.

Complete this mission?

The moment i said the above sentence, it returned to me that i could always decide not to embark on this mission at all.
I could go straight to Chinedu and tell him that i was no longer interested in transporting Cocain to Amsterdam.

He was most likely going to get angry first, then he would attempt to encourage me to go ahead.
After all his pleas and words of encouragement must have been exhausted without success, he would resort to other means of making me complete my mission.

Of course he was incapable of forcing me to swallow anything, but he was capable of taking my documents from me. He was stronger.

He would then demand for all the money they spent on me which i was sure i couldn’t pay in Ivory Coast.

My only way out was to promise him that i would send his money as soon as i returned to Italy, a promise he would reject. A promise i would also reject if i were in his shoes.

After considering my options, i concluded that the best option was to just go ahead and take the risk.

In about 24 hours, i would either be removing the cocaine balls in Basil’s apartment in Venseerpolder Bijlmer Amsterdam South East, Netherlands, or i would be in Police Custody ether in Abidjan or in Brussel, or i would be in a hotel room in Rabat, as a result of flight delay and above all, i would be in a mortuary due to cocaine leakage inside my stomach.

That dangerous substance called Cocaine was as powerful as raw acid. Little wonder why it was banned in almost every civilized Country of the World.

As soon as a knock came on the door of the room where i was praying, i knew that it was time to start.
There was no more excuses and there was no way out.

“Yes” I said.

“Its me Maria, its time to start so that you can meet up” Chinedu said.

I stood up and did the Catholic Sign Of The Cross.

It was time to swallow the balls.
Pray for me folks.

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