33: Take us home Zuby

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After Church on that Sunday, the Ezes excluding their parents, crowded around my car. They wanted to follow me home. They had somehow heard that I drove Amaka and Emeka to the Church with a BMW.

”I am going somewhere now” I had announced.

I explained to them that I was not going home. Amaka said she would follow me to wherever I was going.

”No, you are not going anywhere with me. I will buy you ice cream when I got back” I had said.

They were disappointed but I had to put an end to the encroachment.

I drove aimlessly towards Badagry expressway and headed to Mile 2.
I called Zainab and asked if she was free. She said yes and asked me to come. I headed to Victoria Island. I got to the Bar Beach and parked my car across the road, then I called Zainab to come there. She wanted to know why I wouldn’t come to their house but I told her that I would explain when she came.

She came an hour later with her friend and met me in the beach where I was waiting for a fish being roasted for me.

”hello sweetie, meet my friend Linda. She is from Anambra state” Zainab said as soon as they came to where I was.

Hmm! Linda from Anambra state, great.

”Hi Linda, how are you” I said.

Linda smiled at me and said she was fine.
”I am from Enugu” I announced to her.

They sat down beside me. They said they wanted to drink something and when I asked them what they wanted, Zainab requested for sprite while Linda wanted some kind of little bottle of beer called Spark.

We sat there and waited for the fish. Some parts of bar beach were being reconstructed with huge slabs. The sun was blaring from the sky.
We were sitting under a small canopy.

”Where do we go from here Zuby” Zainab asked.

”I don’t know. You know Lagos more than I do” I said while sipping my JW from the bottle.

”I am going back to school tomorrow. Would you come and pick me up” Zainab said.

”Why not go and pack now, I will take you to the school this evening or tomorrow morning” I said.

She looked at me as if it was a joke but the look on my face told her that I was serious.

”Are you serious” she asked.

I told her I was. She jumped up and told her friend to wait for her while she take a taxi home to get ready.

She jumped across the road and went home.

”My friend said you returned from Germany” Linda said as soon as Zainab left.

”Really, what else did she tell you” I asked.

She said that Zainab had told her how we met at the beach and how her sister was interested in me.
I asked where she was from in Anambra state. She said she was from Umuchu. We talked and exchanged numbers. She asked if I was really going to take Zainab to Unilag and I nodded.

”I will take her there and go home from there. She is a Muslim and I don’t know how they understand dating. She is a beautiful girl and I like her but I don’t think I could go out with her” I lied and waited for what Linda would say.

”Its left for you and her. I don’t know” she stammered.

I asked what she was doing in Lagos. She was also a student at LASU according to her. She had met Zainab at a hair Saloon in Awolowo road Ikeja where she had gone to make her hair.

Linda asked when I was going back to Germany and I told her that I still had more than three months in Nigeria.

My fish came and we ate together. After the fish, we waited for Zainab. She eventually came.
All of us entered my car and dropped Linda off somewhere inside Ikoyi where she lived with her Mother’s sister; or so she said.

”I hope Linda did not give you her number” Zainab said as soon as we dropped off Linda

This Hausa girl was clever.

”Why would you think that” I asked her.

She explained that Igbo girls can never be trusted when it comes to relationship.

I eventually denied getting Linda’s number and made a mental note of writing the number in my old phone as soon as I got home. The way things were happening, I believed that it was only a matter of time before Zainab became my girlfriend, I was right.

”Lets go to your house first, we will go to Unilag tomorrow” Zainab said as soon as we climbed the Third mainland bridge.

It was a round long Journey from Third mainland bridge to Ojo area but I didn’t care as I fired up the BMW engine and headed towards Oshodi-Apapa expressway through Gbagada.

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