33: Abidjan – Mystery Of My Life

Outside the apartment, i sat in the balcony and thought about my life and how i found myself in that current situation.

In a graphic manner, i tried to remember how i moved in my life right from the moment i left Nigeria.

I left Nigeria to Burkina Faso, then to Niger and Libya, Italy, then to Holland and Paris, then to Abidjan.

If i managed to go from Abidjan to Nigeria, i would have completed a massive triangle of internally zigzagged movements within Africa and Europe. It was something i never really checked.
It seemed that destiny took me around those places, blessing me along the way with the likes of Nina, Melissa, Lilian, Ano, Max, basil, Ken, Chinedu, Jacob and many other people who impacted my life one way or the other.
It was very easy to agree that i would never have achieved anything in this life without those people. I would not have even survived this world without them.
The journey that started with the meeting of my father and mother, had taken me all the way to that balcony in Abidjan. The same journey would take me the next day to Europe again.

Not that i was sure i would make it alive, many things were capable of ending that journey in a second.

One of them and the most dangerous among them, was that stuff called Cocain, which was being prepared for me inside that apartment. That problem was a man made one, it was created by me and my friends in a bid to make quick money.
I didn’t know how it happened but i became too conscious of money as if i was an Igbo man.
I wasn’t that way when i was growing up, i was never greedy or insatiable. I was never jealous of anything that belonged to someone else.
I was never the type who would see some new shoes or clothes and wanted them. I was just a normal girl, struggling to survive like every other teenager in my neighbourhood.

Then like a dream, like it happened in a parallel life, i closed and my eyes and drifted away through a combination of time, calculations, agreements, travels and more. And when i opened my eyes, the past years remained as if the whole thing happened yesterday.

I found myself in a balcony in an Abidjan Suburb. I didn’t know how the next minutes would turn out since we were never guaranteed anything by our Creator.

We were managed by two of God’s policies; Fortune and Misfortune.
It was either we were dead or alive. There was no middle policy.
It was designed that way to keep existence interesting.

Life and Death were both mysteries. Mysteries that were beyond the understanding of mere mortals.
Mysteries that has no equals whatsoever.
Mysteries that were beyond the everyday activities of man and animals alike.

We lived without the knowledge of how we would end up, yet we struggled to become what was never designed for us.

We were designed for special purposes. We were designed to make ourselves happy at all times.
I believed that if we were happy at all times, there would never be such things as crime. But for some reasons, the lords that knew about life before us inserted clauses into our DNA.
Clauses that made us to panic when we wanted to do certain things that would make us happy.
Things such as the Mapuoka Sex Dance and Things such as kissing our lovers before marriage.

The Mapuoka Sex Dance was banned in many countries such as my own Nigeria, it could have been because of the diversity of its religions.
But it was legalized by the government of the Ivory Coast.
I wondered if the entire Ivoriens who loved Mapuoka were going to one hell fire or the other since the entire Sodom and Gohmora were destroyed, leaving just a family who lost one of theirs after she looked back.

The memories of such Biblical stories glued me at the balcony for over two hours until the group that were preparing the Cocain finished and left the apartment.

A massive effort was made by Chinedu to disinfect the sitting room with some unknown chemicals.
I watched through the glasses as he sprayed whatever it was.

Chinedu’s explanatory logic was that there were sniffing dogs in European Airports that could easily identify me as a Cocain carrier if i was exposed to the dust of the Substance. He said that one atom of cocain could easily lead the sniffers towards me.

That was another blow to my strength and courage.

I was going to be checked out by some nasty dogs with sharp teeth at any airport i landed up there in that cold Continent called Europe.

My problems were not just the Police officers themselves, the immigration who were going to check out my documents with laser lenses to see if it was forged, or the Danger of the cocain busting inside of me. My problems also included delays in the airports and the latest one, an animal with dangerous teeth.

What if that devil called Dog managed to sniff out Cocain residues on me?
The beast was most likely going to jump all over me and attack before its masters would put it under control.

I heard that the dogs were trained and that their bites were not poisonous and all that but the obvious truth also remained that if they bite me, the wounds, weather poisonous or not, would remain on my body.

No way, that was not going to happen. No fvking dog was going to bite me. The only way out was to decide not to carry any Cocain with me to Europe.

Inside the apartment, i decided to sneak away from the area and return to Europe without the Cocain.

Basil would surely be very disappointed but that would be if i go to Amsterdam. I could sneak away from Brussel and head South to France and Italy. My skin was more important than disappointment.

“I want to go and take a stroll outside before i start swallowing them” I said to Chinedu.

“Why now? You have been outside for hours” He said.

“I don’t Know, i just want to go and take fresh air” I said as i opened the door and attempted to go outside.


I looked back.

“I want you to come and cook the Okro soup you will use to swallow the stuff” Chinedu said.

“What?” I said.

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