32: Abidjan – Living With Cocaine

Chapter 32.

There were Taxis in front of the place. I jumped into one and told him to take me to Hotel Afrique.

On our way back to the hotel, i brought out my phone to check who has called three times during the dance.

Chinedu! Gawd.

Not minding what time it was, i dialed his number immediately.

I didn’t know it was him. If i knew, i would have abandoned the Mapuoka sex dance and returned to the hotel instantly.
It was true that the night was good and that i enjoyed myself, but i still recognized the original plan why i came to Abidjan.

“Where are you this girl?” His voice boomed from the other side of the phone.

“Call me back” I said and cut the call.

The airtime in my phone wasn’t much. It was meant to receive calls and not make them.

Chinedu called back as i asked him to do.

“I came to the hotel to look for you. where did you go?” He shouted.

“Calm down man. I was bored, so i went to the city center to watch a movie at the Cinema” I lied.

He seemed to believe the lies because his tone went down dramatically.

“Where are you now?” He continued.

“I am in the taxi back to the hotel” I said.

He promised to come and see me in the morning before he cut the call.

Back in Hotel Afrique, i tried to analyse the sudden return of Chinedu.
Whether he returned with the Cocain or not, i was going back to Europe. It was time to go.
I personally believed that he returned with the stuff because of the way he sounded.
Black Men were generally proven to me more aggressive with women when they have what they wanted.

My heart skipped as it began to dawn on me that i was going to swallow Cocain.
Flashes of the bad news i heard about the stuff in the past, began to make some sense to me.
People died in the past as a result of cocain bust in their stomach.

I had managed to ignore that reality for long because Basil assured me that his team were the best in packaging the stuff.
According to him, they have recorded 0% casualties in terms of cocain bust.
They must have been doing something right.
It was easy to believe him because, the way i saw them tied the balls back in Amsterdam, i believed that it was difficult for the stuff to bust in the stomach.

There were about four layers of different sticky hard material that covered the cocain.

First, they put the desired quantity of Cocain in a transparent nylon bag, then they sealed it by doubling the same nylon over the first one.
After that, they add the third layer of sticky hard water resistant nylon called ‘Odeshi’ in Igbo language.
After that, they put the ball down and started rolling it on the hard floor tiles with a shoe.
They matched and rolled the stuff on the floor until it became pretty hard.
Then its suddenly the time to add the last layer of the cover which was also the hard slimy Odeshi.

Each produced ball was as thick and hard as a stone, yet it was smooth and easy to swallow.

My confidence returned again as i also remembered that i would be paid after the business. About 9am. In the morning, Chinedu came to Hotel Afrique.

He came with a good news.

“Get ready, we are going to buy your ticket now” He said.

Thirty minutes later, we were in a cab to the city center.

There were vacant seats in Air France and Lufthansa that day but the two airlines were not going to Amsterdam. They were going to Paris and Frankfurt respectively.

The KLM which flew to Amsterdam was full but there was a seat in two days time.

Air Maroc which belonged to Morroco has seats to Brussel for the next day.

When Chinedu called Basil, he approved Brussel. He said he would come to pick me up there.

The Air Maroc was even the cheapest. The only problem was that i was required to stop over in a city called Rabat somewhere in Morocco and wait for an hour before flying to Belgium on another airline.

Chinedu explained everything to me. He told me to pay good attention when we got to Rabat.

“If you miss your flight in Rabat, you will be in serious trouble. If you get confused, just ask anybody where you can get the flight to Belgium, they will show you. You will even hear when they announce it on the speakers. You will also see the flight number and the departure time in a large digital board inside the departure hall” He said.

I nodded as he lectured me on how to be safe. It seemed he himself has traveled to Europe in the past.

Since i was leaving the next day, Chinedu said that we were going to pick up my things in the hotel room.
We were going to his apartment where i was expected to swallow the cocain balls early in the morning of the following day before leaving for the Airport.

The Air Maroc Jet would leave Houphout Boigny International Airport by 9:45am the next morning. We would get to Rabat by mid day.
Around 1pm, we would leave Rabat and get to Brussel in three hours.

Then from Brussel to Amsterdam, we would drive for a little over two hours.

In total, i was expected to live with the Cocain balls for the minimum of 10 hours if things worked as planned.

But there was always a delay in African flights. It meant that any delayed minute or hour would simply be added to the time it would take me to live with the dangerous stuff.

After my own calculations, i concluded that God would be in control of everything. It suddenly became clear to me that we could experience up to two or more hours delay in the airports but the good news was that Chinedu told me that people even carried the stuff for two days.
Despite how good it sounded to hear that people lived with the stuff in their stomach for 48 hours, it was still a bad news.

It was my first time, maybe i would have had more courage if i did that in the past but that was not to be because as soon as we left Hotel Afrique, i knew that my future depended on the outcome of the next 24. Hours.

We got to Chinedu’s apartment and he told me to stay outside.
He explained that the people preparing the balls were inside.
He said it was not advisable for me to go into the apartment.

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